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Reality Kings
Price: $24.95/month (recurring)
Updates: Multiple updates per day
Reviewed On: January 6, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 10/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 2/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 14/15

Score: 92, GOLD

Quick Facts
- Access to an absolutely enormous amount of amateur reality site content
- Videos are consistently high quality
- Good variety of themed sites to choose from
- Multiple updates per day
- Lots of video options

- Older content is of slightly lesser quality

Members Area Content as of January 6, 2008:
22 Members Areas: Cum Fiesta, Big Naturals, Mike's Apartment, MILF Hunter, Captain Stabbin, Street Blowjobs, First Time Auditions, We Live Together, 8th Street Latinas, Tranny Surprise, In The VIP, Euro Sex Parties, Mike in Brazil, Round and Brown, 40 Inch Plus, MILF Next Door, VIP Crew, Money Talks, Flower Tucci, Team Squirt, Pure 18, Big Tits Boss
Webcam: 22 hours of weekly live camshows from the We Live Together and MILF Next Door girls

Reality Kings Review

Reality Kings (formerly most of these sites were known as the All Sites Access network) is a network of 22 (primarily) reality sites featuring pics and vids of hot amateur babes in lots of hardcore action. As far as niches go, they've got most of the familiar ones covered (MILF's, big boobs, first-timers, girl-girl, anal, blowjobs, etc.) and quite a few of their own unique gimmicks thrown in for good measure. I've already taken an in-depth look at many of these sites for QAP (these reviews are linked up below), but today we're going to be checking out the network as a whole. We've got a lot of ground to cover so let's get started.

Aside from each site's individual story or gimmick, there are quite a few things that are consistent in most, if not all, of the Reality Kings sites. First, a word about design. You'll find all of the sites here are easy to navigate and organized well. It looks like the network underwent a design overhaul since the All Sites days and in addition to a spiffy new look they've added a search feature, top rated listings, and some scripted options that make surfing through their large amount of sites a breeze. As with most reality sites, all of the content here is episodic and you get pics and vids with each scene. The newest scenes are arranged on the main members page with the archived episodes easily accessible down below. Each one comes with a preview pic and a description to give you an idea of what to expect from each one.

The main focus at Reality Kings is on the videos and as such, they give you lots and lots of options in the movie department. Each of the scenes or episodes has a full video accompanying it and each full video is broken into multiple parts. There are around 30 one minute long clips and 3 roughly ten minute long clips depending on your preference. Both the full-length and the individual vids are available for stream (both in-browser and out) or download in your choice of WMV or MPG format. Since the site goes all the way back to 2001, the options for the oldest scenes can vary somewhat but the majority of the archive is how I have described above.

Unlike a lot of other reality sites, the pics at Reality Kings aren't vidcaps and they typically look just fine quality-wise. However, the earlier pics are pretty small in size, weighing in at 640 x 480. In the more recent galleries, they bump things up to 600 x 800 and 600 x 900 (with a corresponding upgrade in quality as well), which is great. The photosets have grown from 100 pic affairs to the more recent shoots which contain a whopping 800-1000 pics (wow!). All of the Reality Kings photosets can be downloaded as convenient zip files as well. In addition, each shoot comes with a large screencap gallery which I found useful for previewing the vid before I watched.

Lastly, I should also mention the impressive update schedule at Reality Kings. On the main page, you'll find the update schedule for the network...each site is updated weekly and on a specific day. Most of the time, this works out to 2 or 3 sites being updated on any day of the week. You can check the schedule to find out when an update to your favorite site(s) is planned. A few of the sites in the network don't adhere as strictly to this update schedule, but there's so much stuff being added here each and every week, it's hard to complain. Now that I've gone over some of the general items that apply to all of the sites here at Reality Kings, let's take a brief look at each one of the sites you receive access to.

