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Jen n Dave Review
Price: $10/month (recurring); $30 for 90 days
Updates: 1 - 5 times a week
Reviewed On: April 7, 2005 by Oz

Content Quality: 12/20
Content Quantity: 9/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 80, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Archive spans 10 years of Jen n Dave's life on the internet
- Lots of personality
- Extremely low monthly fee

- Small pic size
- Older content is poor quality
- Photosets not categorized by subject

Members Area Content as of April 7, 2005:
Pics of Jen n Dave: 353 photosets for a total of 6,931 pics
Vids of Jen n Dave: 47 video clips
Webcam: weekly live webcam chat with Jen, 24/7 live voyeur cam
Other Content: Jen's journal, Jen wallpapers, 117 photo galleries of 15 other amateur webgirls, joke archive, access to Tart e-zine

Jen n Dave Review

Like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday in days of yore, Jen n Dave are legends 'round these parts. Neither Doc nor Wyatt had a nice set of boobies and they never took nekkid pics of each other...well, except for that time when Miss Kitty's whorehouse closed its doors and Wyatt got Doc drunk, but let's not talk about that...the point I'm trying to make here is Jen n Dave are true pioneers in the world of internet amateur porn. Starting waaay back in 1995, their site is one of, if not *the*, longest running amateur sites ever. Jen n Dave began their adventures on the internet by posting pics to the newsgroups and after the overwhleming response to Jen's boobies, they decided to start their own amateur site. It's 10 years later now, and is still going strong and still delivering on their "boobie guarantee". I understand Jen just completed a lengthy overhaul of their truly massive content archive, so we thought this would be a great time to take a look at one of the most famous real amateur sites around.

Jen n Dave's members area is pretty clearcut. On the main page, you'll find a welcome message along with a list of that month's updates. Some ads to other sites are scattered throughout the page, but the main area of interest as far as member content is a menu in the upper lefthand corner. Here you'll find links to "The Archives" (containing all of Jen n Dave's pics and vids), "the JenCam" (24/7 Voyeur Cam as well as the site of Jen's weekly webcam chats), and "Extras" (pics of the day, an e-zine, and joke archive). As I mentioned, The Archives are where most of the action is at, so let's start by checking that out first.

Jen n Dave have their content set up a bit differently than most sites in that everything here is 100% chronological. You'll find links to various Archive pages (0001 to 0059), each one containing several photosets and sometimes videos. You won't find any categories (such as boy-girl, solo, girl-girl, whatever) and the videos aren't in a separate section as you're probably used to seeing elsewhere. This design mainly stems from the fact that Jen n Dave's site is more of a "life journal" chronicling their adventures on the internet over the past 10 years which, consequently, seems to lend itself more to this timeline sort of setup. Each photoset has a description from Jen along with a gallery of thumbnails. I noticed these are super tiny (25 x 38), so you might have to squint a bit to make them out LOL. Amazingly, it looks like Jen has gone through almost all of the nearly 7,000 pic archive and added a small caption or comment to each pic to improve your viewing experience. What a staggering amount of work that must have been. Size-wise, things aren't as variable as you might expect with an archive that goes back so far, but unfortunately things always tend consistently to the small side. The most recent pics are 480 x 640 and the oldest pics are around the same size (roughly 400 x 600). As far as quality, the more recent stuff looks pretty good with the occasional grainy pic popping up from time to time. The older stuff is predictably poorer quality, although for 1995 I'm sure they were considered good quality photos. I understand that during the redesign, Jen went back and rescanned the older pics (sounds sort of like digitally remastering and re-releasing an old music album) to make them the best they can be, so that's cool. Still there's not a whole lot you can do with pics that old, but the effort's definitely there.

The subject matter of the pics is about as varied as you can get. As I mentioned, there's 10 years worth of photos here, so you can imagine all of the things that can happen to a person in that span of time. Primarily, you'll see Jen posing solo in a huge variety of different outfits and themed sets, but there are also lots of party pics of her with other amateurs and friends. There's also a lot of outdoor pics (even nekkid out in the snow) and flashing shots at various locations throughout the country and around Jen n Dave's homestate of Maryland. On the more hardcore side of things, you'll find plenty of masturbation sets (with a wide variety of toys) as well as boy-girl and girl-girl action. There's such a large variety of stuff here I can't really even begin to enumerate it all, but that covers the bulk of the photo content.

As far as videos, Jen n Dave have 47 available. As I mentioned, they're scattered throughout the archive pages, which can make things a bit tricky if you want to jump directly to the movie content. They have a separate Vidcaps section which I initially mistook for the Video section, but it turns out they're just screen capture from the videos (and some camshows), not the videos themselves. Anyhow, once I found them, the clips all look to be in MPG format and 320 x 240 in size. Unfortunately, they're pretty short, clocking in at just 15 seconds, and the quality isn't the best. As far as subject matter, the videos I checked out featured Jen masturbating with a toy, Jen pouring water on a tits on a hiking trail, Dave spanking and being spanked by Oasis (from Cum2Oasis, reviewed here at QAP), Jen and another chick spanking a third girl, Jen being eaten out, Jen doing a alcoholic shot in panties, Jen sucking dick and getting fucked, and Jen playing with balloons.

In the interaction department, Jen offers up her JenCam and a personal journal. The JenCam is a 24/7 voyeur cam where you can watch Jen at her desk any time you want (well, at least when she's sitting there) and Jen also does webcam chats every Sunday night as well. Jen makes a point of saying these chats are not like your typical amateur webcam "shows". They're more of a friendly get together where Jen says she'll usually be at least topless, but you shouldn't necessarily expect more than that. Jen's journal is on Live Journal (if you're familiar with their format) and it looks like she keeps up with it very regularly, writing good-sized entries in it every 1 to 3 days.

Most notable among Jen n Dave's bonus content are 117 photo galleries of 15 other amateur webgirls including Kat Vixen, Justine's Bedroom, Furry Girl, AngeliqueXXX, Sammy 4 U, Cum2Oasis, and Sexy Miss Lizz. In addition to those galleries, offers a joke archive, several themed wallpapers, and access to Tart e-zine. Jen's also put together a site at that chronicles her pregnancy, if you're interested.

Bottom Line
Boasting over 10 years of content and quite a bit personality, is certainly a unique experience for real amateur site lovers. Although there are some quality issues here, the price is incredibly reasonable at $10/month and fans of Jen will undoubtedly enjoy watching her "grow up" on the internet.
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