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Price: $24.95/month (recurring); $95.40 for 1 year
Updates: Doesn't appear to be updating
Review Updated On: January 20, 2011 by Oz

Content Quality: 15/20
Content Quantity: 9/10
Content Variety: 6/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 0/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 74, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Large amount of exclusive amateur pics
- Bonus access to the rest of the VIP Members network

- No longer updating
- Small amount of vids
- Older pics are small

Members Area Content as of January 20, 2011:
Pics: 36 models for a total of 30,000+ pics
Vids: 7 videos
Other Content: Access to the other 34 (24 "premium" and 10 "regular") sites in the VIP Members network, access to Camz, Rude and Sex Cam Central, various live feeds, various feeds, cartoons, wallpapers, pornstar galleries, friends galleries of other amateur webgirls

Leroy's Girls Review

Leroy (also known as Leroy the Cyber Pimp) is a Canadian photographer who primarily snaps glamour/artistic photos of amateur models and webgirls for his site. LeroysGirls.com is also a part of the VIP Members network which contains 34 other members areas including Cute Latina, AngieXXX, and Lactalia (all of which have been reviewed here at QAP), among others.

Navigating Leroy's members area is piss easy. The main page consists of 8 thumbnail links connecting you with his member content. The first few are the most important: links to the Update page (so you can see when stuff is added to his site and the VIP network as a whole) and his various model galleries. Leroy's models are divided into two categories: "My Models" and "Guest Models". The first section contains girls that that are Leroy's "own" models (not sure if the models are exclusive to him or simply the photos) that he shoots for his site and the guest girls are other amateur webgirls (already with their own sites) that he shoots intermittently. There are 24 girls in the My Models section and 12 in the Guest Models area. All of the girls in both sections have a varying number of galleries. I saw one with 2 and another with 80. If you check out Leroy's tour, you can see how many pics of each girl he has available. All together, there are over 30,000 pics inside.

As far as I can tell, Leroy is no longer adding new content to the site. Things here look much the same as they did when I checked the site out a few years ago and the pic and vid counts haven't changed. The network continues to update on a nearly daily basis however. There's also no real way to tell if a model will have more sets in the future (is the girl with only a few sets just new? Or did she stop taking pics with Leroy after a couple of shoots and that's all we'll ever get?). Sometimes he makes a comment about this in the description for each girl, but not always. The girls are all pretty hot, although some of them are more what I'd call average looking and one of the main models has lips that look like those big fake wax ones you get out of a gumball machine. No joke. Overall, they're all pretty good though.

Anyhow, let's talk about the pics themselves. I guess I'd probably classify Leroy's stuff as being glamour-style, if for no other reason than he tends to try to throw a lot of artsy fartsy stuff into his photosets. To me, it's always tough to do this without it apearing forced, or done for no other reason than to be "artistic". It's sort of like of a lot of music videos where you see these strange things happening on the screen but have no idea what they have to do with anything other than the fact that they're supposed to look "cool". As a result, you'll see picsets in Leroy's members area with girls wearing wigs or masks or weird costumes, some where everything's black and white or all blue, odd extreme closeups, strange lighting, and similar such stuff. A lot of these sets are actually quite nicely done, but some of it's just sort of "out there" to me.

Quality-wise, the large majority Leroy's photos look pretty good; I'd say that most of them are definitely better than your typical amateur site (although some are just average in my opinion). For the most part, they're nice and clear unless Leroy intended them to be otherwise for artistic reasons. Unfortunately, most of the pics are on the small side. The majority of them are around 500 x 750 with some even smaller. This kind of surprised because of Leroy being a professional photog. Also, these glamour-type sites tend to pride themselves on large high quality pics. On the plus side, it looks like what I presume to be the newer pics are up to 700 x 1024, so that's cool. Still, the photos are pretty old and they look it most of the time.

As far as subject matter goes, the preponderance of the sets here are softcore but there is some hardcore scattered throughout, which I guess is somewhat unusual for a glamour site. The hardcore sets are definitely not the same quality and style as Leroy's softcore stuff. They pretty much look like your typical amateur pics. What makes it kind of silly is that Leroy still tries to inject some artistic flare into the hardcore pics. As a result, I saw a few boy-girl sex sets where everything has been shot black and white to be arty, yet the dude in the photos has his face blurred out for anonymity. It sorta detracts from the arty feel when you have this big fuzzy thumbprint thing over one person's face lol. Made me chuckle. Luckily, there are some more normal looking photosets here as well, with Leroy's hotties posing in various skimpy outfits, indoor and outdoor, and rubbing/spreading their pussies for the camera. Not all of the hardcore sets are black and white either; some are much more typical and look fine with both girl-girl and boy-girl stuff to take a look at.

There's also a section of pics that doesn't really go with the rest of the site at all. It contains pics from amateur parties and events Leroy's attended, many of which usually include some hardcore goings-on. These basically come out of left field after the bulk of Leroy's content, with dicks and pussy flying around in a lot of the pics and a much more amateur, spontaneous feel to the photos. And dammit, would you believe there's a black and white picture or two in these sets as well! Just on an incidental note here, there are also a lot of broken images throughout Leroy's picture area. Mostly they are the banner ads that link to the other webgirl's sites but I also found a few galleries where all of the thumbnails were broken (the big pics worked fine though). Oops.

There are very few videos here and they're not organized together in a separate section. One of the girls in the My Models section has 3 video clips (AVI format) and one of the girls in the Guest models section has 4 (MPG format). The first girl's vids are basically live films of some of her photoshoots with some music playing the background. The second girl's clips are all from a girl-girl shoot and feature the two babes eating each other's pussies and sharing a double dong dildo. The first set of vids is 320 x 240, the second set is small at 176 x 120. Both sets of clips are of average quality. All the vids are around 1-2 minutes in length.

To wrap things up, let me give you a brief run-down of Leroy's bonus content. First off, membership to Leroy's site also gives you access to the VIP Members network which contains 19 other sites for you to check out. These include Cute Latina, Lactalia, and AngieXXX, (all of which have been reviewed here at QAP) and a whole host of others containing softcore and hardcore, exclusive and non-exclusive content. Next up, Leroy gives you access to Camz and Sex Cam Central. Leroy also has a Featured Girls section which basically amounts to the typical Friends galleries you find on most amateur sites; promo packs (bio, 20-30 pics, and link to the girl's website) of 40 other amateur webgirls are offered up here. There's also a pic database (chocked with ads), a good amount of feeds, quite a few wallpapers, some cartoons, and galleries of 15 pornstars (with ads to their sites). Lastly, what's the age-old saying? Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got 'em. Hence, the last section of Leroy's members area is the My Opinion section where he opines on various topics, mainly political and social/societal. It doesn't look like this area has been updated since 2004 however.

Bottom Line
If you're looking for glamour photography with an amateur flare, you might like Leroy's site. Some of the artsy stuff got on my nerves, but a lot of the sets were quite well done if you enjoy that style of pics. The sets are pretty unique and not like your typical amateur, that's for sure. Leroy has a large amount of pics (over 30,000) to check out although you shouldn't expect any new additions anytime soon. The monthly fee is pretty reasonable considering the amount of bonus content you receive access to via the rest of the network. Take a look at Leroy's tour and see if you are digging on any of his models and even if you're not, be sure to check out the other sites in the VIP Members network to find out if you're interested in any of those.
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