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Primary Category: Fetish, Secondary Category: British

Price: $19.95/month (recurring)
Updates: No longer updating
Review Updated On: July 17, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 15/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 5/10
Surfability: 10/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 82, SILVER

Quick Facts
- An enormous amount of exclusive content of Justine
- Access to two additional sites
- Tons of bonus content
- Reasonable price
- Easy navigation and good customer service

- Pics tend to be on the small side (especially Justine's earlier pics)
- Limited interaction
- Doesn't appear to be adding new pics or vids anymore

Members Area Content as of July 17, 2008:
Pics of Justine: 10,000+ pics in 350+ galleries and 8 categories
Vids of Justine: 222 video clips available for download in mpg format
Other Content: Access to Arielle and Alice's Antics, erotic stories by Justine, mp3's of Justine, hundreds of photo galleries of amateur models, 72 full-length hardcore amateur videos available for download in mpg format, interesting sex facts, Justine strip poker, message board, Justine's contact information

Justine's Bedroom Review

July 17, 2008 Mini Update:
Unfortunately, it looks like Justine is no longer adding new pics or vids to her members area, which is a shame. However, the existing archive of content is still phenomenal and worth the low monthly fee. So, it's definitely worth it to join up for a month and check things out, however, I'm not sure if I'd recommend staying a member for any longer than that. What follows is our original review from July 2004 of Justine's members area when it was in its prime.

Justine is a tight-bodied, curly-haired, strawberry blonde British amateur babe with a penchant for hardcore sex and fetishes. In addition to some more common stuff like fucking, BJ's, facials, and girl-girl, Justine also gets into a lot more extreme stuff like water sports and menstruation (period) sex.

Before you get to the actual main page of Justine's members area, you are presented with a brief note from her welcoming you and giving you some info about the site. First she lets you know you have access to not only all of her content, but also two additional girls' members areas, Aarielle.com and Alice's Antics (both large members areas in their own right). From there she discusses technical details about your membership: how to log-in, cancel, and the password protection system on her site. She also provides her email should you have any difficulties. I mention this page not because it's anything exciting, but because I felt like it really came off as a professional way to begin the members area experience. Now, onward fearless reader...

Justine's main members area page can seem a bit daunting at first, not because of any lack of organization, but simply because of the sheer volume of content available. There is a ton of stuff to see here! The page is put together nicely though and you shouldn't have any problem navigating around the site, despite it's huge size. The left side of the page is a menu to access Justine's content, everything from pics to vids to stories and mp3's. There are 15 choices total here and I will try to at least mention each one throughout the review, although I will be focusing mainly on the larger areas of content. The right side of the page contains Justine's update schedule, which is quite impressive. Justine adds multiple things to the members area *every* weekday, with Friday bringing you a new photoset and video of Justine, and Monday and Wednesday bringing you photosets of Aarielle and Alice respectively. There are also mpegs of Alice and Aarielle added every other week as well as a shitload of other content such as stories, etc. that come in on multiple days. One of the most organized and prodigious updates schedules I've ever seen in an amateur site! The middle area of the page is Justine's News area, where you can read all about the latest happenings on the site and down at the bottom of the page there's even a glossary of British-to-English sex expressions and slang so you're not confused while reading the text and stories. I love attention to detail like that.

