First Time Auditions

Primary Category: Reality, Secondary Category: First-Timers

Price: $24.95/month (recurring)
Updates: 1 new First Time Auditions episode a week; Reality Kings network updates daily
Reviewed On: August 3, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 7/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 2/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 14/15

Score: 86, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Exclusive video content of amateur "first-timers"
- Bonus access to other 23 sites in Reality Kings network
- Easy navigation
- Girls are hot

- Episodes are somewhat repetitious

Members Area Content as of August 3, 2008:
First Time Auditions Pics: 205 photosets; 20,000+ pics
First Time Auditions Vids: 205 full videos (split into multiple parts)
Other Content: Access to the other 23 Reality Kings members areas

First Time Auditions Review

Hey there, hi there, ho there, the clock on the wall says it's once again time for one of Oz's "reality checks". What's an Oz "reality check" you ask? Why, that's where I get to *check* inside another hot *reality* site to review it for QAP of course, yuk yuk yuk. Pretty clever, huh? No, not really, but hey I have to amuse myself somehow while I'm in my little dungeon cubicle writing these reviews. Which reminds me..."Guard, can I make a phone call?" Anyhow, clever or not, I'm again preparing to head inside another reality site from the guys at the Reality Kings (formerly known as All Sites Access) network. This time we're checking out, a site which claims to have placed ads in newspapers across the nation looking for amateur girls 18-25 who are interested in being stars in the TV, music, and movie industries. OK, we all know where this is it says on the tour, these girls "will do ANYTHING to be famous". Well, as you can probably guess, the "anything" here isn't something along the lines of covering themselves with bacon grease and walking a tightrope over a pit of alligators while singing "O, Canada" (although that might be interesting to see on video). No, the "anything" for these chicks involves getting naked, slobbering on a nice thick slab of manmeat, and getting their pretty pink pussies poked pugnaciously by a plethora of protruding peckers. Try saying that one 3 times fast. Anyway, all of the hot action is caught on film in both pics and videos (with an emphasis on the video) for you to check out. The site is updated with a new scene each week and the Reality Kings network is updated on a daily basis, which is fantastic. Just glancing over the site, it looks like a lot of these girls are pretty damn hot...let's take a look inside and see what we got.

It looks like the Reality Kings have done some sprucing up design-wise since I was last here. Gone is the very stripped down look and in it's place is a nice-looking, easy to navigate design with nice navigational options. Near the top of the main First Time Auditions page you'll find the most recent addition to the site with archived episodes listed below that (and over subsequent pages) from most to least recent. For each scene, you get a preview pic...clicking that will take you to that episode's main page which in turn links to the pictures and videos. A menu at the top of the page hooks you up with the other sites in the network (and included in your membership) as well as some cool sorting/search features that let you easily find what you're looking for and surf between all of the Reality Kings members areas. Browse by model name, keyword, top rated and most viewed episodes, and more. It's nice to see that some navigational bells and whistles have been added to complement this network's already great content. Anyhow, that's about it for layout, let's take a look at the content.

Checking out the videos first, the Reality Kings guys offer up a number of viewing options. You have the choice of downloading the full-length video or streaming/downloading it in either 3 or 4 big chunks or many (30+ usually) 1-minute long clips. It looks like everything's in WMV format exclusively except for the 1-minuters which offer the choice of WMV or MPG and also have two quality versions (dial-up and broadband). The site's been around for a few years and so quality varies a bit depending on the age of the scene. The older vids come in at 352 x 240 at 250K and look decent enough but the newer vids are really where it's at...these weigh in at 640 x 480 at 1400K and the quality's bumped up considerably with clear, great looking vids that can be enjoyed at full-screen resolution with much trouble. The Reality Kings sites I've taken a look at so far definitely place more of their focus on videos as opposed to pictures, and First Time Auditions is no exception. Even so, each episode here also comes with a photo gallery of digital snaps as well as a large vidcap gallery drawn from the accompanying video. Older pics are quite small at right around 640 x 480 but in recent years, they've bumped things up to 600 x 900 and the images are high quality, clear and well-lit.

Anyway, the scenes at First Time Auditions all pretty much play out the same way. Except for a few exceptions, they all take place in the same setting as well: on a couch in the living room area of a house. Basically, the action starts with a relatively lengthy interview between the girl and the cameraman, throughout the course of which the chick gets naked and sometimes plays with her pussy. I didn't find the interviews here quite as stumbling and awkward as the ones at (the girls here had no clue what to say most of the time) and Mike's Apartment (most of the girls didn't speak English). Maybe because the chicks are first-timers (or close to it) the nervousness and shyness they sometimes exhibit contribute to the sexiness of the Q&A session, but whatever the reason, the interview portion turned me on a bit and made me more anxious for the rest of the scene, which I assume is the point of including it. After the talking, things happen pretty much as you'd expect. They bring in the stunt cock and the amateur babe of the day gets down on her knees for some BJ action. From there, things progress to pussy fucking (no anal in the scenes I watched) in a variety of positions ending with some more sucking and a load of hot jizz to the babe's face. Nearly all of the shoots here are one-on-one but I did notice one scene with two girls and one guy. As I mentioned earlier in the review here, most all of the babes here look hot with cute faces and toned bodies. There's a pretty good variety of "types" as well ranging from innocent looking, pale girl-next doors to tanned blondes. Better still, I didn't recognize any of them (usually on these "reality" amateur sites I spy at least one pro pornstar in there somewhere), so either the "first-time" modifier is totally true (and in some cases, I definitely think it is) or at most, these girls have just started out in the business.

When you talk bonus content, you're definitely speaking the Reality Kings language. One of the coolest things about joining one of their sites is that you also get access to all of the members areas (23 and counting) in their network. These include sites such as Big Naturals, Cum Fiesta, Mike's Apartment, Captain Stabbin, In The VIP, Street Blowjobs, MILF Hunter, We Live Together, among others. All of these sites have full members areas, are updated often, and include both pictures and videos for you to check out. I've done full reviews of all the sites I've listed here so check those out for more details. I should also mention that several of the Reality Kings girls do live camshows...quite frequently really: 3 days a week for 2 hours at a time. All told, you get abot 20 hours of live camshows a week when joining up here which is definitely something you won't find in most big networks like this.

Bottom Line
Overall, I really enjoyed the content at First Time Auditions. The archive is large and the quality (particularly of the more recent episodes) is great. It also looks like they've made a special effort to get hot fresh-faced amateurs in the members area and fulfill their promise of "first-time" auditioners. I suppose the episodes could get a bit repetitious to some and there's no interaction here, as expected, but considering the reasonable $24.95/month pricetag and the incredible bonus access to the rest of the Reality Kings sites, it's hard to complain. Bottom line, for reality site fans who like their amateurs fresh-faced, innocent (well, sorta), and new to the biz, First Time Auditions is an excellent pick.
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