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Price: $29.99/month (recurring); $99 for 1 year
Updates: 3-7 times a day
Review Updated on: August 2, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 19/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 4/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 14/15

Score: 93, GOLD

Quick Facts
- Enormous archive of unique artistic nude photography
- Extremely frequent update schedule
- Extremely high quality, high resolution pictures and videos
- Up to 14 hours/day of live camshows with some of the MET-Art models
- Lots of video options

- Some ads throughout the members area

Members Area Content as of August 2, 2008:
MET Art Pics: 631,228 photos
MET Art Vids: 552 movies
Webcam: 7 two-hour long live webcam shows per day with some of the MET-Art models

MET Art Review

Today I'm taking a follow-up look at, a long running (it's their 10th year online) and extremely famous and popular website specializing in very artistic photographs and videos of extremely hot young models (the MET stands for Most Erotic Teens, btw). MET Art's been around since 1999 and they've compiled an absolutely enormous archive of content (1,500+ models, 631,000+ pics, 550+ vids) for you to check out. MET Art also features the work of some big names in nude photography: Nikolson, Marcus, Roy Stuart and Bourboulon, Tony Ward (Penthouse), Richard Murrian, Brian Peterson (among others) as well as being pioneers in the whole "artistic nude" niche that has expanded to include quite a few sites over the years. With a record like that, let's not waste any time at all and go take a look at what all the fuss is about.

The main members page at MET-Art contains menus at the top and bottom of the page and links to the latest updates to the site in the center (MET Art updates extremely frequently: 3-7 times a day!). Things here are relatively straightforward and well organized. The content at is broken up into years going back to 2003 and once you have selected which year you wish to view, it's broken up still further into months within that year. It looks like they've then archived all of the content older than that under the tab "Archives". If you're looking for something specific, there's a handy search engine feature provided that allows you to search the site by keyword, model characteristics, location (indoors or outdoors), and photographer. In the model search you can sort girls by hair color, whether they are shaved or not, eye color, or you can just go directly to all the content from a particular model by selecting her name from the list. Click the Artists tab in the main menu and you can sort all of the content taken by a particular photographer. Lastly, they have a Favorites feature (recently added I understand) that allows you to add a particular series or model that you enjoy to your personal Favorites area for easy access later on (in this same vein, they have a Best of MET and a Top Models section where you can see the top-rated series/models voted on by other members).

Anyhow, let's start checking out the content itself. When you click on a particular month, you will be presented with a series of magazine-style thumbnails (MET Art pioneered this style which has since been imitated by many artistic photography sites) linking to all of the updates for that month. Below each mag cover are links connecting you with hi- and low-res versions of that gallery and a full-size version of the cover if you're interested. (Videos are of course scattered throughout these pages as well, but they're also compiled together in their own separate section which I'll mention in a minute).

As I mentioned at the outset, there's an enormous amount of photo content at (90+ photographers, 1,500+ models, and 631,228 pics) so you'll be occupied for quite awhile checking everything out. Because of the length of time the site has been around and the variety of photographers taking the pics, there's a relatively broad range of quality and size. Having said that thought, even the older hi-res pics are pretty damn big at around 768 x 1024 or larger and the newer photos weigh in at an absolutely gargantuan 2000 x 3000 or even 4000 (of course you encounter many in-between sizes as you move up through the years). The low-res images range from 640 x 480 (the very oldest sets) all the way up to 680 x 1024 in the more recent years. You can select which size photo you want to view by clicking the hi, medium, or low-res links below each shoot's cover. There's also a link at the top of the page that allows you to download a zip file of the entire set. The zip contains the magazine cover logo for the set and the larger hi-res versions of the pics.

