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Primary Category: Coeds, Secondary Category: Busty

Price: $29.95 for the first month, $26.95 for each subsequent month (recurring)
Updates: 6 times a week
Reviewed On: November 5, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 16/20
Content Quantity: 9/10
Content Variety: 6/10
Updates: 9/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 4/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 7/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 81, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Majority of the pics are huge and high quality
- Frequent site updates
- Easy navigation

- High monthly fee
- Diary only links to Kirsten's latest entry

Members Area Content as of November 5, 2006:
Pics of Kirsten and Heather: 94 photosets for a total of 5,000+ pics
Vids of Kirsten and Heather: 145 video clips (mostly of Kirsten)
Webcam: Weekly live webcam shows with chat with both Kirsten and Heather
Other Content: Message board, diary, games

Kirsten's Room Review is home to two amateur models, Kirsten and Heather. It looks like Heather used to have her own website, but now her pics and vids are part of Kirsten's site. The two make a pretty good complementary pair: Kirsten is a curvy blonde with huge natural boobs, and pale skin; Heather is a slim brunette with b-cup boobies and some piercings (clit, naval, nose, labret). Kirsten and Heather have a pretty decent archive of pics and vids here and they also do live webcam chats and post on a fanclub message board (this board is also accessible through the free area of the website).

Kirsten's Room's members area is pretty straight-forward. There's a title graphic at the top of the page, and below that a navigation menu linking to Kirsten's Webcam, Fanclub (Kirsten and Heather's message board), Store (this isn't online yet and just links to a toplist), a Bio page for the two girls, and Help and Contact pages. The bulk of the page is taken up by big graphical links to Kirsten's and Heather's Pictures and Videos as well as a listing of upcoming updates to the site (it looks like the site is updated 6 times a week with videos coming in on 4 of the 6 days and photos on the remaining 2--it works out to a couple videos of each girl, and one photoset of each per update cycle). All of the links open in a new window, which I found convenient and conducive to easy navigation. I decided to check out the pics of these two babes first.

Kirsten and Heather each have 47 photosets available (for a total of 94 sets, 5000+ pics on the whole site) in their respective photo sections of Kirsten's Room. It looks like someone fucked up the dates on the photo galleries; almost every update is listed as being added on 10/14. Anyhow, assuming the pics at the top are the newest ones, I took a look at the quality and size of the pics. Kirsten's earlier pics are 600 x 800 and average quality, but the more recent stuff (3/4 of the pic archive) are absolutely humongous at 1000 x 1504 (and sometimes 960 x 1280). They're good quality as well, although there are some lighting in a lot of the sets. I think Kirsten's photos are probably the biggest pics I've seen on an amateur site, so (as my homies would say) mad props to Kirsten for that (ok, I have no homies, but if I did, they'd say shit like that). Anyhow, I did notice a few series mixed in that are vidcaps and these shrink down to 640 x 480 and definitely lose some quality, but the hi-rez, they're big and look pretty darn nice! Heather's early pics are also smaller (again this only accounts for a small number of sets in the archive) and weigh in at around 600 x 800 and 500 x 700 with some quality issues here and there. However, like Kirsten, the bulk of Heather's pics (the more recent ones I'm assuming) are huge (960 x 1280 and 1000 x 1054) and look great quality-wise.

Kirsten and Heather's pics are softcore and some series are totally non-nude. The series basically feature the girls posing (solo, not together) in skimpy outfits. The sets are primarily indoors (bedroom sets with stuffed animals seem to predominate) but there are a few outdoor series as well (by a river, on a mountain, beach, etc.). The pics are repetitious at times and feature the girls posing in a variety of clothes including tanktops, a ton of different panties (including a bunch of thongs), bikinis, tight t-shirts, pajamas, minidresses, wet t-shirt, schoolgirl and cheerleader outfits, a Snow White costume, a genie outfit, and more. There's a bathtub set and some very soft (no penetration) masturbation sets along with a lot of licking on a pushpop and a penis-shaped pacifier. Both girls do get naked, although sometimes it might take them a good bit of the series to do so. You do get to see the full package though eventually, including close-up pussy shots in some of the series.

Kirsten and Heather offer up 145 video clips between the two of them in Kirsten's Room. Kirsten has the far greater number with 138. Pretty much all of the file formats are represented here; I found wmv, mpg, avi, and mov files in the girls' respective video areas. The earlier clips are primarily mpg and the later ones are pretty evenly divided between wmv and mov with the occasional avi thrown in. The quality here is a mixed bag depending on what you check out. Some of the mpgs were choppy and didn't look that great, but the mov files were very clear and looked really nice. The wmv and avi clips were typically webcam quality, which meant they were perfectly watchable but a little pixelated. The mov files were pretty large (looked to be 640 x 480), while the other clips were smaller at 320 x 240 and had bit rates of around 120-140Kbps. Content of the vids was pretty similar to the photos: light softcore stuff. Heather has some bath and shower clips and some vids of her fooling around (not really sexually) with a girlfriend. Kirsten's vids feature lots of posing and stripping, some dancing, and some light masturbation. There's a lot of indoor stuff and also some outdoor shoots at the beach, a park, and on a swing.

The Fanclub area contains Kirsten's Room's message board. This board is also accessible through the free side of the site (this probably explains why it's so active). It looks like Kirsten does post on the board quite frequently (2570 posts since 2002), so that's cool. Heather just registered in 5/04, and she has 96 posts so far so I guess she posts on a relatively regular basis as well. As I said, you can check the board out for yourself if you visit Kirsten's site. Also in the interaction department, both Kirsten and Heather do one live webcam chat (no audio) a week (Kirsten on Mondays and Heather on Tuesdays). The chats are done through the site itself (i.e. not affiliated with a separate cam network). I was able to check out a few of Kirsten's chats in her video section. The quality was pretty good but they weren't too exciting. In one of them, Kirsten looked incredibly bored the whole time and was away from the computer for half the chat. In the others, there was some degree of flashing and stripping but Kirsten still didn't look too happy about being there (maybe she doesn't realize you can see her during chat LOL). Kirsten also has a diary on the site. I'm not sure why, but it looks like she only links to the last entry. The last one was 10/29/04, so I guess she keeps up with it semi-regularly.

Lastly, there is a handful of games, an extremely small Stories section (that is a work in progress), and some of Kirsten's artistic sketches. Bonus content is definitely not what you're going to join this site for.

Bottom Line
Once again, I think the decision to join Kirsten's Room comes down to whether you are a fan of the girl (or in this case, girls) or not. As I mentioned, I thought Kirsten and Heather make a good pair and complement each other well looks-wise. I was impressed with the size of the photos here, although some professional lighting might improve the vibrancy of some of the pics. Kirsten also has quite a few vids to check out, although some of them are just of average quality. I also like the interaction the girl's have with their site; you can get a small taste of this on the free side message board. My advice...if you're into softcore sites and younger models, check out Kirsten and Heather at
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