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Review Updated On: December 2, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 20/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 4/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 14/15

Score: 91, GOLD

Quick Facts
- Huge archive of extremely high quality photos and videos
- Daily updates
- Pictures available in a multitude of sizes
- Lots of video options
- Some interactive features with the models

- High monthly fee

Members Area Content as of December 2, 2008:
Hegre Art Pics: 171 models, for a total of 121,762 pics
Hegre Art Vids: 291 films
Other Content: Peter Hegre travel reports, message board, model diaries, "Mr. Right" meet-a-model section, erotic stories, mobile phone wallpapers and themes, photo forum, e-cards

Hegre Art Review

Today I'm taking a followup look at Hegre-Art.com, a site showcasing the beautiful nude photos of world-renowned photographer Petter Hegre. The "world-renowned" part isn't just an advertising slogan; Hegre backs up his photographic prowess with some impressive credentials in addition to his stunning artistic nudes. The author of five books on The New Nude, as Hegre calls his "more natural, more intimate style" of photographing women, he also won the 2001 Erotic Photographer of the Year award at the 8th annual Erotic Oscars in London. Petter put his site, Hegre-Art.com, together back in 2002 and through an impressive and rigorous system of daily updates he's accumulated quite an impressive archive of exclusive photos as well as a decent amount of videos. Just at first glance, the women here look incredibly hot and the photography exceptional, so I think we're in for a real treat. It looks like there's a lot of stuff to see here; let's dive right in.

Hegre Art is one of those sites where the tour looks very similar to the members section. In fact, all of the menu items you see on the tour are pretty much identical to those you'll find once you've joined. As a result, you may need to poke around a little once you've joined to find out what you now have access to as a member (other than the obvious photos and videos) and what's simply the same stuff from the tour.

Anyhow, let's take a look at how things are set up once you click the Members link. Across the top of the page is a title graphic and menu which are identical to the ones you'll find in the tour. Part of the title graphic is a pic counter that proudly displays how many pics are currently on the site (there are a whopping 121,762 as of this review). The menu links to all of the many sections of the site including (as I mentioned) many areas that are also accessible to some extent on the free side. On the left-hand side of the page are graphical links to the most recent updates to the site. It's obvious there's some really nice organization and attention to detail going on here. Hegre also has a nice looking Model Index. There are over 171 girls here in alphabetical order and there's a preview pic for each one. There are also some pull-down menus on the left-hand side that allow you to jump directly to a specific model based on her name or her country (everywhere from Argentina to the Ukraine and everywhere in between). Clicking one of the preview headshots takes you to that models main page where you'll find a two paragraph bio of the girl and graphical links to all of her pics and vids (if available; not all of the models have videos). Kudos to Hegre for some great organization of quite a large archive of content.

Accessing the content is pretty simple. You can either go through the Model Index, pick a babe that catches your eye, and take a look at all of her content at once or you can use the Galleries link in the top menu to view things chronologically or jump to any point in time in the huge archive. You'll see all of the available shoots for whatever time period you've selected displayed in the center of the page. For each one, you get a title, pic count, preview thumbnail (these are in the magazine cover format you may recognize from MET Art and FTV Girls), and links to download the entire set in a zip file (they offer the zips in Small, Medium, Large, and (sometimes) Extra Large sizes). Everything here opens in a new window, which normally annoys me somewhat, but here I found it convenient to be able to simply close the window and be right back where I started. Anyhow, enough about design and organization; let's check out the photos and videos and see how things look.

As far as pic size, Hegre Art offers a few options, two of which are very large. I was impressed that even back in 2002 the photosets feature at least two, and often three, different viewing sizes for each pic: 600 x 450, 900 x 1200, and a huge 1300 x 2000. These three sizes are offered throughout all of the photosets in the archive and it looks like as of September 2004 they've added a fourth size to some of their sets (an enormous 2200 x 3000) and even more recently, a gargantuan 3000 x 4000 and 4000 x 6000! This is truly enormous; you can practically see the pores in the girl's skin at this size. Quality-wise, as you might expect, things look phenomenal. The photos are crisp, clear, and look fantastic even early on in the archive. As time progresses, not only does the size of the photos increase (as I mentioned), but you'll also the find the quality of the photos becomes even more breathtaking. As far as subject matter, everything here is softcore and has a glamorous, artistic, and very professional look to it. However, one of the unique things about Petter Hegre is that he manages to imbue all of his photography with a very natural and intimate feel that invokes a feeling of connection with the women in his photos. His models are very much natural beauties; you won't see huge fake tits or a lot of piercings, tattoos, or body mods here. These girls are pure beauties and Petter's photography is for those who want to admire the eroticism and sensuality of a woman's body in it's purest form. Many of the locale's Petter Hegre shoots in are "natural" as well; a large number of sets take place in beautiful outdoor locales: you'll find these beautiful babes posing everywhere from poolside and at the beach to lush meadows and fields, woods, and riverside. You'll find plenty of indoor locations as well from various studio setups to beds, couches, bathtubs/showers, and many, many more. Really, no matter where the location, the watchword for Petter Hegre's photos is "beauty". And somehow, I think this guy could make a trash heap look absolutely gorgeous if combined with his beautiful models and amazing photography.

