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Primary Category: Oral Sex, Secondary Category: Big Boobs

Price: $24.95/month, $59.95/90 days (recurring)
Updates: 3-4 times a week; new Wifey content weekly
Reviewed On: September 8, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 85, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large amount of exclusive facial/oral content
- Tons of videos

- Average pic size
- No video downloading options
- No webcam shows

Members Area Content as of September 8, 2006:
Wifey's World Pics: 177 galleries for a total of 10,000+ pics
Wifey's World Vids: 408 clips from approximately 200 videos
Other Content: Word From Wifey (extensive descriptions of the photos and videos for each update), 292 galleries of other webgirls, 9 MP3 sound files

Wifey's World Review

Today I'm checking out Wifey's World, home of Wifey and Hubby, a married couple who love having sex on camera and sharing it with the world on their amateur website. Wifey's a blonde babe with all-natural 36DD boobies you gotta see to believe. The rest of this hottie's body is pretty petite (5'6", 126lbs.) though, so that makes her huge natural boobs even more dramatic and impressive. You may already be familiar with Wifey; her pics popped up on the newsgroups in the late nineties and she's been going strong ever since, becoming one of the most recognizable amateurs and running one of the biggest amateur sites around. There's a lot of stuff here to see, mainly pics and vids focusing on blowjobs, facials, and cum-swallowing (all Wifey specialties), so let's check things out, shall we?

The Wifey's World members area is set up well, but it still might take you a little while to learn your way around. There's a ton of content here and some of the sections are organized rather uniquely. The main page consists of a small menu across the top, graphical links to Images, Videos, and the Word From Wifey section (pretty extensive descriptions of the updates to the site) in the middle, and some various other links to recent updates, content sent in by other webgirls, and more scattered throughout the rest of the page. The Video area is organized by year, dating all the way back to 2001. Currently Wifey has 10 pages of videos (10-12 vids per page) each for 2001-2003 and 4 pages for 2004. The only problem I noticed here was that sometimes the javascript function that drops down the page menus from each year seemed to break when I clicked something. Sometimes it was just a a matter of waiting for it to fully load, which still got kind of tedious after awhile, but a lot of times I had to totally refresh the page in order to get it back. After playing around with it for awhile, I found that if you click anything before everything is loaded, it will cause the javascript to break. So make sure you wait before clicking or not only will the menus break, all the thumbnails for the galleries in the Images section won't appear on all the pages.

The Images section actually contains pics, videos, and the Word from Wifey (WFW) area all presented together. Again you're given drop down menus for each year, then each month, and finally each week within that month. So, if you want to check out the update for week 1 of February of 2002, you can easily surf right to that. Once you're there, you'll be presented with 3 columns: videos from that update on the left, the corrresponding WFW entry in the middle, and then the galleries (typically with softcore and hardcore pics) on the right. So, the Images section actually contains both Video and WFW as well. One thing that is lacking is any sort of categorization of the sets or way to preview the updates. The menus only give you the week, month, and year that the update was added (no info about what's in the update) and there's no way to search for say, all the outdoor sets, or lingerie, or bondage, or facials with glasses or anything really. No biggie, but would be helpful. The rest of the navigation is pretty much accomplished by a menu bar at the top of each page, so things are pretty easy to get around from there. Overall, the site design looks good and they've done a nice job of organizing a pretty large amount of content. A few bumps here and there, but well done in general. Now that we're done with the navigation, let's check out the content...

Wifey has 177 galleries and over 10,000 pics for you to check out. As I mentioned above, video clips and a pretty in-depth description of the photos and videos are also provided on the same page as the thumbnails of the galleries. Wifey's photosets typically follow the same pattern. The first half of the pics are softcore and have her posing in some sort of sexy outfit (usually focusing on her tremendous hooters but also giving you some nice shots of her ass and legs). The second half of the photos is where you'll find the hardcore stuff featuring predominantly POV style oral sex and facials with some fucking thrown in as well. Although repetitive to some extent, if you're a facial lover (as I am) you will not be bored or disappointed. Wifey's Hubby has some huge creamy cumshots that she jerks onto her face and into her mouth with gusto. She typically ends up totally covered with jizz or with a belly full of man goo at the end of each shoot. Plus, the pair (Wifey and Hubby, not her boobs lol) are very natural on camera and you can tell Wifey really enjoys what she's doing. Also, Wifey has a huge array of lingerie and hot outfits as well as varying locales (the couple seems to travel a lot) to keep things interesting.