Let's start with Justine's Photos. There are a TON of pics here (over 10,000 Justine proudly says) and they are divided into several categories including "Suck, Fuck, Cum", "Lesbian Stuff", "Foot Fetish", "Sex Toys" and more. Each category then has multiple galleires contained within. The number of pics per gallery is roughly 40-50 and Justine writes a short description under each line of pics. These make the set more like a photographic story and are definitely a nice touch. The pics aren't very large (usually 600 x 800 or less) and they aren't available for download as a ZIP file (this may be because Justine feels you need the text to go along with the pics to fully experience them, but I'm just guessing here). I tried to browse through a lot of the galleries and the pics are well done and very hardcore. "Suck, Fuck and Cum" contains over 100 galleries of every kind of girl-boy sex you can imagine with a definite emphasis on oral and facials (Justine's specialty). There's also some fetish stuff like bondage, smoking, and even a strap-on assfuck by Justine (yee-ouch!). Lesbian Sex (22 galleries) is rather self-explanatory. Foot Fetish (38 galleries) has everything from footjobs to tickling to heels to rubber stockings while Legs and Footwear (28 galleries) is probably the most softcore area of the site, featuring Justine modeling stockings, heels, etc. She does slip in at least one boot footjob though lol. Kinky Toys (20 galleries) finds Justine masturbating with all sorts of dildos and beads in both her ass and pussy. The other sections tend toward the more extreme side (although there is a set of Justine getting a facial dressed as a nun in the "Fuck..." section lol) and it's in those areas you will find lots of golden showers (including piss drinking), cum on food, speculum play, and even the dreaded (cue spooky music here) menstrual/period sex. Why, it's a bloody good show, old chum! Ok, ok, bad pun. Anyhow, all and all, the picture section has simply an enormous amount of pictures to check out and other than the pic size leaning toward the small side, there are no real complaints here. Onward...

Justine has a whopping 222 video clips in her Videos Section! They are all available for download in mpg format and the quality is excellent even on full screen. That's the good news. The bad news is that the files are quite large relative to the length of the clip, so if you're on a slow connection, expect to wait a while to get the goods. Justine does break up some of the longer movies (seemed to be the ones over a couple minutes) into separate downloadable parts, so this makes things a bit more workable. She also provides vidcaps for the newer movies (and descriptions for all of them) so you can get a better idea of what the video contains before you wait a long time on a slow connection to download it. Lucky for me, I'm on broadband so away I go to Justine MovieLand! Woohoo! Soooo, what's in the videos? As with Justine's pics, there's a large variety of hardcore stuff here. Plenty of fucking (ass and pussy) and sucking, footjobs, handjobs, anal play, masturbation, and as always, facials abound. The more extreme stuff is here too with piss drinking, cumeating, and the ever popular "Red Pussy" video in which Justine fingers herself while having her period. Oh why did I watch that? lol Anyway, a huge selection (especially for an amateur) of high quality videos here. You definitely will enjoy this area once inside.

Justine has a TON of other stuff in her members area, but I want you guys to get on over and check Justine out, not be stuck here reading the porn review version of War & Peace for the next hour. So, I'll try to be brief. First off, as I mentioned at the beginning of the review, joining Justine's site also gives you access to the members areas of Aarielle.com and Alice's Antics. These are both nice big members areas in their own right, so I reviewed them both separately here at QAP. Next, Justine has a story section with over 100 erotic stories written personally by her and probably close to that many submitted by her fans. I'm not really a big fan of erotic stories, but these looked to be pretty well-written. There's also an audio file section containing mp3's of Justine reading 14 of her erotic stories to you. She's got a very sexy voice, especially if you enjoy English accents as I do. It's not Cockney or anything, more like a very naughty Mary Poppins talking about wanking your cock. Yeah, baby. I got a spoonful of sugar for ya. But I digress...

Moving on, there are hundreds and hundreds of photo galleries of other amateurs and models as well as a Hardcore Movie Section with 72 full-length (20+ minutes long) amateur hardcore porn videos. As with Justine's personal clips, there are vidcaps, a description of the action, and each film is split into multiple mpg sections for easier download.

Rounding the members area out, Justine has a message board where she herself posts and interacts, an Amazing Sex Fact section that will make you go "hmmm", a strip poker game that's been customized so you're actually playing against Justine (well, at least her pics), and a contact page that provides you with not only her email, but also her AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN contact info. She even encourages members to contact her and talk dirty to her. Thanks babe, I'll be seeing you as dirtymarypoppinsboy6969 later on ;-)

Plain and simple, Justine's members area is freaking loaded with great quality hardcore content and she's adding more seemingly all the time. For $19.95 a month, her site cannot be beat. Period (no pun intended).

Bottom Line
If you like Justine's look and you want your porn hardcore, I can't think of any reason not to join this site. A hot hardcore babe, an enormous amount of quality content, a reasonable price, and a nearly unparalleled update schedule make Justine's Bedroom one of the best amateur sites around today.
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