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Furry Girl Review
Price: $20/month (recurring); $80 for 180 days (non-recurring)
Updates: 4-6 updates a month
Review Updated On: February 10, 2010 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 85, SILVER

Quick Facts
- One of the best "hairy" real amateur sites on the net
- Good quality pics and vids
- Cute site design and easy navigation

- Older content is of lesser quality
- Limited video options

Members Area Content as of February 10, 2010:
Pics of Furry Girl: 121+ photosets for a total of 9,000+ pics
Vids of Furry Girl: 106+ videos
Other Content: Furry Girls Journal, message board, Friends galleries

Furry Girl Review

Furry Girl is a 20-something all-natural babe who (as you may have guessed by her name) doesn't shave any part of her body. As a result, she's got a full bush, hairy legs, and hairy armpits which all you guys with a "hairy" fetish should definitely enjoy. She's also got extremely long brown hair, so I don't think she cuts that very often (if at all) either. Following along this all-natural line, it goes without saying that Furry Girl's perky little boobs are 100% real and she also refrains from wearing makeup and says she's been a vegan for many years. In other words, the only thing more natural than this girl is the sun rising in the east and the flowers blooming in the spring. Anyhow, this is Furry Girl's personal website (that she designed and maintains herself; she's been online for over 7 years), and in her members area you'll find pics and vids as well several interactive items such Furry Girl's journal, and a message board.

Furry Girl's members area is organized quite well. The main page consists of a cute pic of Furry Girl along with a welcome message from her and a list of the most recent updates to the members area. Navigation is accomplished via a menu at the top of the page that links to Furry Girl's various member sections, everything from pics and vids to journal, message board, and some extras. Everything here looks nice and seems pretty straight-forward. Let's take a closer look around.

In the photos section, you'll find all of Furry Girl's pic series (currently 121 of them) neatly arranged, each with a short description and a little clip art graphic that's related to the set (I thought these were pretty cute). She's also got what she calls "Hot Spots" or keywords listed for each series (i.e. two girls kissing, messy, feet, strap-on, stockings, anal, etc.) so you can quickly key in on what fetishes or subject matter you'll find in each set. Size-wise, the older pics weigh in at 600 x 800 and the newer shoots bump things up to 683 x 1024. Other than literally the very first set of pics (which Furry Girl herself labels "amateur"), the quality of the photos here is pretty good. There's definitely an amateur vibe to the pics of course, and their are some blurry pics mixed in here and there, but in general everything looks pretty nice. Predictably, the newer photos look better than the older stuff...these are generall clear and well-lit.

As far as subject matter, Furry Girl's photosets are nicely themed and usually offer a bit more than the typical "strip and masturbate" sort of action. Just browsing through the archive I saw: Furry Girl naked wrapped in Christmas lights, peeing and then masturbating on the toilet, putting frosting on her toes and licking it off, wearing a strap-on, wearing a man's dress shirt (and nothing else), getting naked in a toy store, carving a jack-o-lantern and rubbing the pumpkin goo on her pussy, masturbating with a variety of toys, making a banana split on herself, posing in the shower, and many more. There are several outdoor sets: posing in a lake wearing a white slip (totally see-through when wet of course), getting naked in the woods, semi-nude in an industrial park, and wearing a white t-shirt on the beach, among others. Many of the sets also have a pseudo-artistic feel to them, with some interesting posing, some use of light and shadow, close-up shots, and a couple of black and white shoots. There isn't a lot of boy-girl hardcore material here, but I did see a one fuck scene (with a load of cum being shot on FurryGirl's stomach and bush) and a short blowjob set (no cumshot though).

Currently, Furry Girl's got 106 videos in her members area for you to check out. Much like the pics, each clip comes with a description and a preview pic. It looks like the vids are all mainly in MP4 format with a few WMV's mixed in. Quality-wise, they look pretty good although the sound of some of the older clips I watched was very staticky (the more recent vids rectify this problem though). Content-wise, it looks like a lot of Furry Girl's movies parallel her photosets. She has videos of her licking a lime, masturbating with various toys, playing with ice, peeing, playing in the bathtub, and wearing a strap-on. I also saw video versions of her foot fetish frosting set, the banana split shoot, and her Christmas lights series, among others. I also checked out a clip where Furry Girl goes through all of the toys (read: vibrators and dildos) she has in her "toy box" and explains where she got them and why she likes them which was pretty cute. The only boy-girl hardcore vid I saw was a pretty lengthy clip of FurryGirl sucking dick while wearing glasses before getting a nice load of cum shot on her face.

In the Interaction department, Furry Girl has a journal and a message board. In addition, Furry Girl has a Twitter and Twitpic account where she posts frequently and provides various random pics from her everyday life. Furry Girl used to do live webcam chats but has discontinued them due to lack of member interest. As far as extras, I only thing I saw was a Friends section with bonus galleries from some other amateur webgirls. There's also a FAQ and About Me page if you're interested.

Bottom Line
If you're looking for a single model site starring a hairy, all-natural amateur, FurryGirl.com is the best. She's got a nice archive of good quality, nicely themed content that "furry" fetishists should definitely enjoy. Although I wish Furry Girl offered some other video options (instead of or in addition to MP4 files), I didn't have too many problems checking out the clips she has available. Furry Girl also infuses a lot of personality into her site via a regularly updated journal, twitter acount, and a message board as well as various small descriptions and textual items throughout the site. Like hairy babes? Then you'll definitely enjoy Furry Girl's site.
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