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Primary Category: MILF, Secondary Categories: Asian, Pantyhose

Price: $24.95/month, $45.95/90 days (recurring)
Updates: Almost daily, updates of Roni 2-3 times/week
Reviewed On: July 10, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 10/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 14/15

Score: 92, GOLD

Quick Facts
- Large amount of picture and video content of Roni
- Weekly camshows with huge archive of past shows
- Good personality and interaction
- Frequent update schedule

- Limited video options

Members Area Content as of July 10, 2008:
Pics of Roni: 301 galleries; 18,000 pics+
Vids of Roni: 69 full videos, split into multiple clips
Webcam: Weekly live webcam show and text chat
Other Content: Video clips from past camshows, member message board, customized adult games, galleries of hundreds of other models and webgirls, Roni wallpapers and email

Roni's Paradise Review

Roni's Paradise is the home of Lucky and Roni, a fun-loving amateur couple that hails from the island of Oahu in beautiful Hawaii. The totally insane thing about this site is that Roni is over 50 years old. It's not necessarily insane that a 50+ year old would have a amateur porn website, but what is crazy and pretty damn incredible is the fact that this 50 something chick looks like she's freaking 30! No joke. You can check out Roni's sample pics and see what I mean to some extent, but once you're inside it's even more unbelievable. And she has had 3 kids on top of it all. What in the hell is this woman drinking? She needs to bottle it. It's scary.

Anyhow, sometimes it seems like I just get a feeling that a site's going to be a good one just by checking out the first few pages. Some people use a twinge in their arthritis to predict the weather, my dick jumps when I see good amateur porn. It's a gift. looked good from the get-go. The design (I hear it's new) is slick but not too flashy, the organization good, and the content seems to be numerous, varied, and high quality. So, let's check things out in more detail and see if I can find something to gripe about so I don't lose my job...

As I said, Roni's site looks very nice design wise. There are a pair of menus near the top of the page linking to all of Roni's members area content. Most of her exclusive stuff is on the top row, a lot of the extras on the bottom. In the middle area of the page you get a list of Roni's past updates extending back over the last month or more. It looks like something new is added to the members area every day, with exclusive content of Roni rolling in around a couple times a week which is great. The other days you get stuff like cam captures (from Roni's live shows), bonus galleries, and other stuff I'll mention in a bit. On the right hand side of the page, there are some useful links including the date and time of Roni's next camshow, some sample pics of upcoming photosets, contact info for the site, and cancel subscription links. Damn I love organization.

I headed on over to the picture section first. Roni's got a very exotic look owing to her Chinese mother and Caucasian father. Check out her tour or our screen captures to see what I mean. In her Picture area, there are 301 galleries and over 18,000 pics for you to check out. The photos are divided up by the years in which they were taken, from 2008 back to 2003 (incidentally, Roni has pics going back even further, to 2002 or perhaps even before, that she sometimes throws into the update archive). On each year's page, there's a thumbnail linking to each photoset. The shoots are viewable in gallery format or you can grab the whole thing in a zip file if you want. Size-wise, things vary depending on the age of the set. Older pics weigh in at 600 x 800, then things bump up to around 683 x 1024 for the more recent shoots. Picture quality is good throughout. Even the older stuff looks to be professionally shot (no small task for a real amateur) and comes in clear, crisp, and well-lit. So, what's in the pics? Well, a little bit of everything to be honest. The early years found Roni posing in bikinis on the beach, getting tied up with rope and chains and giving head in a bondage set, having some girl-girl fun with a fellow webgirl, dressing up in halloween costumes, taking a bubble bath, playing with balloons and eating cum off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, among other things. Browsing on through the archive, I checked out Roni having a 3-girl orgy, a foursome with Lucky and two other chicks, masturbating with a glass dildo, covering herself in cake batter, posing in thigh high boots, and getting tied up in a few bondage sets as well. Other highlights include a 2 girl bubble bath, a threesome with a black guy, posing in denim cutoffs, a footjob, a french maid outfit (with another interracial threesome), and a strap-on fuck with another chick. Lastly, I saw some sets featuring more girl-girl action, a stockings footjob, a couple costume sets, a threesome, some blowjobs, and drinking cum out of a high-heel, among other things. If I had to pick one fetish area that appears the most in Roni's pics, I'd probably say stockings/pantyhose and high-heels. So if you're into that kind of stuff, you'll especially enjoy the photos.

