Naughty Tonya

Primary Category: Interracial, Secondary Category: Swingers

Price: $19.99/month, $39.99/90 days (recurring)
Updates: Content of Tonya added weekly
Reviewed On: September 29, 2004 by Oz

Content Quality: 13/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 2/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 79, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Large archive of pics and vids of Tonya
- 3 weekly webcam shows
- Easy navigation

- Quality isn't the best
- Lots of ads to other websites and Tonya's video store
- Canít save pics

Members Area Content as of September 29, 2004:
Pics of Tonya: 108 galleries for a total of 10,000+ pics
Vids of Tonya: 600+ video clips
Webcam: 3 live webcam shows per week with Tonya
Other Content: Bonus pics, cartoons, erotic art, 1000's of streamable videos and feeds, games, e-zines

Naughty Tonya Review

Naughty Tonya is a mature housewife and swinger who loves interracial sex and being gangbanged (typically by upwards of 30 black guys). Her site contains a big archive of pics and video clips as well as quite a few member extras. Tonya also does an impressive 3 live webcam shows a week. Let's take a look inside...

Naughty Tonya's members area looks nice and "clean" and it's pretty easy to get around. There aren't a lot of things jumping out at you or distracting your attention from the main areas of the site. The welcome page basically consists of a welcome message on the right and a listing of the latest updates to the Video and Photo sections of the site on the left (it looks like Tonya updates multiple times per week with various bonus content and adds new pics or vids of herself about once a week). There's a menu across the top linking to the general categories of stuff in Tonya's members area or, if you prefer, you can use a pull-down menu located at the top of the page as well. This menu let's you surf directly to some of the smaller, more specific sub-categories of content in Tonya's members area.

There are 6 categories in Tonya's Photo section: Interracial (39 galleries), Gangbang (33 galleries), Girl-Girl (17 galleries), Swingers (2 galleries), and Tonya Solo (17 galleries). There's also a vidcap section here containing captures from 27 of Tonya's videos. It looked like most of these vidcaps were pretty small at 320 x 240, but some of them did get as large at 640 x 480. Quality is about what you'd expect from vidcaps; nothing more, nothing less. Tonya's main pics come in two size varieties: the older stuff weighs in at 640 x 480 and the newer stuff at 600 x 800. Quality wise, they're about average; these are amateur pics and the lighting/composition isn't always the greatest. You can always tell what's going on though. A lot of the pics looked like they were kind of old, although I think this is actually a result of the caliber of the camera, not the actual time when the pics were taken. Some of the pics seemed better than others, so maybe more than one camera got used here and there (perhaps in the group/gangbang pics). Each gallery has "Previous" and "Next" buttons (or you can just click the pic to go the next one) for those who want to surf through the entire gallery in slideshow fashion. Main problem I had here is that you can't right-click (unless you disable javascript), so you can't save the pictures easily.

As far as subject matter, the pic categories are pretty self-explanatory. The Interracial section features Tonya fucking and sucking her way through multiple black guys, typically one at a time. Some of the descriptions here did confuse me: one of the series is described as a gangbang, but it looked like there was only one black guy the whole time. Then after all the hardcore action there were suddenly 30 or so pics of Tonya doing some no-nude posing while watering some flowers in a gazebo. Not sure what was going on there. Anyhow, moving right along, Tonya's Gangbang photosets showcase her (and often times some of her girlfriends) getting banged (pussy, mouth, and ass) by scores of primarily black men (I think I saw a white guy in there once or twice though). These girls really get a workout, often taking on 20, 30, or 40 guys before they're through. The Girl-Girl section finds Tonya getting nasty with some of her girlfriends (at least one of which I believe is another webgirl) and Swingers only has 2 series right now: a girl-girl set and a 2-girl BJ set, both in the shower. Rounding out the Photo area is the Tonya solo section. There are indoor and outdoor series here and basically focus on Tonya posing, stripping, and masturbating with large dildos.

Tonya's Video section is divided into a few sections. First, there's Naughty Tonya's Theater where Tonya offers up two full length videos which she changes every Friday night. These vary quality-wise depending on the video they are drawn from. The main problems I had were the following: the video is played embedded in an HTML page so 1) you can't save it and 2) you can only view the video at either the small size it originally plays at or, by right clicking, you can bump it up to full-screen (selecting 200% didn't seem to do anything). You also can't fast forward the video because no controls are provided to do so. Cute idea, but it has some hang-ups in my opinion. Then there's another area which contains trailers from all of Tonya's VHS/DVD videos that she sells in her Store on the site. The clips are WMV files and are offered in low-quality and high quality versions. They are pimping the vids that are for sale, but the trailers aren't really that short; most clock in at around 5-6 minutes, so that's cool. These also play embedded in an HTML page, but there's a link to download and save them if you want to and you can also put them into full-screen mode. The final area is the largest of the three and contains over 600 videos clips drawn from Naughty Tonya's full-length videos (the ones available for purchase in her store). It looks like these are all WMV clips and each full-length video has 10 short clips. They're each about 1-2 minutes long. Each clip is offered in a high and low quality version. The high quality stuff is 320 x 240 and encoded at around 250Kbps. The low quality stuff is the same size, but has a bit rate of only 48Kbps. The quality is about average here; if you watch things on full-screen, the high quality clips get rather pixelated and the low quality ones are almost unwatchable. I'd stick with the hi-rez vids here. As with the trailers, you can watch the clips embedded in an HTML page, bump them up to full-screen, or there's a link to download the clips to your hard drive if you want. The subject matter of Tonya's video clips range from some striptease dancing to full-on black gangbangs. I'd say the vast majority of the vids feature hardcore interracial group sex though.

There's a pretty extensive About Me section on Tonya's site. It includes her fast facts (height, measurements, etc.) as well as a lengthy bio (although it seems to end prematurely--Tonya hasn't even started her site yet before things wrap up; I guess it's a work in progress). Also in this section is a list of Tonya's various hobbies, around 100 erotic stories (including audio stories) written by Tonya, her fans/members, and one of her friends, and a Wish List of items if you would like to send Tonya a gift.

Tonya does three live webcam shows a week, which is great. Two of her shows are on the Camz network (every Monday and Wednesday at 1pm) and one is on Home Grown Cams (every Thursday at 10pm). She also provides you with access to Sex Cam Central so you can check out that network's shows as well. There's also a chatroom on the site, but every time I went in there, no one was there. Tonya links to a ton of live chat type programs in her Webcam section. These are basically free sites trying to get you to pay to take their models private. At least Tonya does tell you these sites are looking for upsells instead of representing them as free bonus content.

Tonya offers her members quite a bit of bonus content (although some of the stuff contains ads, is looking for upsells, or is a pay-per-view service). Her Photos section has over 200 galleries of hardcore and softcore photosets starring a variety of hot pornstars and models. There's also a pretty extensive Cartoon/Erotic Art section in the Photo area as well. Tonya's Video section also has 1,000's of streaming movies and live feeds as well as Flash games, jokes, annd e-zines. It looked like there's a lot of interracial stuff, but there are plenty of other fetishes and themes availabkle as well. There's also a Naughty Tonya Store where you can purchase all of Tonya's full-length videos on VHS or DVD as well as her worn panties.

Bottom Line
If you like Naughty Tonya's looks and you love interracial amateur porn, you'll probably enjoy at least a month's stay at Tonya's site. Picture and video quality is about average for amateur sites, but Tonya does have quite a large archive of content for her $19.95 pricetag. Her 3 webcam shows a week is pretty impressive as well. Check out our sample pics and Tonya's site and see what you think.
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