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My All Access Pass
Price: $29.95/month, $59.95 for 90 days (recurring)
Updates: Varies depending on site (some update 1-2 times a week, others not at all)
Reviewed On: February 27, 2011 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 10/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 3/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 83, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Access to 22 members areas
- Newer exclusive content looks great
- Wide variety of niches available

- Some sites look to be no longer updating
- Quality can be variable
- Not all sites are exclusive

Members Area Content as of February 25, 2011:
Access to 22 Members Areas: My Sex Life, Real Tampa Swingers, Gangbang Dee, Katie Reynolds, Cruel Chloe, Taco Pie, Fuck Me Grandpa, Amateur Dumbfucks, She Muscle Gym, Big, Black And White, Fried Rice Fuckers, Cock Ring Handjobs, Hot Bitch High, Cum Lovers, Squirter Girls, Wack My Meat, Hairy Arms, WAM Girls, Pure Abuse, POV Auditions
Webcam: Access to a selection of live webcam sites, live webcam shows by Lori Anderson (the star of My Sex Life)
Other Content: Bonus photo galleries, adult jokes and erotic stories, desktop wallpapers, and more

My All Access Pass Review

My All Access Pass is a collection of 22 members areas, featuring primarily hardcore content. I've reviewed several of these for QAP already: Lori Anderson's My Sex Life, Cruel Chloe, Real Tampa Swingers, and Gangbang Dee. Feel free to check out those reviews for more specific details regarding those sites; the ones I've reviewed are, in my opinion, among the most notable of the network. The members area navigation here is pretty simple. Logging into the members area will initially land you at the main network page where you'll see a listing of all of the available sites. Clicking a site's graphic will take you to that site's main page. The members area designs for each individual site vary somewhat but there's usually a menu connecting you with the photo and video sections, any interactive or bonus features that might be available, and a pull-down menu that allows you to easily jump to any of the other network sites.

Several of the My All Access Pass sites offer exclusive content while the others feature non-exclusive pics and vids drawn from various adult DVD's and porn shoots. The size of the members areas varies...some of the real amateur single model sites are huge and go back as far as 1999 or 2000. These typically offer up thousands of photos and hundreds of videos. Browsing around some of the non-exclusive sites, I saw some with 100-150 scenes and others with as few as 30-40. The size/specs and quality of the pics and vids varies as well. The older real amateur sites usually have pics and vids that don't look so great in the oldest part of the archive but gradually things improve as you progress to present day. For instance, at My Sex Life, Lori Anderson's photos start off at 400 x 600, then things bump up to 683 x 1024, 800 x 1200, and finally 966 x 1440 (photo quality of course improves along with the increase in photo size). The videos follow suit with the older clips weighing in at 320 x 240 at 400K and looking just average and the newer vids coming in at 720 x 480 at 6000K and looking fantastic.

In general, the newer exclusive shoots look the best with the non-exclusive stuff coming from a variety of sources and being kind of a mixed bag. I saw 600 x 800, 960 x 1440 and 1000 x 1300 pics in the non-exclusive members areas and videos that weighed in 320 x 240 at 300K and 640 x 480 at 1500K. Photo quality was generally good (these are professional, not amateur, pics) but the video quality varies with the 320 x 240 vids looking average at best and the 640 x 480 videos looking pretty nice. Video options for all of the My All Access Pass sites include clips that are available for stream and download in Flash, WMV and sometimes MP4/MPG formats.

The subject matter of course varies from site to site but, as I said eariler, it looks like the network primarily caters to hardcore niches. My Sex Life is undoubtedly the flagship of the network and stars hot brunette, Lori Anderson. The site features an enormous archive of hardcore material particularly focusing on handjobs and blowjobs/facials. Lori also has two niche-based sites in the network: Hairy Arms which finds her catering to a very unique fetish (girls with a substantial amount of arm hair) and Cock Ring Handjobs where you'll find her...well, giving handjobs to guys wearing cock rings (no surprise there). Real Tampa Swingers is another large site and features the swinging adventures of slut MILF Tracy and her Hubby Wild Bill as Tracy sucks and fucks her way through as many guys as she can get her hands on. Gangbang Dee is a similar site where you'll find horny housewife Dee getting banged by all cummers in wild fuck parties she hosts.

As I mentioned, many of the other members areas house what looks to be non-exclusive content but they do offer you a nice variety of porn niches to choose from. You'll find sites focusing on everything from interracial sex, Latina, tiny tits, and POV to handjobs, muscle chicks, lesbian, intergenerational sex, messy fetish, squirting, and more.

Some of the My All Access Pass sites offer up bonus content in addition to their pics and vids. You'll find items like live webcam sites, bonus photo galleries, adult jokes and erotic stories, and more. The sites here aren't highly interactive, although Lori Anderson's My Sex Life does offer a blog, message board and twice weekly live camshows (with Lori) and the stars of Real Tampa Swingers and Gangbang Dee both host gangbang and bukkake parties where you can meet and fuck them (details are provided in their respective members areas).

Bottom Line
My All Access Pass is a pretty sweet network that has a lot of porn to offer you. Only 5 or 6 of the network's 22 sites features exclusive content but huge real amateur members areas like My Sex Life and Real Tampa Swingers alone are worth the price of admission. Quality can vary depending on the age of the content but the newer exclusive shoots really look great. A big plus here is the amount of variety the network has to offer...niches ranging from Latina, interracial, lesbian, handjobs, and squirting to tiny tits, POV, muscle chicks, blowjobs, and more are featured here. Lots of real amateur and professional porno to check out at My All Access on over and see what ya think!
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