As you can see, there's a big variety of stuff in here, with a lot of unique "story-based" ideas as well. Roni's photosets are long enough so that you get a good deal of softcore posing first, and then still have time for some hardcore fun (which is included in a lot of the series). Every set of pictures also has at least a comment (and usually a whole little story) at the top of the page describing the photos and sort of setting the stage. A nice touch for sure. On top of that, one other thing I liked (maybe because I'm a sap) is that each series has a cute title to go along with it (often a play on words or something clever) and a unique title graphic that was made just for it. I appreciate this attention to detail because I feel it reflects the level of time that the owners of the site commit to it.

Next, I checked out the Video section where Roni's got a 69 full videos to check out. For most of the vids in the archive the full-length version is split up into multiple clips...the more recent stuff offers full-length only. The earlier vids are in MPG format, around a minute long and of poorer quality, looking very pixelated on full-screen. The more recent clips are WMV's, weigh in at 15 minutes or more and the quality is much, much improved. A video I checked out from the current year weighed in at 720 x 480 at 1600K and looked great even when enlarged to full-screen. The videos are nice and in a lot of cases parallel Roni's picture series. I'll refer you to my picture set descriptions above to get an idea of some of the things you might see, but just browsing around, I saw plenty of girl-girl and boy-girl sex, several pantyhose/stocking vids and even some anal sex clips (Lucky doing Roni) that I particularly thought were hot. I enjoyed the video area, but they might want to add some more options here. Some formats other than WMV and the option to download both smaller clips and the full-length version (as opposed to either or) might be nice as well.

Roni does a live camshow every week on the Amateur Camz system. You automatically then get access to all of the other shows and performers on that cam network. I didn't catch a live show, but I did watch a few of Roni's archived cam videos (346 video clips from 39 past camshows). These were not entire camshows; just the highlights. As a result, I didn't really get to hear how Roni interacted with her audience during the show (although judging from the rest of the site she seems to be devoted to her members). Many of the shows were hardcore and again, as just a general overview, I saw lots of BJ's, facials, fucking, cumeating, foot fetish, and girl-girl stuff going on. In addition to the live camshows, there's a member message board where Roni posts and answers questions and she also does text chats with members weekly after her live camshows.

There are numerous Member Extras available here at Roni's Paradise. I'll just touch on them briefly. There are galleries of hundreds of other babes in Roni's "Vixens Gallery". This is all bought content, so there aren't any ads with the photo galleries. There's hardcore and softcore stuff in here. Then there are 3 themed areas: Hard Stuff (13 galleries of sucking and fucking), Girlie Gallery (galleries of other amateurs complete with the obligatory ads to their sites), and Foot Fever (a foot fetish section). Roni also has various and sundry live shows and recorded feeds as well as a Roni Wallpaper section and a message board I mentioned earlier. One of the coolest extras (at least for me) was Roni's Games section. These aren't your typical free plug-in games; a good many of them look to be customized for Roni's site. Her pics are in the Strip Poker, Strip Blackjack, and Slider and Jigsaw Puzzles as opposed to the typical content model. They also have Sextris (Tetris) and XXX Pac-Man where Pac is a pussy and the ghosts are dicks. These also incorporate pics of Roni into the game and are actually pretty fun to play. We're not talking Doom 3 here, but they're cool. You can also compete with other members in a high score contest for cash prizes.

One final thing I thought was cool is that in addition to a general Bio and personal FAQ page, Roni also offers members the opportunity to submit questions to her which she will then answer in video format and post on the site. For instance, in answer to one question about how Roni keeps her pussy so clean shaven, she even recounts her entire pussy shaving process, while demonstrating for the camera of course :-) It's a very cool and unique interactive idea.

Bottom Line
When it comes to amateur MILF's, Roni's pretty much got it all. She's definitely got the sexy mature housewife thing going on, but as I said at the beginning of the review, oftentimes she looks closer to 30 than 50! Her site has an organized and professional looking design, but there's a great deal of personality sprinkled throughout as well. There's a huge variety of content here ranging from softcore bikini posing on the beach all the way up to group sex, facials, anal and girl-girl, in both picture and video form and everything's high quality and looks great. All of this, coupled with interactive and unique extras like a message board, webcam shows, personalized "Bio question vids" and some customized games, make Roni's Paradise the MILF site of choice here at QAP.
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