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Latex Angel Review
Price: $34.99/month (recurring); $89.99 for 90 days
Updates: Weekly
Review Updated On: December 19, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 8/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 7/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 80, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Highly unique anal/vaginal insertion content
- Very good quality pics and vids
- Easy navigation

- High monthly fee
- Not much interaction with Angelina

Members Area Content as of December 19, 2008:
Pics of Latex Angel: 49 photosets for a total of 4,500+ pics
Vids of Latex Angel: 133 videos
Other Content: 133 vidcap galleries, galleries of two other insertion webgirls

Latex Angel Review is a fetish site specializing in extreme insertions (especially anal ones) and latex outfits. The star of the site (and your hostess) is Angelina, a brunette German babe who loves wearing all sorts of rubber fetishwear and shoving everything from enormous buttplugs and whole apples and peppers to cell phones and barbie dolls in her asshole and pussy. Her site features excellent quality pics and vids of all the extreme action, which also includes hardcore boy-girl stuff as well. Grab a buttplug or two and throw on your latex leisure suit, we're goin' in...

The main members page of Latex Angel is probably the simplest I've ever seen. It gives new meaning to the term "no frills". The page consists of a black background with red text (in a sort of rubbery looking font) buttons linking to the main areas of the site: Videos, Pictures, Vidcaps, and Bonus. There are also a couple of ads to some adult stores linked up here as well. Should be no problems finding your way around the members area. Let's start off by checking out the pictures.

There are 49 photosets and around 4,500 pics in the Latex Angel Pictures area. Size-wise, the pics are nice and large at 864 x 1152 or 1000 x 1500 and the quality looks great. Everything's clear and well-lit and looks very nice. There's the occasional blurry pic here and there but these are few and far between.

As far as subject matter, there's a bunch of kinky stuff going on here. Probably the two main fetishes here are latex/PVC apparel and insertions (both anal and vaginal), but there are plenty of other scattered throughout as well. For wardrobe, Angelina typically wear enormous high heels with a corset and rubber stockings (with garters). She also has a full body PVC suit complete with an accompanying "Catwoman" style mask and a rubber nun outfit. In addition, there are several sets where she's clad in crotchless fishnet pantyhose which give her easy access to her pussy and ass. Which brings me to the insertions part. Angelina loves shoving things in her ass and pussy (especially her ass). Sometimes she uses the more "typical" implements (inflatable buttplugs, dildos, massive beaded butplugs, and even her own fist), but there's plenty of bizarre stuff here as well including vegetables (Angelina DP's herself with huge cucumbers, sticks 4 or 5 carrots in her pussy, and even shoves an entire avocado up her ass), 2 cellphones, a barbie doll, and an anal speculum (incidentally Angelina's dressed like a nun when she uses this one).

In addition to this stuff, there's also a set where Angelina takes a bath in milk while wearing her catsuit, another where she's wearing giant black wings and pees in a bowl, and still another where she's gagged with her tits bound and clamped and has hot wax poured all over them. The only boy-girl shoot I saw in the pics was one where Angelina gives a blowjob wearing a corset and the cat mask before taking a facial (while still wearing the mask).

In the Videos section of, you'll find 133 videos to check out. They're offered in zip files, so streaming is out of the question. You'll have to download the zips and extract them and then you'll be able to view the clips. Checking out the vids themselves, they look awesome. They weigh in at a large 512 x 384 in size and really look nice. These bad boys are definitely enjoyable at full-screen with only a *tiny* amount of pixelation. I was very impressed with the videos for sure. Also, as I mentioned earlier, each video comes with accompanying galleries of vidcaps. These are pretty good quality and weigh in at 512 x 384 in size as well.

Content-wise, the videos quite simply have to be seen to be believed. I've checked out some insertion stuff before, but the stuff Angelina does in her videos is really quite insane, if for no other reason than she's doing it mainly in her asshole. It's really quite unbelievable. I can't enumerate every scene here, but I feel the need to specifically mention at least some of them because they're so crazy. 1) Angelina dresses in a latex nun outfit, blows a guy while an anal speculum spreads her ass wide. The dude shoots cum in and on her ass and then pees directly into her ass through the speculum. 2) Angelina gets fucked in the ass. Her man pees in her ass while still inside (!). Angelina squeezes out the pee. 3) Angelina has a guy shove multiple fingers up her ass, then a giant glass buttplug, then an entire apple which she subsequently squeezes back out. The scene ends with the guy fisting her and Angelina squeezing her rectum literally outside of her asshole. 4) A guy wearing a big black rubber glove shoves his entire fist up Angelina's ass causing more prolapsed rectum fun. 5) Angelina puts two apples up her ass at the same time and gradually squeezes them both out. 6) Angelina gets fucked in the ass, the dude cums inside her and she squeezes the cum out (along with some yellowish poop). 7) Angelina blows a guy in a tub of milk while wearing a latex cat suit (complete with the mask) and takes a big load all over her face. I could continue, but you get the idea. This chick is hardcore in the extreme. Like I said, you really gotta see it to believe it.

Bottom Line
If you're a fan of extreme insertions (particularly anal ones), look no further than Latex Angel. I don't think there are too many (if any) women around that can do the sort of stuff Angelina does. Another site I reviewed for QAP,, comes close, but Samantha (the female star there) inserts things mainly in her pussy, which by its very nature seems to be more amenable to this sort of insane stretching. Anyhow, here at Latex Angel, Angelina not only does some incredible insertion feats, she also has a good amount of boy-girl material and of course the latex/rubber fetish thing going on as well. To top it off, the content looks great: large, good quality pics and excellent looking vids. If you're into this sort of thing, you should really join up with Latex Angel for at least a month's stay.
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