Your Ex Girlfriends

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Your Ex Girlfriends
Price: $28.95/month (recurring); $58.95/3 months (does not rebill)
Updates: 4 days a week
Reviewed On: March 26, 2009 by Oz

Content Quality: 14/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 9/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 81, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large archive of user-submitted porn
- Frequent members area updates

- Quality is variable
- No interaction

Members Area Content as of March 26, 2009:
Your Ex Girlfriends Pics: 374+ photosets, 10,000+ pics
Your Ex Girlfriends Vids: 84 videos
Webcam: Access to the shows and performers on the Camz network
Other Content: Large archive of bonus videos in multiple genres

Your Ex Girlfriends Review

Your Ex Girlfriends is another of the user-submitted "girlfriends" sites that have become very popular recently. It features pictures and videos of real amateur babes submitted to the site by boyfriends, husbands, or the girls themselves. It looks like this particular site has been around quite awhile...since 2001 they say on the main apparently they were doing this whole girlfriend site before it was cool hehe. Anyhow, I do dig this sort of real amateur content so I'm looking forward to taking a peek inside. Let's see what we've got. Logging in, they have things relatively well-organized here. They have their members area content divided up into three big sections in the upper lefthand corner of the page: pictures, videos, and bonus stuff. The rest of the page contains a blog written by staff members, an update schedule, and links to view the live camshows they give you access to via the Camz webcam network. Bonus content is linked up at the bottom of the page. To help you find what you're looking for more efficiently they provide a search tool in the upper right part of the page. Here you can sort the available pics and vids based on age of the girl, body type, hair color, race, pubic hair, boob size, and whether the material is hardcore or softcore. The archives here are pretty large so this feature should come in handy. Anyhow, let's check out the content itself.

As I mentioned in the intro, this site has been around since way back in 2001 and, as expected, they've amassed a considerable archive of material. Currently the members area boasts 374 photosets and 10,000+ pics. According to the main page, they add a new photoset every Monday and Thursday and a new video every Tuesday and Friday. The update frequency and the age of the site don't seem to jive with the amount of pics and vids available (it seems like there should be a lot more), but in any case, that's the update schedule they currently give. Anyhow, let's check out the pics first. For each one you get a preview pic of the girl and a short description of the set. It looks like the number of pics per set varies quite a bit...the vast majority of them are quite small with only 8-12 photos while others have 40 or 50 pics in them. Some only have 3 or 4 or even 1 pic in them. Photo size is highly variable and ranges from a small 400 x 600 to 600 x 800 to 750 x 1000 to 800 x 1200. This variability actually makes me more apt to believe these are actually user-submitted pictures as opposed to fake "girlfriend" porn pics. The quality follows suit and varies quite a bit as well. Some shots are crisp and clear, some look grainy or blurry, some have lighting issues while others are well-lit. It's a mixed bag. The video section is much smaller than the photo section and features 84 videos. These are setup in similar fashion to the pics with a preview thumbnail and a short description. The vids stream (in-browser) in Flash format or you can download the vid in WMV format. Specs on the vids seem pretty consistent...they come in at 640 x 480 at 2000K. The quality does vary a bit however; you'll see some pixelated vids, some with poor lighting, and others that are clear, well-lit, and can even be full-screened. Overall, I'd say the video quality is pretty good.

Continuing with the "mixed bag" theme, you'll find the subject matter here is an eclectic mix of stuff. The photos seem to be primarily softcore. You'll see chicks in all states of undress from no-nude (in street clothes, a bikini, or lingerie) to topless and totally nude. There are also some hardcore photosets with featuring babes sucking dick or having sex. The videos section is really where you see the most hardcore material. Everything from blowjobs to fucking to anal to threesomes to facials. Some of the scenes lack a cumshot for some reason but there's still plenty of cum flying here. Whenever you're dealing with these kind of sites, you always have to wonder about the authenticity of the other words, is it really user-submiited/real amateur stuff or is it just pro content that's shot in a way to make it look amateurish. In the case of Your ExGirlfriends, I'm inclined to believe most of the stuff here is legitimately homegrown. Of course some shoots sneak in here and there that are clearly not user-submitted, but in general, I think they've got authentic stuff here. The videos section was where I noticed the most "pro" stuff...I recognized a few of the girls as pornstars and some of the clips were high quality and shot by a third person cameraman, which to me is sort of a giveaway. But, like I said, I think the majority of the content here is real.

For bonus content, the site offers up an ample supply of additional videos to check out. These come in various categories like party girls, POV, handjobs, cumshots, orgy, facials, creampies, and more. It looked like most of these are more straight-up porn shoots (as opposed to user-submitted type stuff) but they're still worth checking out and, as I said, there are quite a few of them available.

Bottom Line
I've reviewed several of these girlfriend sites recently and I'd say that Your Ex Girlfriends probably contains the most authentically homegrown material. Of course, that brings with it some problems, most notably the large variability in quality. My guess is though, if you're a fan of this sort of content, you'd rather it be real than consistently high quality. The archive here is large and they also offer up a number of bonus videos to check out. Bottom line, if you like seeing hot, real amateur babes getting naked and naughty on film, and don't mind some quality issues along the way, you should enjoy this Your ExGirlfriends.
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