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Price: Standard membership: $29/90 days (recurring); ISM Extra membership: $45/90 days (recurring)
Updates: Daily
Review Updated On: June 5, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 89, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Extremely unique archive of self-shot photo and video content
- Huge amount of pictures
- Great variety of models
- Large, high quality pics
- Unique community in which you can interact with models and other members

- Shots are somewhat repetitive (due to the limitations of the models taking the pictures themselves)

Members Area Content as of June 5, 2006:
I Shot Myself Pics: 1,994 photosets for a total of 86,373 pics of 1,766 models
I Shot Myself Vids: 175 videos
Other Content: Message board

I Shot Myself Review

I Shot Myself is a very unique site featuring content of girls who photographed themselves and sent the pictures (and sometimes videos) in to be included on the site. The idea of surfer submitted material isn't entirely original; VoyeurWeb is legendary for this sort of thing, and I can remember surfing through some of the "post yourself (or your wife/gf) naked" type newsgroups back in the day. The difference here is the quality of the amateur chicks you'll be able to check out. Unlike many of the photos you'll find via these free sources (where in order to safely view the pics you may want to arm yourself with a crucifix, some cloves of garlic, and maybe a silver bullet or two), these babes are actually hot. This is most likely due to a sort of "quality control" process I Shot Myself employs in which not only do the submitters (I Shot Myself calls them "artists") get paid a fee for their pics, they also have to send in a few test shots before they get the go ahead to submit a whole gallery. The result is a very cool and unique site with a real amateur feel and an artistic flair. All told, the site boasts a whopping 1,766 girls, 1,994 folios, and 86,373 total pics as well as 175 videos, so we're talking about a lot of content to take in. Let's go...

First off, let me talk a bit about becoming a member here. I Shot Myself offers a few different join options depending on how much you want to spend and what you want to have access to. For $9.95 (non-recurring) you get a 30 day membership and access to only the daily updates to the site (i.e. no archive access; once the daily set is removed, you won't be able to view it anymore and you also won't be able to see anything that was added before you joined). Then they have a 3-month recurring option which will cost you $29 (non-recurring is $39). This Standard option (as they call it) gives you access to all of the daily folios they've added to the site since it opened in June 2003 as well as short (2-3 minute long) videos which are added once a week. If you want to pay even more, you can get a recurring "Extra" membership for $45 ($59 non-recurring), which gives you access to everything the Standard membership does plus three additional sections: Reloads (new sets taken by girls already in the archive), Overloads (pics that for some reason didn't make it into the daily folio queue, but they still thought were good), and Duets (folios containing more than one model). They also have some extended stay memberships: 1 year for $190 and Lifetime for $500. As far as which join option to choose, I'd probably recommend joining with at least the Standard $29 membership and then if you dig the site after checking things out, go for Extra status (they only charge you the difference for the upgrade, so you won't lose anything).

You can get a really good idea of what the members area at I Shot Myself looks like by checking out the free side, as the two look nearly identical. The main members page has a bunch of links you might want to explore including links to the latest and previous updates, a news section, a search function, some community features like forum posts, etc., and a list of the top rated submitters on the archive (if you're not sure where to start you may want to try these chicks out first). If you just want to dive right in and start checking out the content, you can click the Folios link in the menu at the top of the page. Here you'll find a somewhat familiar setup with multiple pages (87 to be exact) of girls to take a look at. Each one has a small thumbnail pic, and links to either view their folio or download the entire thing as a zip. They also use little icons next to each chick to let you know if the set contains pics or videos, how much nudity you'll see, and a few other things. They have some cool sorting options available at the top of the page: some control how you view the page, others allow you to sort the archive by the type of content, the date, or the folio or artist name. Clicking on a thumbnail takes you to the typical gallery setup, with small preview thumbs linking to the actual pics.

