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Leia Loves You Review
Price: $24.99/month, $54.99/90 days (recurring)
Updates: 3 - 4 times a week
Reviewed On: April 6, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 7/10
Content Variety: 7/10
Updates: 9/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 6/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 80, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Great quality pics
- Good interaction with Leia

- To see Leia topless, you must purchase a private show or a zip set
- Video quality could be better

Members Area Content as of April 6, 2006:
Pics of Leia: 42 photosets for a total of approximately 4,000 pics
Vids of Leia: 16 videos
Webcam: Live webcam chats with Leia
Other Content: Leia’s diary, message board, chat room, desktop wallpapers, galleries of 15 other web girls, small archive of Leia's past cam shows

Leia Loves You Review

Leia is a hot, blonde babe with a great looking no-nude site here at LeiaLovesYou.com. Here you'll find pics and vids of the lovely Leia along with some interactive features like a diary, webcam chats, and a message board. Leia's a curvy cutie with a unique look to her--if no-nude's your thing, read on my friend, read on...

Leia's members area is cute and it looks like things are set up well. Below a slick looking title graphic, there's a menu connecting you with all of the sections of the site (pictures, videos, forum, etc.). Leia also lists some of her recent updates down the left-hand side of the page along with her email and Yahoo chat name. The bulk of the main page consists of Leia's recent diary entries. There are also some ads scattered throughout the page, so watch out for those unless you're looking to join another site. Let's start things off by checking out the pics.

In the Pictures section, you'll find 42 photosets to take a look at. For each set, you get a preview pic, a short description from Leia, a pic count, and the size of the images in the gallery. Browsing through the archive, it looks like Leia's photosets usually contain anywhere from 50-100 pics. Size-wise, the pics are an enormous 1504 x 1000 all across the board. The quality of the pics is awesome. These things are super sharp and clear. Whoever took these knows what they're doing. I saw some pics that were too dark here and there, but the vast majority looked really great. Leia's photos are totally no-nude so they mainly consist of Leia posing in various cute outfits, stripping a little bit, and then posing some more. In some sets she gets entirely naked, but she always covers up her boobs and pussy in some way. She does a pretty good job of varying the outfits from casual wear like jeans, skirts, tank tops, and t-shirts to various pieces of lingerie, bras, thongs, and Leia also mixes up the locations: everywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathtub to a variety of outdoor locales.

Leia's video section is a bit on the small side right now, boasting just 16 videos. Again, you get a preview vidcap, a description, and some technical data about the video. The clips are all in WMV format and range from 2 to 7 minutes in length. Specs-wise, the majority of the videos are 320 x 240 at 512Kbps, but I noticed the two most recent clips bump the size up to 640 x 480 and the bit rate up to around 1.2Mbps. The video quality is pretty decent, but doesn't hold a candle to the quality of the pics IMO. Many of the clips I watched were on the dark side or just seemed kind of "dull" looking to me. On the bright side, the newer clips (with the high numbers) seem to look somewhat better, although they still seem to lack a certain vibrancy as far as colors go to me. Content-wise, things are relatively similar to the pics. You'll see Leia in a variety of clothing, doing some stripping and posing for the camera. One cool thing about the vids is that you get to hear Leia talking, joking around, and interacting with the cameraperson, which is cool. Some of the vids go along with some of Leia's photoshoots and have specific themes like Leia pouring milk on herself, cooking in the kitchen, or waking up in the morning.

There are a few interactive features here at Leia Loves You. First off, you have Leia's diary. Since the site's so new, it looks like this only goes back to the 14th of February (at least that was the earliest date I saw in the main page listing and I didn't see any diary archives anywhere). It looks like Leia writes in this every few days and she really writes a lot! Four or five paragraphs is not uncommon. Nice job on that. In addition to the diary, there's a small message board where you can make suggestions about the site and chat with other members. It looks like Leia posts here pretty frequently, so that's cool. Last on the interaction front, there's a members chat room linked up in the top menu and Leia does webcam chats from time to time. She announces her next show on the main page, but I'm not sure if they're weekly or what.

Other than that, there's a small wallpapers section, a Girlfriends section with galleries of 15 other web girls, and a store that's selling one zipset of Leia (I believe Leia shows her boobs in the zipset). Lastly, there's an Archives area where you can check out two of Leia's past cam shows. Quality's pretty crappy though.

Bottom Line
Leia's site is off to a nice start and I look forward to watching the site grow. My only complaint here was with the video quality which I think could definitely be improved. The pics here really look nice and Leia maintains a great amount of interaction with her members through a diary, message board, and webcam chats. It's kind of cheesy that you have to buy a zipset or take Leia private to see her boobies, but if you're content with just no-nude material of a cute little blonde, this site's a winner for sure.
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