Her Bedroom Window

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Her Bedroom Window
Price: $19.95/month (recurring)
Updates: Approximately 2 new girls added per month
Reviewed On: June 22, 2009 by Oz

Content Quality: 16/20
Content Quantity: 7/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 80, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Very unique self-shot videos of real amateur girls
- Good quality videos
- Lengthy videos

- Small archive

Members Area Content as of June 22, 2009:
Her Bedroom Window Vids: 20 models (2 hour long videos each)

Her Bedroom Window Review

Her Bedroom Window is another cool and unique user-submitted site from the same folks who put out Sell You Sex Tape, one of my favorite user-submitted sites here at QAP. Like Sell Your Sex Tape, Her Bedroom Window pays real amateurs ($500 bucks in this case) to submit roughly 2 hours of self-shot video footage of themselves for use on the site. Sell Your Sex Tape features couples, Her Bedroom Window focuses on single girls...real amateur girls-next-door filming themselves doing everything from chatting with the camera and putting on makeup to stripping and masturbating. This site definitely looks like a winner, especially for real amateur porn fans...let's check things out.

Checking out the members area, the setup here is about as simple as you can get. All 20 available girls are listed right on the main page, each with a headshot. Below the picture are links to view that babe's vids (the site is video only and contains no photo content). Each girl has two "Tapes" of material (each tape is roughly an hour long) available for stream or download. I should mention they have a download limit of 6GB's (or roughly 10 hours of video) per day, in case you were planning on downloading every vid they had as soon as you join. The vids themselves weigh in at 640 x 480 at 2000-3000K and look good. Of course, these aren't DVD quality vids...you wouldn't expect them to be...but they're still quite clear and you can even watch them at full-screen resolution if you don't mind a bit of pixelation. As I mentioned earlier, the scenes are all self-shot so the camera is either on a stationary tripod (or desk, tabletop, etc.) or handheld which can make things a little jumpy at times. The girls actually do a great job of filming themsleves though and besides, the self-shot camerawork is all part of the allure here anyway and the handheld stuff often provides us with some great close-up shots.

As with the material at Sell Your Sex Tape, the videos here at Her Bedroom Window should be the ultimate turn-on for fans of real amateur porn. The girls are young (typically 18-20 years old), cute, and incredibly charming in their homemade videos. They've got a nice mix of babes here too...big boobs and small, tight-bodied and more curvy, some punkers with tattoos and piercings and shy looking, preppy girls as well. Of course, best of all, they're all REAL. Not pornstars pretending to be amateurs...these are authentic girls-next-door sharing themselves sexually with the rest of the world for the first time on film.

The content of the videos varies a bit as it's really up to the girl exactly what she wants to do in them. Most of the girls spend quite a bit of time chatting with the camera about all sorts of things...they talk about the more basic stuff (name, age, and where they live or work, of course) but also discuss things they like what they like to do sexually, sexual experiences they've had, etc. One babe I saw spends quite a bit of time showing us her extensive sex toy collection, another chick talks to us about her family and her political views, and a third shows off her tattoos and talks about each one. In many of the vids I looked at, you get to watch the girl as she gets ready, does her makeup, and tries on various outfits. Of course, there's nudity here...the babes strip down and show off their young, naked bodies for the camera while changing. Many videos also contain shower or bathtub footage, providing us with more opportunities to check out these chicks' sexy, nubile bodies...several of the girls also masturbate themselves to some pretty intense orgasms in the shower or bath as well.

Speaking of which, each video does include multiple masturbation scenes, lest you think all of the vids just contain talking and makeup application. Oh no, these vids contain some of the hottest masturbation scenes around, mainly because the action is all real and the orgasms authentic. You'll see these real amateur hotties finger and rub their pussies as well as use a wide variety of sex toys including multiple dildos (glass, silicone, etc.) and vibrators (everything from The Rabbit to The Bullet and more) to bring themselves to toe curling, convulsing, orgasms. Man, it's hot to see these real-life girls-next-door whimper, moan, and writhe around in orgasmic ecstasy! Some of the girls are more outgoing and chat with the camera throughout their shoot (even in between orgasms, which is pretty hot), others are more shy (which is pretty sexy as well) and talk very little while pleasuring themselves. Really some wonderful stuff here for guys who love real amateur girls as opposed to fake pornstars.

Bottom Line
If you want to see real amateur girls-next-door making themselves cum, Her Bedroom Window is a definite must-see. There's more than just the masturbation footage here though and I think that the non-masturbation stuff is going to be a big part of the turn-on for real amateur fans. It's sexy to "get to know" these girls a bit better, hear about their lives and their sexuality, and listen to their cute little giggles as they get naked or accidentally bump the camera or hear them sigh contentedly after a particularly intense (and very real) orgasm. This is the kind of stuff we real amateur porn fans live for and I can't recommend Her Bedroom Window highly enough.
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