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Primary Category: MILF, Secondary Categories: Latina, Oral Sex

Price: $24.95/month (recurring); $99.95 for 180 days
Updates: Once a week
Reviewed On: November 12, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 16/20
Content Quantity: 9/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 10/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 85, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Lots of exclusive amateur blowjob/facial content
- Newer pics are very large
- 3 weekly camshows

- Hardcore pics are typically vidcaps
- Earlier pics are on the small side

Members Area Content as of November 12, 2006:
Pics of Hot Wife Rio: 100 photosets for a total of 5,000+ pics
Vids of Hot Wife Rio: 99 videos (split up into multiple clips)
Webcam: 3 weekly live webcam shows
Other Content: 56 video feeds in a variety of niches, desktop calendars, mp3's of Rio

Hot Wife Rio Review

Today I'm checking out, home to Rio and TT, an amateur couple who have been filming themselves having sex for 6 years and sharing their fun on the Internet since around 2002. Rio is a sexy MILF from Brazil with a super tight and tan body that she loves to show off. The couple's site has a nice blend of pictures and videos and softcore and hardcore content, the hardcore stuff primarily focusing on Rio's specialties: blowjobs and messy facials. Rio also does 3 weekly camshows and offers up a decent amount of bonus content for you to check out as well. As she says on her members page, let the adventure begin...

Rio's members area looks really nice for several reasons. First, the color scheme and graphics are eye-pleasing, tasteful, and professional without being too obtrusive or over the top. Secondly, the site is themed nicely with a tropical flavor; shades of green predominate with accents of orange and red and textured graphics give the feeling of organic plant material to the backgrounds. The fonts also set the mood: Indiana Jones style, bamboo, and tribal style lettering is scattered throughout. Navigation can be accomplished by a graphical menu at the top of the page or a text menu at the very bottom of the page (choices include Photos, Videos, Live Cams, Bonus, and more). However, there's an additional navigational tool about halfway down the page. You can check out our screencap to see it for yourself, but basically it's a cute little treasure map graphic with destinations marked on it representing and linking to the various sections of Rio's site. There are also some cute locations listed on the island (Booty Bay, Sweet Juice Caves, Rio's Peaks, and my personal favorite, Busta Nut Beach). I love clever little stuff like this and I love the design of this site. On a more practical note, it also looks like the members area here is very well organized as you'll see as we explore things. Let's take a look at the Photos section first.

Hot Wife Rio offers up 100 photosets and 5,000+ pics in her members area. These are nicely organized first by year (2003 and 2004), then by month, and then by week within that month. It looks like she adds about a set a week (sometimes more). Each set has a preview thumbnail and once you click it you'll be presented with the accompanying photo gallery and a nice personalized description of the set written by Rio. Each photoset also has accompanying videos as well (more on these later) and these clips are also linked on this page which makes things convenient (the corresponding photoset is also linked from the videos pages). Unfortunately, the 2003 pics start out as vidcaps. Small vidcaps. 500 x 375 to be exact. They're good quality, but of course not as nice looking as normal hi-rez digital pics. After a few months, the photosets switch to a combination of larger vidcaps (very good quality ones too) and regular digital pics (these are nice quality as well), both weighing in at 540 x 720, which is still a bit on the small size. It looks like the vidcaps come into play for the hardcore part of the series (especially the cumshot), most likely so that the video turns out smoother and better. I've seen this before on other sites and don't care for it too much, but I will say that Rio's vidcaps are extremely good quality so that makes me at least a little happier. Starting around the 3rd month of 2004, Rio's hi-rez pics bump up to a huge 768 x 1024. The photos are also excellent quality. The 540 x 720 vidcaps still rear their ugly heads for the hardcore parts of the series, but as I said, at least they're nice quality.

Moving on to the Videos section, I found 99 videos available (downloadable and streamable) here, the majority of which are split into 2-3 separate clips. It looks like for the first couple months of the site, Rio's videos were in Real Media format. Then things switched over to wmv for the duration of the section. In the case of the most recent vids (the last four to be exact), Rio's videos now offer two quality options: broadband and dialup, which is cool. The early Real Media clips were encoded at 224KBps and actually don't look that bad. I watched them at double size and still found them enjoyable. They looked the best at their orginal size though, which is a bit smaller than 320 x 240. The single version wmv vids range from average to good quality wise. The specs on all of them looked to be 320 x 240 in size with bit rates of 346Kbps, but for some reason some of the clips looked (to me, at least) a lot better than others. They're all totally watchable, but some of them looked a lot nicer at full-screen and less pixelated in general than others did. In the wmv movies offering two viewing options, the broadband clips look very good, nice and large at 640 x 480 with a bit rate of 696Kbps. These are definitely watchable at full-screen. The dial-up versions are 320 x 240 at 221Kbps and are of average to above average quality. Cutting through all the technical gobbledegook, I wasn't completely floored by the quality of Rio's videos (no DVD quality stuff here, of course), but I definitely found the every movie I checked out to watchable and enjoyable.

Since the photo's and videos at accompany each other, I'll address some of the subject matter you'll find in both at the same time. One cool feature of Rio's updates/episodes is that not only do they contain both pictures and videos, they also all contain hardcore and softcore portions. The softcore portion typically consists of Rio posing in and stripping out of a sexy outfit, predominantly bikinis and lingerie of all colors and types. She also has some other outfits such as minidresses, etc. as well as the obligatory schoolgirl outfit, but bikinis and a plethora of lingerie seems to definitely be her favorite. The hardcore part of the set is usually shot from a POV (point of view) perspective and typically involves Rio's self-professed specialty: sucking dick. They typically end with another one of her favorites: a big, sticky facial. In between there's some boy-girl sex or sometimes just the nice long BJ. I did see a few girl-girl sets as well as some threesome (ffm) series. The ones I enjoyed the most were typically the one-on-one sets with Rio and TT where she got her face blasted by a massive wad of jizz (this guy can shoot!).

Rio does a whopping 3 live camshows a week on the following three networks: Camz, Amateur Cam House, and Sex Cam Central. You also get access to all of the other shows, performers, and extra video feeds offered on these three networks. Rio lists the date and time of her camshows on her LIve Cams page so it's easy to tell when she's performing. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to check out one of Rio's live shows, so I can't give you too much input on what goes on. Obviously her site has a lot of hardcore elements in it, but I can't be sure if her shows are solo/softcore or hardcore or maybe a little of both.

In her Bonus area, Hot Wife Rio offers up 56 video feeds in a variety of niches ranging from mature, pregnant, big boobs, and golden showers to lesbians, amateurs, asians, anal sex, and oral sex. She also has a "Fun Stuff" section with Hot Wife Rio desktop calendars as well as 10 mp3's of Rio answering the top 10 questions asked by members. Lastly, there's a Girlfriends section featuring galleries (and sometimes videos) of 23 other webgirls accompanied by a link to each girl's respective site.

Bottom Line
I think Rio and TT have got a real nice amateur site here at Rio's a hottie, no doubt about it, and she's definitely got that whole wife/MILF thing going on that a lot of people (me included) find so sexy. Although I have to frown at the partial use of vidcaps in her photo galleries, overall the quality of the content here is good and I liked the fact that there is both a softcore and a hardcore portion to Rio's episodes. If you're a blowjob/facial fan, you'll be particularly pleased. In addition, Rio's interaction is through the roof with 3 live camshows per week and there's also a decent amount of bonus content here to check out as well. I enjoyed this site a lot and I think, if you're into Rio's sexy and exotic looks, you will too.
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