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No Fauxxx Review
Price: $13/month (recurring); $60 for 6 months (best value)
Updates: Weekly
Reviewed On: March 25, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 13/20
Content Quantity: 6/10
Content Variety: 7/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 72, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Unique "alt porn" content
- Low monthly fee

- Most of the pics are small
- Quality is "iffy" at times
- Small amount of videos

Members Area Content as of March 25, 2006:
No Fauxxx Pics: 75 photosets for a total of approximately 4,000 pics
No Fauxxx Vids: 5 videos
Other Content: Candid model pics, model journals, message board

No Fauxxx Review is a unique amateur site catering to "alt porn" enthusiasts. If you're wondering what you might find here based on that description, I'll grab a quote from the site's mission statement: "[the models here] are normal people interested in expressing their sexualities. They are all sizes, all genders, all sexual orientations, all races, and from all sorts of places, doing all sorts of things. No Fauxxx is for models who are sick of not seeing people like them in mainstream porn, and for members who appreciate real bodies, real people, and a variety of genres". If you're still confused, further reading of the site's tour should give you a good idea of what to expect here. They even give you some screenshots of the members area in addition to stating the site's "mission" and some of the stuff you'll find inside. Basically, you can expect to see some very unique porn from some very unique real people here.

Inside the No Fauxxx members area, the setup is pretty simple and straightforward. The most recent updates are listed right on the main page and a menu down the lefthand side connects you with the rest of the members area. They have things organized in Photo and Video sections or you can use the Model Index to pick out a person you'd like to check out. Each model has a small bio/profile page where you can find out more about them. There are both guys and girls here although it's never listed quite as simply as that in the bio ("queerion", "queer girlfag", "slutty pervy babygirl femme with a big fag streak", and "mtf genderqueer" are just a few of the responses give to the query, "Gender:"). I expect if you're into this sort of stuff, you'll know what all that means. Anyhow, everything's organized quite well and they link up all of that model's available content on their bio page.

Checking out the photosets first, they're viewable in standard gallery format or as a slideshow. Since I believe the pics are typically user-submitted, there's a bit of variance in size, quality, and style. It also looks like things may vary based on the age of the updates. In the older sets, you'll find small 400 x 600 pics that sometimes bump up to roughly 600 x 800 (although you'll also have some huge 1200 x 1600 pics jump out at you too sometimes). In some of the more recent series, they've started offering hi and lo resolutions, the larger one weighing in at an extra large 1500 x 2000 or 1000 x 1500. Quality is far from uniform as well. Some of the stuff actually looks pretty good...other shots look pretty bad. Some sets have well-lit, clear pics and the there are blurry and grainy pics and some that look like they've been enlarged too much. Some of the lossiness might be deliberate because the pics here are all very "arty", but I think some of them are just bad pics. Overall, there are really no hard and fast rules at all regarding size or quality here, so expect a mixed bag when checking out the archive.

As I mentioned, the photography here is very artistic so you can expect to see pics shot at interesting angles, sets with some odd coloration, black and white shoots, and other similar stylistic devices. It looks like most of the photosets contain solo, softcore posing with some masturbation and at least one boy-girl shoot mixed in. The emphasis here is really more on the models themselves rather than explicit nudity so some of the sets are entirely no-nude or feature minimal nudity. As I alluded to earlier, the models here aren't your typical pornsite participants. You'll find all shapes, sizes, genders, and races here. Wild hair, piercings, and tattoos abound. Check out our samples and the free gallery on their tour and you'll get a really good idea of what to expect.

Currently, the video section is pretty small with just 5 videos at present. For some reason, they choose to have three of the videos in Flash format which really limits a lot of the viewing options available to you as well as preventing you from downloading them. The other two vids are in WMV and QT respectively but they play embedded in an html window so saving and manipulating these is a chore as well. The Flash vids look pretty crappy...they're small and 2 of the 3 look pretty pixelated even at their small resolution. The Quicktime and WMV clips are decent quality although the lighting is pretty bad in the WMV vid. As with the rest of the site, subject matter here is...different. In the Flash vids, a naked chick frolics in a lake at sunset, a guy wraps a cord around his dick as he plays with himself, and two girls and a guy make out with each other (I think the guy is sucking on a liquor bottle in the crotch of one of the girls like it's a dick?). In the Quicktime video, a girl masturbates herself to a real orgasm and then there's a lengthy boy-girl (I think) sex vid that was filmed in the back of a gay bar. You can't really see much of anything though and a lot of times the camerawork has the picture turned on it's side.

There's a smattering of extras here including a handful of desktop wallpapers and some candid shots of some of the No Fauxxx models. There are also a couple interactive features like journals from 7 of the models and a message board. The board is accessible from the free side of the site if you want to check things out. It looks like you can interact with the No Fauxxx models there through posting and private messages. The site definitely has a community feel to it, which is cool.

Bottom Line
I suspect you already know if you like this sort of stuff and if you do, No Fauxxx is probably a pretty good place to get your fix. It'd be cool if there was some more uniformity, at least in size, to the photos and I'd like to see the video section bulked up and quality improved (losing the Flash vids would be a start), but as I mentioned in the review, it's really more about the models themselves and the uniqueness of the content than anything else.
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