Cum Fiesta (303 episodes)
One of the longest running Reality Kings sites, Cum Fiesta chronicles the action as extremely hot amateur girls show up at some guy's house looking for a "Fiesta party". After a brief interview session where the girl gets naked, she sucks some dick and gets fucked in multiple positions before taking a load to the face amidst cries of "That's the Fiesta!". Fans of reality sites with a more elaborate "plotline" or gimmick may be a bit disappointed, but the girls at Cum Fiesta are seriously smokin' and the action super hot. Read my full review here.

Big Naturals (309 episodes)
As you may have guessed from the title, Big Naturals focuses on hot girls with large all-natural tits. The chicks get a hands-on "boob test" before the shoot to ensure their globes are indeed natural before they sucks dick, get fucked, and finally uses their massive melons to stroke the lucky stud of the day off all over their tits. Hot girls and sexy action geared toward big boob lovers make this site a favorite of surfers. Read my full review here.

Mike's Apartment (286 episodes)
Cute young amateur babes answer Mike's ad in the newspaper that offers a room for rent. Once there, the girls find out (via Mike's "smooth" talking) that if they will perform certain sexual favors for Mike, rent will be free. These range from a simple strip and masturbation to blowjobs to full-on fucking. Amazingly (hehe), the girls are down with this deal and Mike films the action for you to check out. The Euro babes (I think the stuff is shot in Amsterdam) here are hot, but I wish they spoke more English---Mike having to use a translator during the interview segments got old quick. Read my full review here.

MILF Hunter (293 episodes)
The Hunter and his buddy hit the streets in search of MILF's (Mom's I'd Like To Fuck) that they can bring back to their place for a little game of Hide the Salami. It doesn't take them long to find a broad they'd like to bone and convince her to come back to their pad for some hardcore action. After slobbing the knob and being fucked silly by either 1 or 2 guys, these moms truly earn the big load of cum that gets deposited on their faces at the end of the scene. There's a wide variety of mature (30's to early 40's) women here ranging from the aging stripper-type (fake boobs and all) to the more amateur-looking "mom-next-door" or "soccer mom" type (which I personally prefer to see). Read my full review here.

Captain Stabbin (254 episodes)
Voyage along with Captain Stabbin as he and his two crewmen comb the beaches and marinas looking for tourist hotties that they can convince to come take a cruise on their boat. Once aboard, the chicks soon lose their bikinis and get their mouths, pussies, and asses stuffed with a couple of cum cannons. This site is a cool mix of a few niches: anal sex, intergenerational sex (older guy with much younger girl), and outdoor sex., I mean...Har, matey! Read my full review here.

Street Blowjobs (260 episodes)
You've got a bird's eye view as one guy cruises local bars, restaurants, malls, and parking lots looking for hot babes he can convince to suck and fuck him for some cash. All the while, supposedly unbeknownst to the girls, he's filming the action through a pinhole-sized cam in his glasses. There's lots of hot public sex and nudity here which gives the site a nice voyeur feel but quality suffers a bit due to the tiny camera. Read my full review here.

First Time Auditions (192 episodes)
Hot amateurs answer an ad looking for babes who want to make it big in the movie or music industry. Willing to do "anything" to be famous, these chicks end up getting naked, sucking dick, and riding the bologna pony with any guy they put in front of them, all while the camera rolls. A lot of fresh-faced cuties here, and I enjoyed the "interview" segments of the vids. Read my full review here.

We Live Together (222 episodes)
In an interesting twist to the typical reality site premise, We Live Together chronicles the sexy adventures of Amanda and Britney, two tanned blonde hotass roommates that spend seemingly all of their time cruising for other super hot chicks they can convince to come back to their place for some pussy lickin' fun. Amanda and Britney get lucky about as often as the guys in the other members areas do and always seem to be able to find one hot babe or another hanging out at the mall, at the beach, bikini shopping, at a roller rink, having a drink at a bar, etc. After some small talk, it's off to A & B's place where all three babes promptly get naked and take turns licking and fingering each otherís pussies and fucking each other with a plethora of dildos, vibrators, and strap-ons. There's also a 2 hour long interactive live camshow three times a week which is a rarity in most reality sites. Great site! Read my full review here.

