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Homegrown Video
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Review Updated On: July 26, 2009 by Oz

Content Quality: 14/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 84, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Enormous archive of content
- Tons of real amateur, user-submitted pics and vids

- Quality is quite variable

Members Area Content as of July 26, 2009:
Homegrown Video Pics: 943 photosets; 75,000+ pics (many of these are vidcaps)
Homegrown Video Vids: 1,851 videos
Webcam: Homegrown Cams (live chat looking for upsells)
Other Content: 2,000+ Classic Homegrown streams (stream-only Homegrown vids), large erotic story archive, Homegrown message board

Homegrown Video Review

Today I'm checking out Homegrown Video, a huge amateur megasite which bills its "Homegrown Video" moniker as the "longest running amateur porn series on the planet". And it's not just an idle boast. The site itself has been around since way back in 1999 but the company has been around even longer...since 1982 the main page proclaims. Of course, they're not referring to anything internet-related from that long ago; these guys were the first company to distribute so-called "homegrown" porn videos...that is, vids submitted by honest to goodness amateur couples doing the nasty in front of the camera. In fact, the current owner of the company mailed in his own tape of he and his wife gettin' busy to earn some extra cash and then ended up buying out the failing company and, along with his brother, resurrecting it into the juggernaut of amateur porn we see today. Homegrown has even been mentioned in Newsweek and US News. Impressive. So, these guys definitely know amateur porn. They've got a huge archive of material here and it looks like updates come in daily (often with multiple things being added in one day). Let's step inside the members area here at Homegrown Video and take a look around.

Logging in, the members area setup is actually quite simple. The main page consists of news and the latest updates while a menu across the top of the page connects you to a few big sections...Photos, Videos, Forum, etc. There are some other links scattered throughout the page (some to content, some to tech support type things) as well as a search box at the top of the page if you want to find something by keyword. There are some buttons under the search box labeled "New" and "Classic"...I'm assuming the Classic stuff refers to the older material on the site.

Checking out the picture section first, they've got a huge archive of 943 galleries (roughly 75,000+ pics--many of these look to be vidcaps) currently available. There are some sorting options up at the top of the page that let you list the content based on category and model but you'll probably still spend a fair amount of time just clicking around until you find something you're interested in; they've got all the page numbers listed at the top so you can hop around anywhere you want in the archive. Browsing around, it looks like the vast majority of the photos are actually just vidcaps...these come in at 600 x 800 or 640 x 480 depending on the set and the quality isn't the best, at least compared to regular hi-res digital pics. I was actually kind of hard pressed to find some regular photo galleries; when I did, the shots weighed in at 750 x 1000 or 750 x 560 depending on whether you were looking at a vertical or horizontal pic. Incidentally, they provide a link to the video(s) the vidcap galleries are drawn from right on the gallery page so you might want to use the galleries as a way to preview the vid before watching it.

Speaking of videos, they're really the main focus here so let's check 'em out. The vid archive is pretty damn huge as well with 1,851 movies currently residing here. These are set up in similar fashion the pics...category and model name sorting is provided at the top and the videos are listed on page after page after page with a small preview thumb and a description of the action when you mouseover it. Vids are available for stream and download. The streaming clips come in Flash and WMV flavors and are full-length while the downloadable vids are all WMV files and give you the choice of multiple smaller clips or a full-length version. Quality varies widely, as expected on a site like this with a large amount of user-submitted content and an archive this large. Some of the vids look pretty awful while others appear to be professionally shot (or at least shot on high quality equipment). So, be prepared for a grab bag of stuff with some of the clips looking pixelated with screwed up lighting and colors and others looking quite nice with well-lit footage that can sometimes be enlarged to even full-screen without much trouble. As I went through the archive, I saw quite a few vids that looked like they were shot in the 80's or something...I guess they add content to the site that spans the entire life of their company. If you like seeing old, classic amateur porn as well as the new stuff, this might be one of the few sites to offer it.

As far as subject matter, Homegrown is definitely the place to go for real amateur hardcore action. Although, as with most sites like this, there are some scenes that appear to be professionally shot or have models starring in them that either have their own websites or have since joined the porn business, it looks like the majority of the scenes here feature real, honest to goodness, authentic amateur couples taping their sexy fun for all to see. You'll see blowjobs, facials, handjobs, interracial, anal, threesomes, orgies, girl-girl, creampies, double penetration...just about anything you can think of really. As I said, some of the scenes are clearly professionally shot but have an amateur vibe to them (some even have a reality site feel to them with a "storyline" to establish the amateur nature of the model) while others are most definitely personal sex tapes that "regular" people have submitted to the site. So, you get a nice mix of the truly authentic amateur stuff and the more polished amateur-style scenes.

In addition to the pic and vid archives, there are a couple of other items I'll mention. First up is the Classic Streams section. I'm not exactly sure why this stuff is set aside in its own section, but basically you'll find 2,000+ videos here that are stream-only. They're basically similar to the other vids on the site, you just can't download them (they do offer a few different versions: two dial-up and one broadband). There's also a very large erotic stories section with tons of naughty stories to read and, adding to the community feel of the site, there's a large active message board where you can post and interact with other members.

Bottom Line
If you're looking for a truly vast archive of (mostly) real amateur content, you really can't beat Homegrown Video. The main con here is the fact that the quality of the videos varies so widely. Of course, on the other hand, those looking for authentic, user-submitted amateur porn are most likely used to seeing vids that are less (sometimes much less) than studio quality. I think the bottom line is, if you're looking for a truly massive archive of amateur porn, much of it authentic and user-submitted, Homegrown Video is a definite must-see.
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