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Pure Beauty Mag Review
Price: $24.95/month (recurring); $89.95 for 180 days
Updates: Daily
Reviewed On: March 3, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 19/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 88, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large archive of extremely high quality pics and vids
- Daily updates
- Tons of download options

- Navigation is a little confusing at times
- No interaction with models
- Small archive of short videos

Members Area Content as of March 3, 2006:
Pure Beauty Mag Pics: Approximately 500 photosets for a total of approximately 15,000 pics
Pure Beauty Mag Vids: 29 videos
Other Content: Forum, articles, e-cards, wallpapers, interviews, photography guides

Pure Beauty Mag Review

PureBeautyMag.com is an erotic photography site with the the goal of creating "an interactive gateway for those who wish to explore and spread the appreciation of natural feminine beauty." The site is put together by an international team led by master photographer Adolf Zika who has worked with Playboy, Hermes, and Versace. It looks like the site is based out of the Czech Republic and features some beautiful photography and video celebrating the natural beauty of the European girls featured on the site. You'll find a huge archive of photos here, an impressive daily update schedule, and some excellent organization here. Speaking of organization, let's take a closer look around.

Pure Beauty Mag follows what seems to be a time-honored tradition among artistic photography sites: the free side is nearly identical to the members area. The upside of this design of course is that you're able to familarize yourself somewhat with the setup of the site before you join. This is probably a good idea because when you first log-in to the members area you'll be hit with a lot of links and information. Luckily though, the site is organized quite well so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding your way around. Links to the two most recent month's updates dominate the main page; these updates come daily and the graphical links to them are in the magazine-style popularized by other photography sites like Met-Art and Hegre. One other thing that is kind of neat (and you can also see on the free side) is that the main page has lots of non-porn stuff that almost gives it a homepage feel...things like the time in various cities around the world, foreign exchange rates, and world news. There's even a link to listen to (what I think is) original Pure Beauty Mag music composed specifically for the site while you browse the content.

Past updates at PureBeautyMag are organized by month and you can jump to whatever month you want to view via a straight-forward calendar-style menu down the lefthand side. There's a search engine provided which can be used to scour the site based on several parameters and a menu at the top of the page that provides you with plenty of links and info for browsing the site. Something I didn't see, unless I missed it somehow, was a model index so you could view all of the girls alphabetically with maybe a headshot or something. Would have been useful and I'm surprised one isn't included. Anyhow, the photos here look to be divided up into various types of "Magazines": Exclusive, Best Of, and For Life. Some of these are explained to some extent on the site but basically the Exclusive stuff is what PB considers their best work while the Best Of shoots are the best according to the site's members. I'm not totally sure what For Life indicates, but it seemed like the majority of the sets had this label so maybe it just means "everything else".

Anyhow, checking out the pics themselves, you get a ton of options as far as viewing goes. You can view each magazine in typical gallery format, a slideshow, or you can grab the entire photoset in a zip file. They offer 4 different resolutions for each pic: 400 x 600, 700 x 1000, 1200 x 1800, and a gargantuan 2000 x 3000. The zip files I mentioned are also available in these 4 size choices. As expected, the quality here is absolutely phenomenal: crystal clear and incredibly well-shot. Really gorgeous stuff here. The photos are all softcore (also as expected) and seems to focus on the natural beauty of these women and their surroundings. The girls are gorgeous European hotties with all-natural figures (no fake boobs here that I could see) and a minimum of makeup and airbrushing. The team here does a great job of mixing up the locales and shots so you'll find the Pure Beauty women posing in interesting and unique shots in both a wide variety of studio locations and exremely beautiful and exotic outdoor settings as well.

In additon to the photos, there's also a Films Magazine section which contains videos. This section isn't updated as frequently the picture archive, with additions coming only twice a month. They offer three video formats here: WMV, Quicktime, and XviD (AVI). Each one of these formats also gives you the choice of a high or low quality version of the movie. I wasn't able to stream the clips (at least not before letting the whole vid load) so get your right-click ready for some Save As... action. It looks like their server is pretty fast, so I didn't have long to wait when downloading. The quality of these is incredible as well with extra large demensions of 608 x 448 and whopping bitrates of up to 2MBps. Content-wise, the films are basically short (typically around 2 minutes long) behind-the-scenes clips that take you backstage at various Pure Beauty Mag photoshoots.

There's a whole slew of bonus stuff and extras to check out here, but it looks like a lot of it you can at least preview (if not view entirely) to some extent on the free side. They've got articles, e-cards, wallpapers, interviews, write-ups and guides about photography, and more. I tried to click through as much of it as I could...some of it prompted me to join so it's obviously members only, other stuff was accessible from the free area. They've also got a forum they link to but it was pretty much dead when I was checking things out.

Bottom Line
Well, it looks like I can add Pure Beauty Mag to the relatively lengthy list of artistic photography sites I've enjoyed. These sites seem to always offer up hot models and consistently great looking content. Some standouts here at Pure Beauty Mag were the incredibly large resolution high quality pics and the natural feel of both the content and the models. Some of the unique features like world news and original music add to the global, community vibe of the site as well. If you like this style of content and are looking for a new place to hang your membership hat, Pure Beauty Mag is a good site to check out.
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