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Primary Category: Busty, Secondary Category: MILF

Price: $19.95/month; $49.95/90 days (recurring)
Updates: 2 - 3 times a week
Reviewed On: August 3, 2004 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 6/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 84, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large amount of pics of Angel (literally 40,000+ if cam snaps are included)
- Quality of both pics and videos is quite good for amateur site
- Multiple webcam shows per week
- Active journal

- Confusing navigation and organization
- Some design issues
- A little too many ads

Members Area Content as of August 3, 2004:
Pics of Angel: 107 galleries for a total of approximately 10,000 hi-rez pics of Angel, 19 galleries of low-rez cam captures (hundreds of these per gallery), 154 galleries of lower-rez cam snaps (up to and over a thousand of these per gallery)
Vids of Angel: 65 vids, length ranges from 7 to 60 minutes
Webcam: 2 - 4 webcam shows a week, in addition to "Tease N Chat" shows
Other Content: Angel's journal, 95 galleries (with ads) of other amateurs, live feeds, streams, games, and various extras

Heavenly Curves Review

HeavenlyCurves.com is the home of Angel, a busty blonde true amateur MILF who runs her site with her husband. She has a large amount of softcore/glamour pics and videos to offer as well as thousands of cam captures, multiple live camshows per week, a personal journal, and lots of other extras.

Angel's main members page is a bit amateur-ish in design, probabaly owing to the fact that her husband and her do all the design themselves. It actually looks quite a bit different than the free part of her site, with a white background instead of black and a series of gray buttons going down the left frame and linking to her members area content. Despite the simple design, it took me a few seconds to decide where to go and then get there. For one thing, there's a lot of stuff here to see and a lot of buttons linking to it. For another, since Angel used the same button and text size for every button, it took me a sec to figure out that the "Galleries" button is actually a heading for the types of galleries listed on the buttons beneath it and not actually a link to the galleries themselves. Anyhow, once I got that sorted out, I started digging through the content, starting with the Picture section.

The Picture area here is pretty massive, but I should differentiate between the types of pics included here. There are 107 of what I'd call standard galleries. By that I mean galleries of high quality pics of around 600 x 800 in size. It's really hard to get an average number of pics per gallery here. I didn't see any galleries with less than 30 pics in it, but then I found one with 75, one with 135, and one as high as 210. Next, there are 19 galleries of what Angel calls "Cam Captures". These are smaller (around 500 x 375) posed captures that Angel snapped, I'm presuming during her webcam shows. There are a ton of these in each gallery (we're talking in the 200-500+ range here). Lastly, there are 154 galleries of "Cam Snaps", which are even smaller (320 x 240) pics taken automatically at regular intervals during Angel's camshows. These have a pretty broad range in terms of number of pics per gallery but most are in the hundreds and some are even over a thousand (!). As you can see, both the Cam Capture and Snap areas have tons of pics, albeit of lower quality and rather repetitive by their very nature.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's talk quality and content of the pics. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Angel's pictures. Some of the design issues had me worried, but the photos are nicely done, some even bordering on what I would call professional quality. Since Angel and her husband claim to do all the photos themselves (as well as everything else on the site), it was cool that they were able to pull off the high class photography found on their site without looking like amateurs. I would term most of Angel's pics as Glamour photography. As such, you're not gonna see her wolfing down two big black cocks under the stark light of a big camera spotlight and taking monster facials. What you ARE going to get is a lot of tastefully done photography, sexy lingerie, soft light, and Angel showing off the curves her site is named for. Just browsing through the sets I saw a ton of lingerie, stockings and heels, bikinis, girl-girl sex, various costumes, foot fetish, balloon play, and more. Big mix of stuff here for you to check out. No boy-girl sex at least that I could see though.

One thing I personally didn't like about the galleries, content aside, is that when you click on any pic in a gallery you are immediately inserted into a slideshow of the pics, with a new one loading every couple seconds. Sure, you have controls at the top to pause, fast forward, or rewind the show, but I'd have preferred the option to not enter the slideshow at all. If you start trying to use the back button, things can get hairy as the slideshow tries to advance as you back up and everything goes haywire.

