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Primary Category: Pantyhose, Secondary Category: Busty

Price: $21.95/month (recurring); $89.95 for 180 days
Updates: Twice a week
Reviewed On: August 27, 2004 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 6/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 7/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 84, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large picture archive
- Consistently good pic quality throughout
- Great for nylon/foot/leg/heels fetishists
- Bonus access to Roni's Paradise

- Some of the older videos are poor quality
- Newer pics could be larger
- Some odd organization

Members Area Content as of August 27, 2004:
Pics of Kryztal Red: 235 galleries for a total of 10,000+ pics
Vids of Kryztal Red: 38 videos (split into multiple parts)
Webcam: weekly live webcam show, weekly live Strip Trivia webcam show
Other Content: Bonus access to Roni's Paradise, 200+ galleries of other models in foot/leg/nylon themed sets, various live feeds, cartoons, Kryztal Red chatboard

Kryztal Red Review

Kryztal Red is a big (albeit fake) boobed amateur babe with incredibly curly, incredibly big, and incredibly red hair. Her site has been around for awhile now (over 5 years) and caters to two distinct fetishes: redheads (of course) and pantyhose/stockings and heels. While I don't think you need to be a redhead fanatic to enjoy Kryztal's site, you should probably be into the whole stockings fetish (which is her main focus) if you want to get the most out of it. Anyhow, let's check things out...

Kryztal's members area is set up a little oddly. It looks quite a bit different from her free side (the tour having different color backgrounds from the members area for one thing), but that's not really a big deal. The odd thing is how the links to the content are organized. When you first enter the members area, you need to scroll down past some announcements (read: ads) about Kryztal's Private Cam Shows, an ad for a stockings and lingerie store, and then a list of updates and announcements concerning the site before you finally get to the buttons linking to the actual content. These are kind of listed strangely as well. The first button is a link to her photos from 2002-2003. Then you have a Videos button with no date, but since there's a separate link to 2004 videos (coming up later), I assume these are for videos before that time (i.e. 2000-2003). Then there's a button for Kryztal's camshows and a bunch of bonus content before you run into the Archives button which links to photos from 2000-2001. More extra content links follow until way down at the bottom you find two buttons linking to Kryztal's 2004 videos and photos. I don't know that I'd say this is disorganized as much as it is counterintuitive.

Anyhow, checking out all 3 of Kryztal's picture sections, I found 235 galleries (10,000+ pics) are here for you to check out. The listings from 2004 have a thumbnail to go along with each gallery title, the stuff before that simply has a textual description. It'd be cool to add thumbs to the older galleries for consistency and convenience, but no biggie. Size wise, Kryztal's 2000 era pics are predictably small (640 x 480), but I was surprised to find even her 2001 pics weighing in at 600 x 800, which is pretty large for back then. From that, I expected that the most recent pics might be really huge, but I guess they decided they liked that size because everything's still 600 x 800. I thought the picture quality was great, especially in the later sets: nice and clear and sharp. No complaints there. As you might expect, the subject matter is highly focused on pantyhose/stockings and heels shoots. I think I saw maybe one set where Kryztal went bare-legged, but there weren't many. Kryztal does have a great set of legs so highlighting them (in stockings or otherwise) is far from a bad thing. She also models a large variety of the high priced stuff (Wolfords, etc.) that nylon aficionados enjoy as well as a good deal of sexy nice looking lingerie. In addition, she does some costume stuff: I saw a secretary, stewardess, cheerleader, and Wonder Woman, among others. In most of the sets, there's not a lot of variety as far as touching on different niches and fetishes, but there is quite a bit of variety (different outfits, etc.) within Kryztal's specific fetish (nylons/feet/legs), if that makes any sense. Setting wise, some of the series can get repetitive too, as they are almost all indoors and taken (presumably) at Kryztal's house in a lot of the same rooms. On the good side, I was pleasantly surprised by the hardcore sets sprinkled throughout the Picture area; Kryztal seemed like more of a softcore girl to me at first. Kryztal gives handjobs, footjobs, blowjobs, and fucks different guys for your viewing pleasure and I found a lot of the cumshots landing on Kryztal's (often nyloned) feet, in keeping with the whole foot/leg fetish theme. Some didn't end with a cumshot at all, which I didn't like, but overall, Kryztal's pics are nicely done.

I took a look at Kryztal's two video sections next. The videos from 2003 and earlier mainly just have a title and no thumbnails or anything to let you know what they contain. The ones from 2004 do at least have a one or two line description so you'll know what you're in for. There are 38 full videos here for you to check out and all of them are split into multiple parts. The individual clips are pretty short (maybe about a minute or so) and I'd say the full vid is roughly 10 minutes. It looks like the earlier ones are in mpg format and the later stuff is in WMV. The earliest MPG stuff is pretty tiny (187 x 144) and crappy quality, then the size bumps up in the middle years to 320 x 240 (but still pretty pixelated). It was sort of odd from there: the newer stuff in the older video archive (i.e. before 2004) looked great at 320 x 240 and a bit rate or 700Kbps, but when I went into the 2004 section (hoping for the same kind of look), the quality had dipped back down a bit because now the bit rate was 346Kbps. Not sure why they did that unless the files were getting too large. Luckily, They still look pretty good though. There's a good amount of hardcore stuff offered up here. In fact, I'd say the majority of (especially the more recent) clips involve Kryztal fucking, sucking, getting titfucked, giving a footjob, and getting cummed on. There's also some masturbation and spanking clips. Kryztal does different guys (not at the same time) so there's some variety thrown in there that way as well.

Kryztal does weekly camshows every Thursday night at 9pm. She also does something called "Strip Trivia" on Wednesday nights at 9pm, but I'm not sure what that is and I didn't find any explanation of it on the site. It does involve the cam though :-) Both these shows are accessible through her site, so no amateur cam networks are involved in Kryztal's shows. It doesn't look like she provides bonus access to any either, although there are links to some live feeds and such in another area. There's also a chatboard which seemed pretty active (considering some of the other ones I've seen) and which Kryztal actually posts on. If you like a feeling of community with other members coupled with interaction with the webgirl, you may be interested in this. I didn't see anything like a diary or a journal, and that might make a nice addition to the site.

There's a whole slew of bonus content available here as well. I'd say the best extra is access to Roni's Paradise (also reviewed here at QAP). Roni's got a great members area that I highly recommend. She also does quite a bit of content catering to nylon/leg fetishists, so you can see why she and Kryztal have hooked up. Other than a couple of custom Kryztal Red cartoons, the rest of the bonus content consists of a ton of extra galleries (200+) of a whole bunch of models (all pretty much amateur style, some more pro) focusing on foot/leg/stocking fetish content. I kept getting prompted for my username and password at various times while accessing some of the bonus stuff, but other than that it looked fine.

Bottom Line
If you're into redheads in nylons, look no further than Kryztal Red. There are plenty of pics and vids here geared toward the discriminating foot and leg fetishist with both softcore posing and hardcore action for you to enjoy. Her pics are of pretty consistent quality throughout, although some of the earlier videos leave a bit to be desired. There's enough interaction (with live camshows and a chatboard) to keep me happy, although a journal/diary type thing might be a cool addition members would enjoy. The bonus content/access provided also fits in with Kryztal's niche nicely and should provide some entertainment when you're through with the exclusive stuff. I think the bottom line here is: if you like Kryztal's look and are into the fetishes she caters to, you'll definitely enjoy being a member of her site.
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