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The Sex Game
Price: $19.95/month (recurring); special discounted rate for our readers
Updates: 2-3 updates per month
Reviewed On: March 25, 2011 by Oz

Content Quality: 20/20
Content Quantity: 8/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 6/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 86, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Exclusive scenes
- Very unique "sex games" concept
- Scenes are very lengthy
- Very high quality videos
- Hot models
- Discounted price for our readers

- Most episodes are not in English and are subtitled
- Full-length video files are enormous and can make for slow downloads

Members Area Content as of March 25, 2011:
The Sex Game Pics: 61 photosets; 24,000+ pics
The Sex Game Vids: 61 episodes (each episode contains multiple videos)

The Sex Game Review

The Sex Game is an extremely unique reality site where hot young guys and girls (mainly European with some Americans mixed in) compete in a wide variety of fun sex games and, of course, end up having quite a bit of sex themselves before the scene is through. The site says the scenes are totally unscripted once The Game has begun so you'll get to see how the players interact with each other without outside direction or interference. The games themselves involve a wide variety of competitions...just browsing through the archive I saw everything from swimming, tennis, remote control car and boat races, basketball, dodgeball, mini golf, bull riding, twister, four square, and roulette to hangman, foosball, croquet, spin the bottle, blackjack, darts, paintball, water polo, pool, baccarat, ping pong, air hockey, bowling, and more. Of course all of the games have a sexual twist to them.

They've currently got 61 games to check out (new ones are added 2-3 times a month) and the scenes are extremely long, typically clocking in at 2-3 hours. As I mentioned, most of the participants here are European and, unfortunately, the dialogue is usually not in English and is subtitled. This certainly detracts from the scene a bit, particularly since these shoots aren't just straight suck and fuck shoots and involve quite a bit of conversation. It looks like they're starting to add some English scenes into the archive but most of the scenes at present are subtitled. There are usually an equal number of girls and guys in the games (4 or 6 total) but some scenes feature more guys than girls (or vice versa) and there's at least one all-girl scene as well.

Anyhow, obviously each scene varies depending on the game being played but each game does follow a certain format. As the competition progresses, cards are drawn which tell the winner or loser of a particular round what they have to do. The cards seem to get more and more hardcore as the game progresses and can say a wide variety of different things. For instance, a girl or guy might have to strip off (or have stripped off) a piece or pieces of clothing; a babe might have to strip a guy's pants off and jerk him off while masturbating in front of him; in one scene, a guy gets his dick sucked for a prescribed period of time by each of the girl players. As the game progresses, the cards get wilder and work up to orgies and group sex...a guy might get his dick sucked by each of the female players while another dude fucks each one of them in turn and different guys and girls are directed pair up with one another (obviously you have to be *very* friendly if you want to play this with your friends LOL). There's anal action as well (a card might direct a guy to fuck a chick's asshole for 50 thrusts for example) and lesbian fun too involving kissing, fondling, vibrators/dildos, and strap-ons. Of course, no scene would be complete with cumshots and you'll see plenty with jizz being sprayed on the babe's faces, tits, tongues, asses, and feet.

The members area here looks very similar to the tour. Once you've logged in, you'll see the most recent "game" linked up in the center of the page and links to view the archived scenes are found in a few places throughout the page. There's also a model index provided and an advanced model search feature which allows you to separate the updates based on a few options such as gender, model rating, "kink" rating, and more. As I said earlier, each of the full scenes is extremely long and the site offers both a full-length version of the episode's video and also breaks the full scene into separate 30 minute long chunks.

There are a ton of video options available. They have Flash versions for both the full-length and 30 minute vids which you can stream in-browser. These come in x-small, small, medium (this is the default resolution and weighs in at 600 x 400 at 400K), large and x-large. The default download is 1280 x 854 at 3000K but there are a plethora of other quality/format options. There are M4V and WMV files in tons of different quality versions ranging from 318 x 212 at 100K all the way up to a stunning 1920 x 1080 at 12000K (!). As you might imagine, the video files here can get quite huge...for instance, a 3000K full-length video is typically around 2-3 gigs and the 12000K versions can weigh in at a whopping 10 gigs.

Happily though, the videos look awesome. With specs like the ones I've just described that probably comes as little surprise. The high-end vids are true HD quality and look phenomenal...incredibly clear and sharp and easily enjoyable at full-screen resolution. Nice! The photosets with each scene are typically huge (400-500 pics in each) and the pics are extra large at 1920 x 1080. They're supposedly vidcaps but they don't look like it...the photos are extremely clear, well-lit, and high quality. Really great looking pics and vids here!

There really isn't any additional bonus content or access to be had at The Sex Game. They pretty much stick to their very unique exclusive content. Before I wrap up the review though, I want to mention a few very cool features of the site. One is the fact that you can play The Game yourself either online using the site's Game Simulator or at home (in real-life) if you have willing participants or at least a significant other (they even have a full video demonstrating how to do this, complete with plenty of hardcore action as well). Also, from an interactive standpoint, you can comment on each scene and the owner of the site actually responds to the comments and takes your suggestions into consideration.

In addition, the site offers a Points get Points awarded to you for posting comments, writing stories, etc. and you can redeem points for various things including a free month membership to the site. Points also figure into random drawings the site holds which allow site members to come to the set and be a "witness" at one of The Sex Game shoots. The stuff I've mentioned here, as well as other features of the site, are explained very well in the site's FAQ which you can find by visiting the site and clicking the FAQ link at the bottom of the page.

Bottom Line
The Sex Game is a cool site that definitely stands out for a couple of big reasons. Most notable is probably the extremely unique nature of the scenes...the sex game gimmick is super fun and like nothing I've seen before. Even though the overall game remains somewhat the same, the site really does a great job of mixing things up with an enormous variety of competitions. The hardcore action is great as well and it's pretty hot watching the guys and girls progress from simple stripping to full-blown group sex. The other standout feature here is the extremely high quality videos. There are tons of video options and the high-end stuff is true HD quality and looks phenomenal. If you're looking for a very unique reality porn experience (and one that you can even play online or with your *very* close friends), be sure to check out The Sex Game!
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