Las Vegas Candi

Primary Category: MILF, Secondary Category: Swingers

Price: $13.95/month; $99.95 for 1 year
Updates: 3 times a week
Reviewed On: January 19, 2005 by Oz

Content Quality: 13/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 10/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 6/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 10/15

Score: 79, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Very large archive of exclusive amateur content in multiple fetishes
- 2 weekly live camshows
- Low monthly fee

- Some navigational issues and cluttered design
- Small pic size
- Majority of videos are incredibly short
- Some quality issues

Members Area Content as of January 19, 2005:
Pics of Las Vegas Candi: 245 photosets for a total of 21,423 pics
Vids of Las Vegas Candi: 227 videos
Webcam: 2 weekly live camshows with Candi
Other Content: Access to Camz network, 6 friends galleries, erotic stories

Las Vegas Candi Review

Las Vegas Candi is a 45 year old amateur MILF from (as if you couldn't guess) Las Vegas. She's a wild single swinger who claims to have had sex with 1,143 men since she was 15, and it looks like she's not planning on slowing down anytime soon. Candi's site features a large variety of hardcore, softcore, and fetish pics and vids, including plenty of content of her primary speciality: squirting. The members area here is updated 3 times a week with photosets and at least one video, so Candi's got a pretty large archive of content to check out. On top of that, she's does two camshows a week and has a very reasonable monthly fee. Let's get inside and take a look at things.

Candi's site design is very amateurish and not much to look at, but it gets the job done with only a few navigational hiccups. Basically, the main page links to the content in a few different ways. First, there's a button menu up at the top of the page linking to and organizing the content (for the most part by type (i.e. Pictures, MPG's, Stories, etc.). Below that, you have links to that week's updates. The rest of the page divides the content into categories primarily based on subject matter. You've got girl-girl, boy-girl, solo, bondage, squirting, and a whole slew of others. Each section has a short description (most are pretty self-explanatory) and primarily contains pics although sometimes vid clips are included with the photosets. Also, if you click on the Pictures choice in the top menu, you can view all of Candi's updates in order, from most to least recent. Overall, it's not too hard to find your way around Candi's members area, but some of the sections appear a bit cluttered to me.

Candi has a large archive of pics in her members area for you to take a look at. Currently, she's got 245 photosets and 15,000+ pics, all divided up into various categories (as I mentioned above) for easy browsing. Checking out the photos themselves, they look pretty average for an amateur site. Size-wise, they weigh in at around 600 x 800 or less; some dip down to the 480 x 640 range and others (I suspect to be vidcaps) are a tiny 320 x 240. The quality is slightly below average to average. There are some lighting issues and blurry pics here and there, but my main complaint is the pic size, which I would have liked to see increased to at least 600 x 800 across the board.

As far as subject matter, you'll see a large variety of stuff, as evidenced by the multiple categories into which Candi has divided her pics. These include: girl-girl, boy-girl, bondage, solo, toys, squirting, smoking, shower/tub, hosiery, boots, outdoors, briefs (as in full-back panties), catfights, exercise (Candi working out), gloves, military (posing with guns, in uniforms, etc.), arm wrestling, femdom, wigs, pedal pumping (this involves watching women pump the gas pedal of a car), and bathroom (peeing, no scat). I think most of these are pretty self-explanatory, but I will say that in the boy-girl section she further divides the pics into one-on-one fucking, interracial, gangbangs, and fisting. As you can see, she's basically got a little something for everyone to see here.

Candi's Videos link in the top menu is actually a link to purchase the many videos she has for sale. It looks like she has some very short samples available from the videos, but the main purpose is to sell the hard copies. In order to check out the member movies, you'll want to use the MPG's link. Once there, you'll find that the clips (currently over 250 of them) are actually in WMV format (not MPG's) and, like the pics, are divided into multiple categories from bondage and gangbangs to girl-girl and interracial. Once you select a category, you're presented with a hodge podge of short clips appropriate to that particular section. You get a small thumbnail pic with each one, but that's about it as far as a preview goes. The main problem I found with the clips was their length; the large majority of them are incredibly short, clocking in at 30-50 seconds with some as short as 3 or 5 seconds. Candi does have a separate section set aside which contains vids that are 5 minutes or longer (these are also linked up at the bottom of their appropriate category), but I'd say at least 90% of the videos are of the very short variety. Quality-wise, the movies are variable. Many of the vids are 320 x 240, but the bitrates range from as low as 170Kbps all the way up to 600Kbps or so. I also some very tiny clips (176 x 144) with correspondingly tiny bitrates (around 50Kbps) and then on the other end of the spectrum there are these enormous videos that weigh in at 640 x 480 with titanic bitrates of 1 to 2MBps and clock in at around 5 or 6 minutes. I had big problems with these clips. I'm not sure if the clips aren't compressed correctly or if Candi's server doesn't allow streaming of such humongous files, but in order to view these videos, it seemed like I had to nearly entirely download them first. If you just click them and try to stream, it takes like 20 minutes for the things to buffer and load, and I'm on a pretty fast broadband connection. They look very good quality-wise, but you might want to bring along a book to read while you're waiting for them to actually start playing.

Much like the pics, Candi's videos feature a wide variety of subjects and fetishes including: bondage, boy-girl, solo, squirting, gangbangs, arm wrestling, femdom, insertions, girl-girl, smoking, pedal pumping, interracial, anal, farts, and pissing. Again, I think most of these categories are pretty self-explanatory.

In the interaction department, Candi offers members a few items. First, she does two live camshows each week on the Camz network. This also gives you access to all of the other shows and performers on the Camz system. Although I didn't get a chance to catch one of Candi's shows, I understand that they mainly focus on her unique squirting ability, which she shows off by masturbating and cumming multiple times for the camera. In addition to the webcam stuff, Candi also gives out her contact info (this includes her email as well as her AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN chat names) and she has a section entitled Meet Me where she talks about meeting her members. She also boasts that "anywhere you see a guy on this site - he is a member!". So I guess that's sort of the ultimate in member interaction, huh? In conjunction with the Meet Me area, there's a calendar on the site which lists various parties and events at which Candi will be appearing.

There's not a whole lot of bonus content at Las Vegas Candi. She offers 6 friends galleries (with ads) and 4 erotic stories, but primarily the draw here is Candi's large pic and vid archive and her webcam features.

Bottom Line
Despite some problems, I think Las Vegas Candi is a pretty decent amateur site. A site redesign would help make things more attractive and there were some issues here and there (video length, picture size) that I'd like to see corrected, but overall I think if you're into Candi's looks, you'll enjoy her site. The two big positives here are definitely Candi's large pic and vid archive (a rarity amongst many real amateur sites) and her extremely reasonable $13.95/month pricetag. She also has some nice interaction going with her two live camshows a week. Check out our samples and if you dig Candi, try her out for a month or more.
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