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Price: $24.95 for the first month, $19.95 for each subsequent month (recurring)
Updates: Twice a week
Reviewed On: November 25, 2004 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 10/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 87, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large archive of pics and vids of MeganQT
- Pictures are large and high quality
- Easy navigation
- Good interaction with MeganQT

- Too many banner ads throughout the members area
- Some of the pics are on the dark side

Members Area Content as of November 25, 2004:
Pics of MeganQT: 186 photosets for a total of 14,402 pics
Vids of MeganQT: 168 videos
Webcam: webcam chats with MeganQT
Other Content: MeganQT's journal, MeganQT desktop wallpaper, message board, friends galleries of 5 other webgirls

MeganQT Review is a no-nude/tease site starring (you guessed it), Megan, a sexy little hottie with curly brown hair, a sweet smile and a smokin' body. Her site is brought to us by Phil-Flash, the photographer behind such sites as Tiffany Teen and Next Door Nikki (both of which I've reviewed for QAP). MeganQT's site offers up a large archive of pictures and videos and some interactive items like a weekly journal, a message board, and (something I didn't find on the other Phil-Flash sites) webcam chats. Sounds good, let's check out Megan's members area.

MeganQT's members section is set up in pretty much the same way as the other Phil-Flash sites I've checked out. There's a title graphic at the top and a big pic of Megan down the lefthand side. At the top and bottom of the page there are menus linking to all of the sections of MeganQT's site: Pictures, Videos, Journal, Bonus, Guests, Friends, Desktops, Webcam. In the center of the page there are big graphical links to the latest updates to each of the above sections. The Phil-flash sites are all organized well and navigation's a breeze so without further ado, let's dive right into the content and take a look at MeganQT's pics.

There are 186 photosets and 14,402 pics of MeganQT available in the members area. The photosets are arranged from oldest to newest, so you'll want to visit the last page to see the most recent stuff. As I expected, everything looks very nice here. Size-wise, the pics start out at around 600 x 900 in the earlier sets and then about halfway through the archive they bump up to an extra large 800 x 1200. Some sets even have pics weighing in at a whopping 1200 x 1600(!). As far as quality goes, the photos look great. There were a few sets here and there that were a little on the dark side (and I'm not talking about Darth Vader here), but I really have no real complaints about the pics here. Nice, professional looking content. As far as subject matter, Megan's pics are no-nude and feature her strutting her stuff for the camera in a plethora of sexy outfits: minidresses, a wet t-shirt, jeans, jean skirts, and jeans shorts, croptops, tanktops, white cotton panties, bikinis, witch costume, thigh high stockings and garters, a ton of bras and panties, thongs, short shorts, fishnet stockings, knee-high white leather boots, french maid and schoolgirl outfit, high-heeled sandals, slutty high-heels, and more. Megan's pics are both indoor (bedroom, shower, etc.) and outdoor (flashing on a road and in a parking lot, hanging out at the beach, and posing in a park by a lake). Several "themed" sets include a foot fetish shoot, posing with a Hummer, sucking on a lollipop, and rubbing baby oil on herself. There's also a pretty unique photoset containing Megan's senior pics from high school.

The videos start out as mpg's for the early clips, then switch to wmv's, then avi's, and finally end up back as mpg's for the most recent movies. All of the clips can be streamed or downloaded. Size-wise, the majority of the videos are 320 x 240; the more recent stuff is nice and large at 640 x 480. The quality of the videos is pretty good throughout, with the more recent clips looking the nicest. The quality of Megan's vids aren't as good as her pics, but they get the job done and you'll definitely enjoy them if you're fan of hers. The videos are pretty similar to the pictures as far as subject matter and in fact, many of the movies are filmed during photoshoots.

For interaction, MeganQT offers up a few items, one of which I haven't seen in the other Phil-Flash sites I've reviewed thus far: webcam chats. I'm not sure exactly when the chats occur or if they even occur regularly: the schedule at the top of the Webcam page just says that the next show is To Be Announced. The webcam shows are done through MeganQT's site itself (not through an outside cam network) and she has posted hi-res pics, screencaps, and video from 6 of them in the Webcam section. The hi-res photos are in normal gallery format, the screencaps are available for download as zip files, and the videos are mpg's. It looks like the shows involve a lot of posing, chatting, and flirting but no nudity, as you would expect considering the rest of Megan's site. Next up in the interaction department, MeganQT, like the other Phil-flash girls, keeps a weekly journal. The entries here date back to the beginning of January '04 and typically consist of average-sized paragraphs talking about MeganQT's daily life. They're not the writings of Dickens or James Joyce or anything, but they do add some extra personality to the site in addition to the webcam chats. Lastly, Megan also posts at NNBoards, a no-nude message board you can access through a link at the bottom of her main members page. This board is very active and it looks like Megan posts here quite frequently (1427 posts since she registered in 12/03), which is very cool.

The Friends link simply takes you to a links section with banners and ads for 17 other sites. In the Guests section, you'll find no-nude photo galleries (from 12-80 pics per set) from 5 other webgirls. The Bonus area contains 25 bonus photosets and 38 bonus videos (wmv, avi, and mpg) of MeganQT. For the most part, these bonus items contain footage of shoots Megan has done with other webgirls (including Tiffany Teen). Lastly, if you like to have you webgirls super-sized, there are 25 desktop wallpapers in 3 different sizes in the Desktops section.

Bottom Line
As with many other sites, joining depends on the answers to two questions: are you a fan of the genre (in this case, no-nude) and do you like the model (Megan)? You probably already know the answer to the first question, and checking out our samples and the samples on Megan's site should help you answer the second. Megan has a large archive of high quality pics and pretty nice-looking videos for you in her members area and she also serves up a bit more interaction than I've seen in some of the other Phil-Flash sites, offering webcam shows in addition to a weekly journal and message board. In short, if you like Megan's look, you won't be sorry you joined her site.
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