Quality wise, it looks like the softcore posing pics were taken with a regular digital camera, but the hardcore photos are actually vidcaps from the accompanying video(s). The vidcaps look pretty good considering they're...well, vidcaps, but they're still of lesser quality than the digicam pictures. I can't really complain about this because it enables them to focus on getting the cumshot on video (rather than pics), and trust me, it's worth it. More on that later. Anyhow, overall, I didn't have much of a problem with the quality of the photos, but the size is a bit on the small side. The vast majority of the pics are around 450 x 600 (sizes vary quite a bit but they hover around there on average). It's not until around February or March of 2004 that things start creeping up to roughly 600 x 800 and 700 x 900. That's great, but now the pics are a bit too big for the screen. What I mean is, every pic throughout the site pops up in a separate window that frames the pic and can't be re-sized. I have a 17 inch monitor set at 1024 x 768 and the bottom of all of the big pics were cut off. I understand that Wifey's World is in the middle of a members area re-design, so perhaps this problem as well as any or all of the navigation quirks I talked about above may disappear shortly. We'll try to keep you updated.

As I mentioned earlier, Wifey's videos can be accessed two ways: along with the photo updates they correspond to or in the main Videos section. There are a total of 408 clips from roughly 200 vids (some videos are split into 2 or 3 smaller segments). This huge video archive pretty much blows away the average amateur competition. As with the pics, the main focus here is oral sex and facials. There's some fucking going on in many of the vids, but I think the best thing about the clips is watching Hubby's big dick unload a huge wad all over Wifey's expectant face or into her waiting mouth after one of her patented suckoffs. Quite often, she does the jerking herself (as opposed to the guy whacking it for her), which I've heard is a fetish all to itself and I think shows how much Wifey enjoys making her man bust a nut. It looks like she also gives a pretty damn good blowjob too. That's it for the content of the vids, now let's look at some technical details. First off, the clips are only offered in one format: a 320 x 240 MPG. As a result, the files tend to be rather large compared to the length of the video. The clips aren't extremely high quality, but they're definitely decent looking enough to enjoy watching them. I think the quality has improved a bit over time, but actually even the older ones look pretty good. A lot of times, things look horrendous in the early days of an amateur site and you have to wait until more recent years to get to the good stuff. Everything's pretty consistent here at Wifey's World though.

There's quite a bit of bonus content at WifeysWorld.com and I'll try to touch on it all briefly here. First there are 292 galleries from other webgirls; basically your typical amateur site Friends galleries with a handful of pics, a bio, and a link to the amateur's site (the main difference here being that Wifey has a hell of a lot more webgirl "friends" than most other amateurs). The Spotlight section contains exclusive photos and videos of 20 models. In keeping with the theme of Wifey's site, these feature hot babes sucking, getting facialed and swallowing loads. There's also a story section, but it only has a couple of stories in it and hasn't been updated for quite a while. Next up is a Sounds section with 9 MP3 sound files ranging from Wifey orgasming to her answering various questions submitted to the site. The Cartoons area contains custom Wifey comics (7 issues so far) and cartoons (animated flash cartoons with audio). Lastly, it looks like there's a member chat area as well, but I'm not sure if Wifey ever appears in there or not.

Bottom Line
If you like Wifey's looks and have an oral sex/facial fetish, then you'll definitely love WifeysWorld.com. Other than small pic size and the lack of a webcam show, I didn't really have any major complaints (and it looks like at least the pic size problem is now being corrected for future updates). One note: this isn't a swinger site, so don't expect to see group sex, 2 girl blowjobs or Wifey taking on multiple guys. But, if you'd like to see a hot big boobed babe eating cum and getting her face plastered with prodigious cumblasts, I'd definitely recommend Wifey's World. She has one of the best and largest archives in this niche.
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