Although Hegre Art is primarily a photo site, there are quite a few videos here as well (291 to be exact; a new movie is added weekly). To access the videos, you can either use the Model Index and sort through things by girl or you can click the Films link in the top row of the main menu. Here you'll find a big link to the most recent film in the center of the page and text links down the left-hand side connecting you with previously added videos. Each movie gets it's own preview thumbnail (these are enlargeable to around 500 x 700 and have the magazine cover look), and a brief description of the shoot. To play the movie, you get two to three viewing options: the earlier clips offer up WMV and MOV files, later films also provide a DivX AVI, PSP, and an M4V version for your iPod as well. Quality-wise, everything looks great. They're not quite as high quality as the Hegre Art photos, but I didn't really expect them to be; that'd be a tall order to say the least. As far as the different versions, I didn't really notice an appreciable difference between the WMV, MOV, or AVI clips. For streaming, the WMV video is the obvious choice as the both the MOV and AVI movie require that they fully load before playback begins. For downloading, I'd check out which one looks best to your eye (as I said, they all looked pretty darn good to me) and go with that. The subject matter of the videos is very similar to the photos. Don't expect to suddenly see the girls getting gangbanged or anything lol. The videos are set to new-agey type music and are typically sort of a behind-the-scenes look at a photoshoot. You'll often be able to watch the model strip and see Petter at various times snapping photos and giving direction. I'm not sure how erotic the videos are per se (other than the simple fact that the babes are all gorgeous and naked), but I found the videos fascinating nonetheless. Another cool feature available here is the ability to review and rate the Hegre Art films after you've watched them. Members reviews/ratings appear below each movie so you can also use this as way to decide which videos you want to check out first.

Hegre Art also offers up quite a bit of material other than the photos and videos I've just discussed. You can preview a lot of these "bonus" sections on the tour. To access certain parts of many of them though, you'll need to become a member. I'll just briefly touch on some of the most notable ones. Probably the coolest section (at least IMO) are Petter's Travel Reports. As Petter says at the top of this section, "If you want to shoot the most beautiful girls in the world, you have to be willing to go out there and find them!". And Petter does indeed travel far and wide to find his girls, staging "Erotic Expeditions" to all parts of the world from Paris to Portugal to Thailand to Russia to Mexico, and more. In the Travel Reports section, you get the chance to virtually accompany him on his trips: each "report" here comes with a lengthy description of the voyage written by Petter as well as some small galleries featuring photos taken during the trip. Lastly, in addition to some e-cards and wallpapers (check them out on the free side), you'll also find two different message boards offered at Hegre: one for members and one for non-members. The members Photo Forum is a PhotoPost that features photos submitted by members of the site. The free area Info Forum is actually the cooler of the two IMO because it contains two interactive forums: one where Petter himself posts and another where Luba Hegre (one of the most popular models at Hegre and Petter's wife to boot) posts and responds to fans. They also have recently added a new section called "Mr. Right" where members are able to submit applications to be put in direct contact with some of the Hegre models. Sorta like an online dating service. The model info sections include diaries and bio info. It's great that they have this sort of interactive thing going on, especially with one of the models, which is usually so lacking in these huge megasites.

Bottom Line
I'd wholeheartedly recommend Hegre Art to anyone who's a fan of beautiful, artistic nude photography. I've reviewed several sites in this genre in recent weeks, and can most definitely say I enjoyed Petter Hegre's the most. This site is a stand-out for several reasons: Petter's amazing and beautiful photography, a very impressive update schedule, a commendable attention to detail and organization, and various other unique and interesting areas of the site including an interactive message board (a rarity with these types of large megasites) and the "Mr Right" section. If you've ever thought about joining a artistic nude photography site, it doesn't get any better than Hegre Art.
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