In The VIP (124 episodes)
Now's your chance to check out what really goes on behind closed doors in the VIP room of the most exclusive clubs across America. Reality Kings takes you behind the scenes with the In the VIP crew as they kick it with a plethora of hot and sexy amateur babes looking to party. It doesn't take these chicks long to get naked and on their knees once they've migrated from the dance floor to the VIP room. From there they suck dick and are fucked senseless before being sprayed with hot jizz. Girl-girl and group sex abound as these babes do "anything" to get with the "in" crowd. Read my full review here.

8th Street Latinas (274 episodes)
Here's another dose of the familiar reality site premise of guys picking up hot amateur babes off the street and convincing them to have sex on camera. The prey this time around are sexy and spicy latina mamacitas (authentic Spanish speaking ones) that the guys meet at various public locales and bring back to their beach house for some fun. The hardcore action is pretty straight-forward (BJ, fucking in multiple positions, more BJ ending with a facial) but there's a good variety of girls and plenty of episodes to heat you up if you're a latina lover.

Tranny Surprise (263 episodes)
The Reality Kings guys are out on the town again and this time they're picking up trannies. I kind of expected there to be a bit more of a storyline here because of the whole "surprise" thing in the title. Maybe the guys would pick the "girl" up thinking she was a "she" and then find out once they were getting down and dirty that the she's actually a "he". That's not the case here as far as I can see. They pick up the tranny, take he/she back to their place, and no one's the least bit surprised when a dick pops out instead of a pussy. Anyhow, from there the guy gets blown by the pseudo-chick, fuck his/her ass, and shoot spunk all over his/her face. Not much of a story here, but if you like tranny content, you will definitely enjoy this stuff. It's really pretty damn amazing how many of these chicks with dicks look like actual women.

Euro Sex Parties (197 episodes)
At Euro Sex Parties, 2 best friends travel across Europe looking for beautiful young sluts to bang. These guys seem to have no problem enticing a plethora of honeys back to their place for wild sex parties. The action here features two to three extremely hot babes fucking and sucking one or (usually) both of our lucky studs. As is often the case, these Euro-sluts are down for a bit more than their American counterparts, so expect to see toy play and girl-girl as well as anal and DP action before the scene ends with a couple of huge jizz shots to these hottie's gorgeous faces.

Mike in Brazil (179 episodes)
Mike from Mike's Apartment takes you along on his summer vacation to Brazil. Of course, this vacation involves a lot more than just hanging on the beach; Mike and his buddies spend their time scoping out the "big brown booty" and fucking the hell out of a plethora of Brazilian hotties. Watch Mike and his crew fuck their way through a bevy of South American sluts, often pumping their tight little assholes before busting a nut all over their hot bodies.

Round and Brown (182 episodes)
I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothas can't deny. Aw, forget it. Anyhow, if you like your women brown and their booties round, then this site will please you plenty. Featuring around 30 chocolate Divas (primarily black girls but I think I saw a couple hispanic chicks mixed in there as well), Round and Brown contains pics and vids in the typical Reality Kings format. Not too much of a storyline here...mainly just straight-up action with the girls giving head, getting their pussies fucked in a variety of positions and then taking a nice, big cumshot to (where else?) their round, brown booties.

40 Inch Plus (63 episodes)
Get ready for a major booty call as 40 Inch Plus brings you the roundest, juiciest asses around. Watch these bootylicious babes get their bulging bubble butts measured before getting fucked and facialed.

MILF Next Door (136 episodes)
Hot girl-girl action abounds as 4 sexy MILFs who are no longer being satisfied by their hubbies get together for some hot fun licking each other's pussies and fucking each other with plenty of toys.

VIP Crew (26 episodes)
A relatively new addition to the Reality Kings network, VIP Crew is sort of an off-shoot of In the VIP. Here you'll have a ringside seat at parties thrown by the VIP guys. These involve lots and lots of bikini clad girls playing and getting naked around the pool and having fun with drinking games and other sexy party happenings. At the end of each episode, the VIP guys get busy fucking and facialing a few of the girls as well.