The picture quality of even the oldest stuff is very good in most cases and the material from the more recent years is really wonderful. Checking out the huge hi-res pics some of the recent sets, the images are incredibly crisp and clear and you can pick out even the finest details on these hot girls' bodies. There are a lot of artistic photographic elements used here like soft lenses, intentional fuzziness, lighting gimmicks, etc. and the posing itself is very artsy as well (some of the stuff reminded me of fine art nude photos you might see at an art show or a museum). Yes, the content at MET Art is definitely designed for people who love admiring the beauty of a girl's nude body, not just jerking off to her "tits" and "pussy" (yea, ya fucking perverts...hehe j/k). The girls here are all very hot from what I saw and a good many of them are just downright gorgeous. Definitely my type of girl: very fresh-faced and beautiful with fantastic bodies. I will say though that they are all quite thin, so if you're a fan of curvy cuties with a little more meat on their bones, you'll find pretty slim (no pun intended) pickings here indeed. I think this probably goes along with the whole "model" mystique which in turn goes along with MET-Art's artistic feel. All of the pics are softcore of course, but some sets do include two girls and subtle sensual hints of girl-girl. As far as locations go, they have everything from gorgeous outdoor locales to simple and "homey" indoor ones and everything in between.

The videos at MET Art can be accessed by clicking the Movies button in the main members menu. There are 552 videos currently available here and they're listed in a similar format to the photos, with a clickable mag cover for each one. When you click on a video title, you get some info about the different versions of the video that are available, as well as it's running time (no real description of the action though). There are a shitload of video options here, especially in the more recent clips, so you should have no trouble finding something you like. The available formats for the more recent vids include the more typical WMV, MPG, DivX (AVI), and Quicktime formats along with the not-so-typical IPOD (M4V) and PSP (MP4) versions as well. One of the newest formats offered here is a Flash version (in two different speeds) for streaming. This comes in very handy if you want to preview the clip before you take the time to download the super high quality version. Older vids feature several options as well, usually DivX, WMV, and MPG with a Real Player clip thrown in for good measure.

Anyhow, the MET-Art guys also include a little blurb at the bottom to help you decide which version is best for you. The way it works out, it looks like the DivX and Quicktime clips are the highest quality with the MPG's coming in second and the WMV and Real clips bringing up the rear. It's all sort of relative though as the supposedly "low" quality WMV's and MPG's looked great to me and I could enjoy the newer ones at full-screen without any problem. Since the DivX files won't stream until the whole movie is loaded, I'd probably use these WMV and MPG vids as a way to preview the clip, then download the DivX versions (which look fantastic, btw) to keep.

The video clips don't have a ton of action: again, everything's got a very artistic feel to it and it's more about admiring the girl(s) in the vid than anything else. Just randomly watching movies, I saw a very hot girl rolling around naked on a bed, a naked blonde riding a horse, another nude girl standing in front of a mirror, and yet another baring it all on a couch. Like I said, there's not a whole lot going on, but the girls I saw looked pretty damn hot. Some of the videos are silent, but most of them have some sort of artsy muzak playing in the background. Think elevator music or the stuff you hear when you're on hold with customer service. Not my idea of rockin' tunes, but it definitely does fit the videos.

MET Art recently added a new interactive feature to the site: live webcam shows (with chat) by some of the models. This sort of interaction is typically sorely lacking in this type of enormous megasite, so I was very pleased to see this addition to the members area. You can access the webcam shows via the Live Cams button in the main menu (there's also some bonus feeds located in this area that I'll mention later). Amazingly, it looks like there are a whopping 7 shows with each show lasting 2 hours. Hello! 14 hours of shows per day. That's fabulous. Currently, they've got roughly 25 different models on rotation doing the shows. The one show I was able to check out when I was reviewing the site featured a hot blonde named Anna stripping for the camera. The show had no audio, but she was chatting with the viewers textually. Anyhow, big kudos to MET Art for providing a feature that you usually don't find in this sort of site.

Bottom Line
The real draw here at is their unique brand (and enormous collection of) fine art nude photography and video. The amount of content in their members area is simply staggering, the organization is great, and the quality is consistently high throughout with the more recent material featuring some of the best looking pics and vids I've seen in awhile. On top of that, the recent addition of the large amount of live camshows to the mix really impressed me as well, since, as I mentioned, you typically don't have that sort of personal interaction with the models at these large megasites. Bottom line, if you're a new fan of the artistic nude genre or a seasoned connoisseur of this type of photography, you'd definitely be remiss not spending at least a month checking out MET Art's enormous members area.
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