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Primary Category: Big Boobs, Secondary Categories: Swingers, BBW

Price: $23.95/month (recurring)
Updates: 2 - 3 times a week
Review updated on: January 5, 2005 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 89, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large archive of picture content
- Exceptionally large amount of high quality videos
- 2 weekly camshows and 24/7 spycams
- Regularly updated journal
- Easy navigation and well-organized

- Earlier pics on the small side

Members Area Content as of January 5, 2005:
Pics of Toni: 321 galleries for a total of 16,399 pics
Vids of Toni: 203 videos (from 2 to 42 minutes in length)
Webcam: 2 weekly live camshows with Toni
Other Content: 24/7 voyeur cams, archive of 452 Kat Vixen PrivateCamz clips, Kat Vixen's journal, message board, 6,320 pics of other models, Private Cam archive, access to Home Grown Cams, SexCamCentral, and Camz, various feeds and videos

Kat Vixen Review

At KatVixen.com we find Toni (aka Kat), a huge boobed (all natural 34DDD she says) BBW amateur who loves to swing with guys and girls and showoff her sexual exploits on the Net. Her husband Torn often joins in the hardcore action, and the two of them have been rockin' and rollin' in the amateur porn world since 2000. Toni and Torn's site contains pics, vids, and some interactive features like live webcam shows, 24/7 voyeur cams, a journal, and a message board. There's also a nice selection of bonus content here as well. So, what're we waiting for? Let's take a closer look.

The Kat Vixen members area looks nice and is well-organized. I remember when I first reviewed this site 4 months ago, it was relatively easy to find your way around but things look pretty amateurish. Now, Kat and Torn have definitely kicked things up a notch and the site definitely is much improved. They've introduced some slick graphics into the members area and are now using a script to organize and manage all of their content. This not only makes things much easier to find (via a plethora of categories and a handy dandy search function) it also offers some other cool features like member polls, the ability to rate the pics and vids, instant messaging, and random and top rated pics and vids listings. General navigation is accomplished via a graphical menu and some links at the top of the page and down the lefthand side. I love it when a site is put together well like this; it just makes the whole surfing experience so much more enjoyable when you don't have to scratch your head to trying to figure out where the hell everything is.

The Kat Vixen Picture section is split up into 11 different categories: Bath/Shower (251 pics), Goth (475 pics), Hardcore (1,975 pics), Interracial (1,506 pics), Kat and Torn (454 pics), Outside Sex Nudity (1,782 pics), Porn Parties (1,918 pics), Public Nudity Sex (571 pics), Softcore (3,418), Torn and Others (818), Web Pornstars (3,231 pics). Each category has a pull-down menu at the top of the page that allows you to sort the various galleries by date, name, or number of page views. You also get a pic count for each category (as you can see above) and photoset as well, which is cool. For each set, you have the option of downloading the whole thing as a zip file and you can also view each pic in a slideshow if you so choose. Anyhow, let's take a look at the photos themselves. Since Toni's site has been around for awhile (early 2000 or so), you can expect that some of the older pics are going to be on the small side, and they are: weighing in at around 400 x 600 and 480 x 640. The newer pics (and actually this refers to some of the pics even back as far as 2002) seem to almost all be at 600 x 800, which is good. The pics, regardless of size, are of pretty good quality and the newer stuff especially is nice and sharp. This isn't professional glamour photography of course, and given the nature of some of the pics (parties, orgies, and general hardcore fun) there are bound to be some lighting and composition issues; these occur from time to time in Toni's pics. You'll also notice that in her early pics, Kat wore sunglasses (I'm assuming to obscure her identity somewhat), but somewhere along the way she gave that up, and it's a change for the better. Content wise, there's a good variety of stuff here and I think the category names are pretty self-explanatory. The Solo section has some lingerie shoots, masturbation, hose and heels, black leather, shower/bath sets, thigh high boots, foot fetish, bondage, among other things. The rest of the sections I think you can probably figure out what they contain on your own. Overall, the Pictures section is nicely done with a large, varied archive of pics for you to check out.

Toni's video section contains 203 videos divided into 8 different categories: BJ/Facials (49 vids), Creampie (46 vids), Cumshots (35), Girl on Girl (8 vids), Interracial (15 vids), Kat and Torn (13 vids), Party and Group (12 vids), and Solo (25 vids). You get the same sorting options and counts with the vids that I mentioned earlier when discussing the pics. The clips range from just under 2 minutes (earlier videos) to 40 or so minutes (more recent stuff) and are in WMV format. The good news here is that the clips (especially the newer ones) are clear and high quality (320 x 240 at 221KBps or 346Kbps). They look great on full screen; I think the clarity may partly be owed to the fact that a lot of the videos seem to be shot on a tripod so things are a lot more steady and stationary and thus, a lot less choppy. Some of the older stuff can get pixelated at times, but they're still pretty good considering the low bit rate (96Kbps on some of the ones I watched). The content of the videos is mainly hardcore. The solo sections have some shaving and masturbation, but the majority of the videos (as you can probably tell by the category titles) involve sucking and fucking. Facials, cumswallowing, and creampies abound. There's also lots of girl-girl sex and Toni enjoying more than a few big black cocks. Once again, as with the pic archive, there's a nice variety of stuff to check out.

In addition to a brief bio section (including a 30 Little Things About Me list), Toni also writes in a journal approximately every 1-2 days. The journal is on Live Journal, so you might be familiar with the setup. Anyhow, Kat Vixen's entries are pretty long and it looks like she really takes some time with this section. Those of you who enjoy a more personal interaction with your amateur webgirl will dig checking out what Toni has to say. In addition to the journal, there's also a brand new message board here. Kat and Torn both post here and there are quite a few forums ranging from Latest News to General Member Chat to Questions For Kat Vixen to Current Events. Check it out if you like a community feel to your amateur sites.

In the Cams department, Kat Vixen has a few things going on. First she performs 2 shows a week; one on the Camz network and one on Sex Cam Central. Then, she's also on HouseCamz which allows you to watch her 24/7 on 3 different cameras setup throughout her house. Unlike a lot of other webgirls I've reviewed, I actually did see Kat Vixen on her voyeur cams from time to time. Toni also has an archive available of all her Private Camz shows (currently 452 clips in here ranging from 1 to 61 minutes). In addition to the more personal stuff, Toni also provides access to HomeGrown Cams and all of the other various cam types available via the Camz network (PornstarCamz, GayCamz, EasternCamz).

Following the Bonus link in the main menu, you'll find links to some of the cams stuff I just talked about as well as links to some feeds, streams, and e-zines. Also, in the Pictures section, you'll also find 6,320 pics of various other models (mostly non-exclusive stuff). Lastly, there's a Kat Vixen store here with some videos and magazines Toni's been featured in for sale.

Bottom Line
KatVixen.com offers you a large amount of pics and an exceptionally large amount of videos. They're all of pretty good quality (especially the newer stuff) and if you like Toni's look you're sure to enjoy them. With regard to personal interaction, Toni's regularly updated journal, message board, 24/7 Voyeur Cams, and 2 camshows a week are great as well. Top all of that off with super easy navigation and excellent organization and you've got a very nice amateur paysite.
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