While I'm on the subject, one other item about navigation here. I mentioned at the beginning of the review how many buttons there were in the sideframe menu. But, there's no Home button to take you back to the main members page which is the only page where Angel lists her updates and there's also no Updates button linking directly to them. I wish more amateurs would include a Home button in their navigation. There's nothing more annoying than being up to your ears in one of the galleries and having to click the back button 20 times to get back to the main member area. On a dial-up connection especially, this can take forever.

The button linking to Angel's video section says "M-pegs", but the clips are actually in WMV format, lol. She has around 65 clips available in this section for you to check out. The first 25 or so videos appear to come from Angel's cam shows; two are private request shows and the others are replays of regular shows. Most of these are long in duration and large in file size. Quite a few are 60 minutes in length and around 50MB in size (thank god they aren't actually mpegs or we'd be here all night). After the cam show vids, there are around 40 additional videos. These aren't offered in streaming format like the others and require you to download them in zip files before you can view them. Many are offered in a large (640 x 480) size and a small (320 x 240) size. I did download a few of the vids (some camshows and some of the regular clips) and the quality was quite good. Obviously, the camshows were not as nice as the other clips, but they still looked only slightly pixelly even on full screen. The higher quality clips (640 x 480 at 1506kbps) looked fantastic. These are of course large files to download, but well worth the wait once you get them. Definitely some of the better quality amateur videos I've seen recently. As far as content of the vids, it looked like Angel's camshows feature some chat and end with her masturbating herself to one of her trademark screaming orgasms. You gotta hear that shit. The other videos have some striptease and balloon play among other things. As with the rest of Angel's site, her videos looked to be mostly softcore, although there is at least one clip of her blowing a fake rubber dick that actually sprays "cum" on her face.

I checked out Angel's calendar and it appears she does a varying number of live cam shows a week (the cam networks she broadcasts on are Sex Cam Central, Amateur Cam House and Camz) and also what she calls a Tease N Chat on Yahoo and anywebcam.com. The details of this are explained inside but it seems to boil down to members of Angel's site and her Yahoo fanclub getting together to text chat and watch her tease on cam. Of course you also gain access to the other shows and performers on all of the Cam networks Angel is doing shows for. The calendar on the site was filled out for three weeks when I checked it out, and the dates and times of Angel's shows varied. One week she had 3 shows going on, the next week two shows and the week after that 1 show. I guess you have to check the calendar to find out when she's performing; she may add more shows to each week as she finds the time. Either way, I got the impression that she really enjoys interacting with her members and probably does anywhere from 2-4 shows a week, which is awesome. Speaking of interaction, Angel also has a journal on her site which she seems to write in quite frequently (every couple days). The entries are cute and personal and some are rather long.

Angel's site offers up some of the obligatory Member Extras you find in a lot of Amateur sites. These include galleries of other amateurs (of course containing links to the girls that provided the pics), some adult games, various streams and feeds, erotic stories written by Angel, some custom wallpaper and a short Bio.

The whole last section of Angel's menu is devoted to ads and links to other amateurs. I found some of this odd since they were setup more the way you'd do it in the non-members section of a site. There were no content galleries or anything, just straight up links to other sites. There's also a link to a store to purchase Angel items like photographs and worn lingerie and a link to an adult toy store with nothing to do with Angel at all.

Bottom Line
Content-wise, HeavenlyCurves.com has the makings of a great amateur site. There is a large amount of pictures available (even discounting the smaller cam snaps) and they're nice, high quality glamour shots. The videos as well are numerous and nicely done, with the larger high quality files looking particularly good. Throw in the multiple weekly camshows and Angel's journal for some personality and you've got a great amateur site for a reasonable cost. Having said that, my main complaint here was one of organization and navigation. The downside of having a large amount of content is having to tackle the challenge of presenting it in an organized and easy to find manner. Angel's members area didn't totally baffle me or anything, but a few changes (at the very least the addition of a Home and Updates button as I mentioned earlier and maybe a way to opt out of the pics slideshow) could make an already good site an incredible site. Either way, if you like Angel's look and don't mind spending a little bit of extra time finding your way around a real MILF's members area, Heavenly Curves is an excellent choice.
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