Money Talks (31 episodes)
A new addition to the Reality Kings stable, Money Talks is more of a wacky reality show than a porn site. Two dudes hit the streets with a camera and some cash and try to get people to do silly, stupid, or sexual things for money. Oftentimes, the stunts are just odd...getting two dudes to kiss, paying a couple of guys to have charlie horses giving to them (via punches to the thigh), some guys getting golf balls hit at them at close range, a chick riding a bike with a didlo for a seat, and many, many more...but there's usually some sex at the end of each episode for your jerking off needs. Even so, this site is more of a collection of strange, funny, Jackass style clips with a little bit of porn thrown in.

Flower Tucci (28 episodes)
Flower Tucci is a slutty blonde porn babe and is her official home on the web. This chick is dirty, nasty and in-your-face hardcore, so you can expect to see lots of crazy action on her site. Everything from blowjobs, fucking, group sex and anal to ass-to-mouth, girl-girl, and oral/facial cumshots. Oh, and squirting...Flower's famous for her squirting ability and it's surely showcased here. The content here is looks to be exclusive (as opposed to stuff drawn from Flower's previous vids) so if you're a fan of this slutty chick, you'll be pleased to see her in some all-new scenes.

Team Squirt (45 episodes)
Team Squirt features hardcore episodes of babes with a talent for squirting. Scenes start off with the chick masturbating and showing off her squirting skills (the girls I saw were pretty impressive, sometimes even dousing the camera with pussy juice) before moving onto a more typical fuck scene...blowjob, pussy fucking, and facial.

Pure 18 (44 episodes)
At Pure 18, you'll see young, ripe, and ready 18-year old babes getting their tight and tiny twats stretched by big dicks. Scenes start off with a brief interview, some stripping, and some masturbating. From there they bring in the lucky guy and he gets his dick sucked before sliding inside that sweet teen pussy and spraying cum on the eager babe's innocent little face. The chicks here are exceptionally cute and tight-bodied and they're all verified 18 years old. Mmmmm...they look yummy.

Big Tits Boss (32 episodes)
Another one of the newer sites added to the network, Big Tits Boss features sexy, big boobed office babes taking advantage of their male subordinates. The scenes do a good job of setting up the reality-style many of the episodes I watched, a male employee is getting yelled at by his big-titted boss because of some screw up he's made in the office. When he admits her boobs are a big distraction to him and hindering his work performance, she offers her massive mammaries up to him along with her mouth and pussy. If huge boobs and sex in the office are two of your favorite things, you'll love this site.

Bottom Line
If you're already a fan of reality sites or if you're looking for a network to join, give Reality Kings a try, it's tough to beat them for several reasons: 1) Quantity - 22 full members areas are currently included with your membership containing a total of over 3,600 episodes/models/full videos along with hundreds of thousands of (non-vidcap) pictures. A new full scene with pics and vids is added to nearly every single site here on a weekly basis as well. 2) Quality - The name of the game here is consistency. The pics, while small in earlier episodes, look good and unlike many reality sites, they aren't vidcaps. In the video department, you get a lot of viewing options and the clips consistently look nice in all of the Reality Kings members areas. 3) Variety - Just by the sheer number of models here (over 3,000), you can be sure you'll find a huge variety of babes to take a look at. As far as niches/fetishes go, the Reality Kings guys have got you covered here as well. From the more typical (anal, blowjobs, first-timers, MILF's, ethnic, tranny, pantyhose, big tits, sex on a boat, big dicks) to the more creative (Street Blowjobs, Mike's Apartment, In the VIP, Money Talks), you'll find pretty much everything that you could possibly ask for. 4) Value - Having said all that, the fact that the pricetag here is a mere $24.95 should make the value of an Reality Kings membership pretty obvious. Overall, Reality Kings is a phenomenal network of reality themed sites and you definitely won't be disappointed if you become a member.
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