Real Drunken Girls

Primary Category: Parties, Secondary Categories: Reality, Eastern European
Real Drunken Girls
Price: $29.95/month (recurring)
Updates: Unknown
Reviewed On: June 10, 2010 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 7/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 6/10
Surfability: 6/10

Members Area Ads: 0/5
Interaction: 2/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 71, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Exclusive archive
- Unique "drunk girl" content
- High quality videos

- Organization could be better
- Slow server
- Unknown update schedule

Members Area Content as of June 10, 2010:
Real Drunken Girls Vids: 60+ videos
Other Content: Accompanying vidcap galleries, access to 8 additional members areas, live cam sites, erotic story archive, huge amount of bonus video feed sites, adult DVD archive, member message board

Real Drunken Girls Review

Today I'm checking out Real Drunken Girls, a pretty unique site where you'll see hot young babes get totally trashed on booze and then suck and fuck the horny guys they're partying with. The participants are all Eastern European (apparently communism didn't work in Russia, but porn is certainly booming!) and the "drunk girl" gimmick is actually very well-done, even if it is hindered a bit by the non-English dialogue and lack of subtitles. Each scene usually involves one girl and anywhere from 1-4 guys. The first 10-15 minutes of each scene features the guys and girl sitting around drinking various types of alcohol and chatting, as I said, in some language other than English. You might want to fast forward through this part; the bottom line is: the chick's getting drunk.

Once the babe's wasted, the dudes start kissing and fondling her and stripping her down. Before long, the slut's mouth is stuffed full of cock and another guy is sliding in her pussy. The guys take turns fucking the drunk whore and shoving their dicks in her mouth, then move on to violating her tender asshole. It seems like Euro sluts always take cock in the ass like champs and these babes get their poopchutes gaped til they look like the Grand Canyon. The whole drunk girl theme is nicely done here...some of the girls are more lucid and just a bit giggly during the fucking but most of the girls I saw are practically passed out by the time they're getting their holes worked over. The guys pretty much pass the bitch around and position her how they want her. I figured the drunk thing was just a gimmick but several of the girls actually puke (like real vomit) during the scene, usually after a particularly rough fucking. The guys don't seem to care; they let the slut empty her guts on the floor and then go back to fucking her LOL. The scenes typically wrap up with the guys spraying a load on the half-conscious girl's face or in her mouth and leaving her collapsed, cum covered on the floor (sometimes in a puddle of her own puke).

The members area setup is pretty simple (at least initially). They've got the most recent and top-rated photo and video updates listed on the main page and a menu across the top hooks up with the photo and video archives and some bonus features. According to the dates, they haven't updated since 2009 so I'm guessing that perhaps they're no longer adding anything new to the site. Delving into the photo and video sections, the simple navigational setup suddenly got pretty confusing. In most episodic sites like this, they list all of the scenes with maybe a preview pic or a description and then when you click the pic, you'll find all of the videos and photos associated with that episode organized together. Here, however, they don't do things that way.

The photos and videos are divided into two separate sections...the pics are arranged relatively typically with a series of thumbnails linking to the galleries. As for the videos, they're listed over quite a few pages with a preview pic and a short description. What makes things confusing is that it's very difficult (or at least much more difficult than it has to be) to piece together a full scene. Each full episode looks to be divided into two big chunks...a part 1 (getting the chick drunk and naked) and a part 2 (fucking the shit out of her). There are usually three full-length versions (low, medium, and high quality) offered for each part but then each part is also split into multiple smaller clips. Things would be much easier if there was sort of a main page for each scene with all of the vids plus the screencap gallery listed there but as they have it setup now, it can get quite tedious to patch things together. To make matters worse, the server kept timing out on me while I was browsing so I was pretty annoyed by the time I finished the review. The members area could definitely be organized in a way that's more user-friendly than what they've got at present.

Anyhow, on to checking out the content itself. The pics are actually screencaps from the accompanying videos. The sets are viewable in gallery format, as a slideshow, or you can download the entire thing as a zip file. The caps weigh in at around 700 x 1000 (480 x 720 in older scenes) and actually look quite nice for screen captures. The videos are of course the main focus here and it looks like there are roughly 60 scenes available. I say roughly because honestly between the confusing setup and the slow server, it was tough to get an accurate count. Anyhow, the vids are in WMV format and are available for stream and download. The full-length versions typically come with three different quality options: 356 x 200 at 700K, 640 x 360 at 2000K, 1280 x 720 ay 8000K. It looks like the smaller clips are offered in 2000K. Browsing through the older vids, they often just come in one quality option (the 2000K one). Despite the navigational difficulties, the videos themselves look great, particularly the more recent vids. These are HD quality clips: clear, sharp, and well-lit. It's a no brainer to enjoy these are full-screen resolution.

For bonus content, you receive access to 8 additional members areas plus an enormous amount of bonus video feed sites in a variety of genres. There's also an erotic story archive, a selection videos drawn from a multitude of adult DVD's, and a member message board. A nice amount of additional porn to go through once you're finished with the Real Drunken Girls scenes.

Bottom Line
It's unfortunate that the main problems I had here at Real Drunken Girl involved the organization and navigation of the site. The server timed out for me multiple times during the review and the organization of the videos made checking out the episodes a bit tedious. Organizing all the photo and video content for each scene in one place would be a huge help. On the plus side, the videos are high quality (HD in the case of the more recent scenes) and they really do the drunk girl gimmick quite well (hell, some of the sluts are even puking mid-fuck). If this is a fetish of yours, I think the site's still worth checking out despite the relatively low score here. Just be prepared for a bit of annoyance when navigating the site.
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