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Midnight Prowl Review
Price: $29.95/month, $59.95 for 90 days (recurring)
Updates: Twice a month (network updates several times a week)
Review Updated On: April 21, 2009 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 14/15

Score: 85, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Huge archive of extremely unique "sex with ugly strangers" content
- Good quality pics and vids
- Bonus access to the rest of the Meat Members network

- Updates only come twice a month

Members Area Content as of April 21, 2009:
Pics: 253 vidcap/photo galleries
Vids: 253 full videos, split into multiple parts
Other Content: Access to the other 51 sites in the Meat Members network, large selection of bonus videos in a variety of genres

Midnight Prowl Review

For today's update, I'm taking a follow-up look at one of the most unique reality sites out there. Midnight Prowl films hot, slutty babes as they travel to real LA sex shops and suck and fuck all of the (typically fat and ugly) customers that happen to be shopping there. The site is the brain child of porn director Khan Tusion (Meatholes and Anabolic's Rough Sex series) and you'll be able to hear his unmistakable narration/banter throughout every scene. Personally, this guy fucking cracks me up with his wisecracks and sarcastic comments which I find almost as entertaining as the actual hardcore action. Almost. Anyhow, the members area here offers up videos and vidcaps as well as access to the rest of the Meat Members network which is currently 52 sites strong and still growing. Being a fan of extremely slutty women, I'm anxious to get this review going, so let's check things out.

As with the other Meat Members sites, logging into the members area initially takes you to the main Meat Members network page. Here you'll find a listing of all of the sites included in your membership as well as the plethora of bonus videos available to you. Clicking on through to the The Midnight Prowl members area, the setup simple enough. The most recent updates are listed at the top of the page with the archived scenes down below, each with a short description, several preview pics, and links to view that scene's pics and videos. Currently, they've got a large archive here with 253 episodes available (it looks like they add a new scene twice a month).

Videos are the main attraction here so let's check those out first. You'll find that the vids come in two different flavors (WMV and MPG), each with high and low of quality options. They've got the full vids divided up into multiple parts and more recent scenes have also started to provide a full-length WMV version (woot!). Older videos come in at 320 x 240 at 500K while the newer stuff bumps things up to 512 x 288 at 1200K. Quality-wise, the videos look good. I found the high quality clips (particularly the more recent ones) to be enjoyable at full-screen if you don't mind some pixelation. It'd be cool to see maybe a high-def or DVD quality version added here, but the videos do get the job done nicely. The majority of the scenes don't contain hi-res pics and the only photo content provided are vidcap galleries. More recent scenes however have started including hi-res photosets as well. These pics are high quality and weigh in at 600 x 900. The hi-res photosets are nice because they include some softcore posing and stripping at the beginning of each scene that you don't really get with the video. Plus, the hi-res shots let you appreciate just how gorgeous these chicks are before they're totally used and abused by some scummy pornshop degenerates.

For subject matter, each episode of the Prowl goes down in a somewhat similar fashion. The festivities kick off with a short interview type segment that introduces each girl and contains plenty of classic Khan Tusion banter. After that, Frank (who I think is Khan's brother and also stars in his own site, Frank Wank) gets down to business with her. Sometimes he screws her in a hotel room, more often he gives her the bone in the back of the Midnight Prowl limo. In some episodes, pornstud Erik Everhard often joins in as well. There's tons of raunchy action, including some quality asslicking and heavy duty anal fucking, all capped off with a load of cum dumped on the chick's face or shot in her mouth.

Once the preliminary fucking is out of the way, the real Midnight Prowl can get underway. The goal here is to hook up these hot sluts with as many ugly, fat, and generally gross strangers as possible. Sometimes they find guys right off the street but most of the time, Khan and his cohorts take the girl to an LA porn shop and offer her up to whatever slugs happen to be frequenting the place. These guys are definitely not going to be on the cover of GQ any time soon: fat guys with huge hairy beer guts, toothless old men, acne-ridden midgets, skinny dorks, and other miscreants make up the clientele (and subsequent stars of the show) here. Regardless of looks, the slut of the day strips naked, then sucks, fucks, and takes the load of every guy Khan and his buddies can find. Sometimes the chick blows or fucks them in a back room of the shop, other times they go back to a hotel room, and still other times the sucking and fucking take place right in the middle of the store.

Of course, throughout each episode, Khan's mouth never stops running...joking, jibing, and directing everyone in sight. Fucking hilarious if you ask me. Some of the scenes really make you wonder where Khan finds these girls, as in the case of the hot brunette who lifts up a morbidly obese dude's belly in order to lick between the creases of fat before sucking his nasty toes and nutting him with her finger in his ass or the sexy young babe who sucks and fucks a fat old 60+ year old who's missing at least a few teeth and wearing giant coke bottle glasses. The material here is definitely unique and if you're into incredibly slutty women, this stuff is for you. I should mention that, since my last review, it looks like Khan no longer directs (or appears in) the episodes...the piece o' shit whores are now left to the mercy of Frank (yep, he's still here) and an anonymous cameraman. The episodes are still basically the same with hot porn whores sucking and fucking filthy strangers but damn, I miss Khan LOL. The other cameraguy chats it up during the scenes as well, but he just can't measure up hehe.

The big bonus feature here is of course access to the massive Meat Members network which contains 51 other sites in a wide variety of niches (gangbang, interracial, MILF, blowjob/facial, anal, ass to mouth, oral and anal creampies, etc. etc.). These include Meatholes, Black Attack Gangbang, Frank Wank, Black Crack Addicts, White Meat On Black Street, Real MILF Gangbang, Porn Jackass, POV Pervert, Creamed Cornholes, Nut In Her Mouth, Blowjob Quickies, Altered Assholes, Cum Farters, Banzai Sluts, Ass 2 Mouth Sluts, and many more. All of these sites contain high quality content setup in a similar manner to Midnight Prowl (vids, vidcaps, and sometimes hi-res pics). Many of them are pretty damn unique (Meatholes, Cum Farters, Anal Cum Junkies, Black Crack Addicts, and Anal Lickfest, to name a few) and are definitely worth a look.

Bottom Line
If you're looking for a unique reality site, Midnight Prowl is one of the most novel around. I can't think of anywhere else you can see such hot, young sluts getting it on with such disgusting strangers. Plus, the bonus access to the rest of the huge Meat Members network (52 sites total) is a huge bonus. There's so much to see here, you'll be kept busy for quite some time. If you've got a fetish for seeing chicks servicing every guy in the room and you like raw, reality-style footage definitely check out Midnight Prowl for some one-of-a-kind porn.
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