Checking out the pics, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they looked. I think they have requirements for the girls regarding camera quality, so once again you're getting a superior product to other sites that do the whole user-submission thing. The older photos are extra large at 768 x 1024 while the newer shots weigh in at a truly huge 960 x 1280. The pics really look nice quality-wise...they're super crisp and clear and well-lit. Since the girls are shooting the photos themselves you get a lot of very unique angles and closeup shots that you wouldn't normally see in your typical modeling galleries. You'll very rarely get a full and complete body shot, but you do get a lot of neat and creative photos as the girls experiment with different ways to showcase various parts of their naked form. There are also a good amount of closeup face shots which is cool because most of the women are real cuties in that girl-next-door sort of way. I guess that's really the main draw here: true amateur girls who maybe are too shy or just not interested in doing the whole professional nude photoshoot thing but they've decided to show off on their own in this more artistic format. And as I mentioned before, you'll be surprised at just how hot and sexy a lot of these babes are.

The videos aren't the main focus of the site, but there are still 175 of them available here. They're all shot by girls that already have a folio online at I Shot Myself. The easiest way to view the videos (at least for me) was to use the sort function at the top of the Folios page. That way they're all together in one place for you to take a look at. All of the video clips get a preview thumbnail and a description and they come in two format flavors: WMV and MPG. There's also a link to download the MPG in a zip file (incidentally, this is the only way you can save the clip to your hard drive; the other WMV and MPG files are for only for streaming). It looks like the whole quality standard is being applied here as well; you won't see crappy webcam style videos here at I Shot Myself. They're pretty much 320 x 240 at 600Kbps across the board and they look nice.

The girls are still shooting this stuff themselves so they kind of have to improvise how to get the footage. Most of them put the camera down so it's stationary and then they only have to worry about staying in frame, others carry the camera around with them so you get a lot of interesting angles (their perspective, face closeups, and more) . Typically you get to watch them doing one of their photoshoots (i.e. still pics) for the site in live action but some girls have more inventive shoots. I watched one where the chick took the camera along with her in the car and in a store where she took upskirt shots of herself (with no panties on) amidst other shoppers. Then she returned to the car, took off her top, pulled up her skirt, and masturbated herself to a very real orgasm. Hot stuff.

There's a real community feel to I Shot Myself. For one thing, you can post comments about every video and photoset on the site and read the comments others have posted. There's also a message board here that looks moderately active and pretty large. It also appears that some of the girls who submit to the site post and chat here so you can interact with them if you like. Just browsing around the forum, it seemed like the conversations were a bit more "heavy" and/or deep than you might normally find on a pornsite message board. There's an undercurrent of feminism here for sure, and the idea that the site is somehow empowering women because they're taking their pictures themselves that runs through a lot of the discussions on the forum and indeed is part of the philosophy behind the site itself. You don't need to necessarily buy into all that (or even think about it at all, for that matter) to enjoy the content here (I for one just like looking at naked amateur girls), but if you go on the board posting "yo, gurl. i like ur pix. plz spread ur pussie 4 me, babee", they might eat you alive. If you mind your manners though, it looks like they have a pretty prosperous online community going here.

Bottom Line
I actually enjoyed I Shot Myself quite a bit more than I thought I would. I guess my first thought when I heard the content was user-submitted was that the quality would be poor and the models unsightly. That's not even close to what I found at I Shot Myself. The pics are big and very high quality, clear, sharp, and well-lit. In addition, the girls here are fresh-faced amateur cuties that any fan of the sexy girl-next-door look is sure to enjoy checking out. I also found the uniqueness (i.e. angles, perspectives, etc.) of the photography and video footage to be very cool because it underscored the true amateur nature of the site and definitely felt like a breath of fresh compared to the same old model poses I've seen time and again. Bottom line, if you've been a fan of user submitted material on free sites or the newsgroups, but are looking a more quality product and some consistently cute girls, join up with I Shot Myself for a truly unique experience in amateur porn.
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