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Price: $29.95/month (recurring)
Updates: Unknown
Review Updated On: November 23, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 15/20
Content Quantity: 6/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 6/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 7/10
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 72, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Bonus access to 7 other members areas
- Well thought-out photo/video shoots

- No longer appear to be updating
- Poor interaction
- Small amount of Hennessie content

Members Area Content as of November 23, 2008:
Pics of Hennessie: 26 photosets, 1,700+ pics (some of which are vidcaps)
Vids of Hennessie: 13+ videos
Other Content: Access to 7 other sites, 9 camshow replays

Hennessie Review

Hennessie is a cute little brunette with big brown eyes and a super tight and sexy body. Her site has both hardcore and softcore pictures and videos (albeit not a lot of either as of yet) and you also get access to 8 other sites with your membership. This is my second visit to the site and it doesn't look like a whole lot has been added to the members area since I was last here. At first glance, I'm thinking they're most likely no longer updating the site. Ah well, let's take a look around and see if anything has changed.

Hennessie's main members page is pretty straight-forward with a title graphic across the top and links to the latest updates to her site taking up the bulk of the page. There a menu bar located immediately below the title graphic that you can use to surf her site. Hennessie's pics and vids are organized a little differently than a lot of other amateurs. Instead of there being two big categories "Pictures" and "Videos" in the menu, the content is instead divided up into "Hardcore" and "Softcore" sections, each containing both pics and vids. When you click on either link, you're presented with a series of preview thumbnails with a brief description next to each one describing the action you'll find in that particular chapter/set/episode, whatever you want to call it. For the most part, it looks like each chapter contains both photosets and video clips (although there are a few exceptions along the way). As a result of this somewhat unique setup, I'll discuss the subject matter of the pics and vids together (since they accompany each other), but I'll still give you the lowdown on the quality/size of Hennessie's content in separate sections. Let's start with Hennessie's photos.

Each episode (except one) on Hennessie's site has 1-2 photosets within it. The amount of pics per set varies somewhat: I found galleries with 50, 70, 80, and over 100 images in them. Sometimes the pics are normal hi-rez digital photos, but other times they are simply vidcaps taken from the accompanying video, which I think is kind of cheesy. The non-vidcap pics are good quality and well-lit, albeit a bit small at 480 x 720 in size. The vidcaps are a bit grainier (as you might expect) and tend to be almost all horizontal pics weighing in at 720 x 480 as well. To be fair, for the most part these look better than your average crappy quality vidcaps but they still can't compete with the normal hi-rez pics Hennessie offers up as well. Some of the chapters that have two photosets seemed to be divided with the first gallery being all softcore posing (with hi-rez pics) and then the second gallery switching over to vidcaps when the hardcore action started. I actually saw this on Wifey's World when I reviewed it; I think it's an attempt to make the hardcore video itself better and more natural, as opposed to having to stop and snap still pics the whole time. Not really making excuses; just giving you my inference as to the rationale. The one thing I didn't understand though is that some of the galleries in the Softcore section that contain vidcaps don't have any accompanying videos. Odd. Anyhow, on to the videos...

Hennessie has videos in only 13 or so of her episodes (primarily the hardcore ones) currently on her site. Each full video is divided into around 3 clips of about 3-6 minutes in length. You also get a choice of low quality (WMV) and high quality (MPG) versions for each clip (some of the scenes also offer a Real Media and MP4 version as well). Even the low quality clips here looked pretty good to me, weighing in at 352 x 240 in size with a bit rate of 304Kbps. They played and looked just fine even on full-screen; if anything, it seemed like the high quality clips (352 x 240 at 671Kbps or 480 x 320 at 750K) were a bit more dithery in some places than the low quality ones (although the frame rate for the high quality ones seemed much smoother). Either way, both versions looked nice and were very watchable at full screen.

As far as subject matter, the softcore sets feature Hennessie in the shower (an outdoor and indoor one), posing on the bed, taking a bubble bath, shaving her pussy, and wetting herself down with a hose. She typically wears cute little bra and panty sets but there's also a latex police outfit complete with big black boots. In the Hardcore section there are several straight ahead sex scenes where Hennessie gets naked, gives some lucky guy a BJ, gets fucked, and then takes a facial or a cumshot to her cute little ass. There are some unique themed series to makes things more interesting as well. These include a couple of mff threesomes with Hennessie and some other hotties (there's also some girl-girl in the beginning of these scenes--and one other episode as well-- and one of the threesome sets has the two girls dressed as schoolgirls), a gloryhole episode, a couple of creampies and cumswapping, and some roleplaying costume stuff too (hippie chick, FBI agent, etc.)

There aren't really any interactive items here. I remember when I was here last Hennessie had some camshow replays but no camshow schedule for current shows. It looks like the replays are still here (still the same amount as years ago as well) but no current shows are listed anywhere. I guess this all goes along with the whole not updating thing.

Your membership to Hennessie's site gives you bonus access to 8 other sites. Creamed Cuties features pics and vids of 80 different girls sucking dick and having their faces blasted with cum. Creampie Cuties, as you might expect from the name, focuses on chicks sucking and fucking and taking a load inside their pussies. There are 40 girls here, all with pics and vids. Creampie Thais is basically the same idea as Creampie Cuties except all the girls are from Thailand. There are 10 of them at present and they all have pics and vids of their sexual exploits. Continental Cuties only has 9 girls right now. As with the other sites, Continental Cuties contains pics and vids of each girl fucking and sucking and taking facials, the premise being that these girls are from all over the world (hence the "continental"). There are a few other bonus sites as well...Sweet Amanda and Asian Suck Dolls.

Hennessie also has a store where she sells DVD's (I assume they're DVD's since they appear to come in CD jewel cases) of her various hardcore videos. I'm not sure if these just contain the videos from the site or extra footage. If I had to guess, I'd probably say it's the videos you can see on the site. If you're wondering why I'm guessing, it's because there isn't much info provided about each DVD or the store in general.

Bottom Line
Hennessie's a little hottie, no doubt about it, but her site is currently a little sparse content-wise: currently only around 1,700 pics and 13 or so videos. The bonus site access definitely bolsters this deficiency somewhat, but if you join specifically for Hennessie, don't expect to see a ton of her stuff. And with no updates in the works, the archive isn't going to grow at all. Also, I'd like to see some more interaction here; it looks like Hennessie used to do camshows and it might be a good idea to bring these back. The good news is that the content that *is* here is pretty good with a nice mix of hardcore and softcore shoots and it looks like a reasonable amount of thought goes into each one to keep things interesting. I had a problem with a lot of the galleries being vidcaps, but it's not necessarily a make or break issue. The bottom line is: if Hennessie's site was a stand-alone one, I probably wouldn't recommend it but since your membership also gives you access to a several other good sites, it might be worth at least a month's stay.
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