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Primary Category: Fetish, Secondary Category: Punk & Emo
Geek Girls Online
Price: $8.99/month; $24.99/90 days (recurring)
Updates: Unknown
Reviewed On: October 20, 2011 by Oz

Content Quality: 16/20
Content Quantity: 8/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 6/10
Surfability: 7/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 2/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 79, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Exclusive, niche content
- Unique "geek girl" pics and vids
- Nice amount of personality
- Incredibly low monthly fee

- Small amount of videos
- Quality could be better at times
- Unknown update schedule

Members Area Content as of October 20, 2011:
Geek Girls Online Pics: 64 models; 162 photosets; 9,094 pics
Geek Girls Online Vids: 12 videos
Other Content: Member forum, Geekzine e-zine

Geek Girls Online Review

Geek Girls Online is a unique site catering to guys who loves geeky girls. "Geeky" of course means the babes are interested in video games, computers, roleplaying games, etc. and there's a mix of girls who have the intellectual girl-next-door look and wear glasses as well as babes who have a punk/emo thing going on with funky hair colors, makeup, and outfits. One thing I should mention right off is that the site's monthly membership fee is unbelievably low at just $8.99/month. That certainly makes this site an incredibly sweet deal.

Checking out the members area (incidentally, you have to log-in via the join page for some reason), they've got a pretty straight-forward setup here. The models are all listed on the main page, with a headshot for each one. A menu across the top of the page hooks you up with the site's forum and a bonus e-zine and there's a keyword search up there as well. To access the content, you'll want to click on a girl you like and then check out her main page where you'll find some geeky stats (her favorite movie, TV show, video game, anime, current computer setup, and more) and a listing of her available shoots.

All told, the site contains 64 models, 162 photosets, 9,094+ pics, and 12 videos. The updates are dated but because of the way they have things setup it's a bit difficult to tell how often they update. I believe they're still adding new content but I'm not sure how frequently. Considering the pic to vid ratio, it looks like the photos are definitely the focus here so let's check those out first. (Incidentally, it would be handy to have a way to separate the handful of the videos from all of the photosets). The photosets contain anywhere from 30-100+ pics per shoot and they're viewable as a gallery and downloadable as a zip file. It's pretty much impossible to download individual pics because they're displayed as a Flash gallery so you'll have to download the entire zip file if you want to save the pics. Photo size is on the small side at 600 x 800 and the photo quality is variable. Some shoots look pretty professional while others have lighting issues or a graininess that gives them more of an amateur feel. Some of the shoots also have an arty feel about them so the lighting/coloring can be a a bit unique.

As for the videos, as I said, there aren't many of them and they're quite hard to find as there's no easy to separate them out from the photosets. It looks like the clips are full-length only and offered in Flash format for streaming in-browser and AVI format for download. The AVI's I watched weighed in at 1280 x 720 at 2900K and looked pretty decent. They aren't professional quality by any means but you can get away with full-screening them if you don't mind a bit of pixelation. The lighting could have been a bit better in the couple I watched, but no huge complaints.

The site does a good job of delivering on their geeky girl theme. The design of the members area and, as I mentioned earlier, the model bios add a nice amount of personality to the site. As far as the shoots themselves, they're typically standard pose and strip sets. There's usually something "geeky" about the setting...there are girls playing with Dungeons & Dragons paraphernalia, looking at World of Warcraft strategy guides, reading books, playing on their computers and, in one vid I saw, masturbating with an XBOX controller. As I said at the beginning of the review, the babes run the gamut from nerdy glasses-wearing types to goth/emo looking chicks.

In addition to the pics and vids, there's a member forum where you can interact with other members and the site's models and discuss the site and other geeky things like video, online roleplaying, and table top games, comic books, movies, and more. There's also an e-zine called Geekzine which features similar geeky content and includes articles written by some of the Geek Girls Online models.

Bottom Line
Geek Girls Online is a niche-based site and as such will appeal to guys with a specific type of fetish: in this case, hot geeky girls. The site does have some hiccups...the quality could be better at times and there are very few videos here (they can be hard to find as well, due to the site's navigational setup). Other than that, the site delivers exclusive geeky babe content with a nice amount of personality and the monthly fee is ridiculously low at $8.99/month. If you're into chicks who can lead a raid in Warcraft and look great in lingerie while doing it, this is the site for you.
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