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Primary Category: Insertions, Secondary Category: MILF

Price: $34.95/month (recurring); $99.99 for 90 days
Updates: 1 - 2 times a month
Reviewed On: September 26, 2004 by Oz

Content Quality: 15/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 5/10
Surfability: 7/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 5/10
Overall Impression: 10/15

Score: 75, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Big archive of exclusive insertion fetish pics and vids
- Weekly camshows
- Content is very unique

- Infrequent updates
- Extremely high monthly fee
- Organization is a bit confusing

Members Area Content as of September 26, 2004:
Pics of Samantha Luvcox & Eddie Bizarre: 100+ galleries for a total of 10,000+ pics
Vids of Samantha Luvcox & Eddie Bizarre: 200+ videos
Webcam: Weekly live camshows with Samantha Luvcox
Other Content: Archive of 134 past camshows, access to Camz network and various recorded feeds, 55 adult stories, Extreme Hole forum, cartoons The Amateur e-zine

Extreme Hole Review

If ever there was a site that was aptly named, ExtremeHole.com is it. I can't think of a better moniker to describe the content at the homepage of Samantha Luvcox (a mature blonde with huge natural tits) and her husband Eddie Bizarre. Sam and Eddie's site features some pretty extreme fetishes, the most notable one by far being object insertion. Really LARGE object insertion. Samantha shoves them in both her pussy and ass, Eddie...well, you know where he shoves them *cringe*. They have pics and vids, and some member extras on their unique site and Samantha also does weekly camshows on the Camz network. Let's go inside and have a look around. I don't know about you, but I'm keeping my ass cheeks firmly clenched together while we're in there though...

For starters, the ExtremeHole members area is nicely designed and relatively easy to navigate. The main members page has a clear-cut menu at the top linking to all of the site's content as well as a FAQ, Links Page (I frown on links pages in the members area), a contact form, and a cancel membership link. Below that is some info about and links to the most recent picture and video updates to the site as well as links to "Top Rated Episodes" on the site (i.e. most popular pics, vids, and archived camshows in the members area). On the the lefthand side there's a News menu which is a bit odd. It looks like only about half of the items here are actual content updates to the site, the other half being more administrative things (i.e. site re-design, etc.). As far as I can tell from this news page, the site seems to be updated with new content only about once a twice a month, which isn't too frequent.

I headed on over to the Photo Gallery section first. This section is divided into several main categories: Samantha Luvcox, Eddie Bizarre, Web Girls, Web Guys, and Events. For some of these, I thought the titles were a bit confusing at first, so let me give you a brief rundown on what each one contains. The first two sections feature solo pics of Samantha and Eddie and focus primarily on the extreme penetrations/insertions that are the main draw of the site (more details on these later). When I first checked out the members area, I thought that the Web Girls and Web Guys sections were going to be similar to other amateur's Friends galleries, with solo pics of other amateur webgirls and (since Eddie has his own photos on the site as well) solo pics of other guys. It turns out, while there are a few solo galleries of some webgirls in here, these sections actually contain pics of Samantha and Eddie *with* other webgirls and webguys. As a result, there are quite a few galleries here (56 between the two sections) and it's in these photosets you'll see hardcore stuff like girl-girl, boy-girl, fisting, and interracial. The Events section features photos from various events and parties Samantha has attended and has a lot of hardcore stuff too (mostly girl-girl it seemed, but there's also a huge gangbang set as well). You'll want to visit all of the sections to make sure you don't miss anything.

Quality wise, the pics here are nicely sized at roughly 600 x 800 and look quite good quality-wise (this was pretty much consistent throughout all of the galleries, although some of the party pics naturally have some lighting issues). The amount of pics per photoset varies quite a bit; I saw one set with 7 images in it and one with 465. It seemed like the majority of them were in the 30-60 pics range, although several did have 100+. Navigation-wise, all you get when surfing through the different photoset listings are "Previous" and "Next" links down at the bottom. The actual galleries of each photoset have a page menu at the top of each one so you can bounce around in the pics. I would have liked this same convention on the photoset pages so I could more easily get from the first page to the last page, vice versa (and everywhere in between) without hitting "Previous" or "Next" a bunch of times.

As I alluded to earlier, the specialty fetish of this site is object insertion and you'll get to see Eddie and Sam inserting an unbelievable array of large objects into their respective orifices in the first two sections of pics. They also do some "inflation" stuff (i.e. a plug is inserted in pussy or ass and then inflated to a larger size or alternatively, air is pumped in through the hose and the belly itself is inflated), and there's a plethora of fetishes spread throughout (enema, smoking, gyno, pregnancy, etc.) but primarily the main attraction is watching Samantha (and Eddie) shove huge items into themselves. Eddie typically pushes huge dildos and inflatables (although he does use a beer can in one set) up his ass or sometimes has his ass fisted by Samantha; this is quite crazy, as he usually prolapses his own rectum in the process. There's nothing like a prolapsed rectum to brighten your day, let me tell you. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. Anyhow, Samantha uses such a wide variety of objects in both her pussy and ass, it will probably help make my point by listing them. Disappearing into her body we have: an enormous black dildo the size of a man's arm, a huge drinking glass, a hand grenade (well, a fake one at least), a bedpost (yes, you heard me right), a ball plug the size of a grapefruit, several different types of wine bottles, a couple of large inflatables (these sometimes go in her ass as well), a wisk (you know, like for cooking), various speculums (in pussy and ass), a mini baseball bat (in her asshole), a giant candle, all sorts of veggies from a cucumber and eggplant to zucchini and a whole "head" (if that's the word for all the stalks together) of celery, all types of balls from Ben Wa to softballs and mini-footballs and what looked to be a mini-volleyball, big cans (like canned food cans), both ends of a double dong dildo, about ten thin candles that she bunches together and lights after insertion, and more (if you can believe it). Some of the weirder things IMO were a surgical chest/rib spreader, a horse speculum, and an entire child's baby doll which Samantha literally appears to give birth to after it's inserted. Forget the Lamaze classes, Samantha don't need 'em! Interspersed throughout are a couple of "non-insertion" series where Samantha puts clothespins on her pussy and tits, takes an enema, and shows off her big boobs for the camera.

There are 200+ videos (in WMV format) in the Video section, spread over multiple categories from Samantha and Eddie solo to stuff with other webgirls and webguys to parties/events (the divisions are similar to those in the pic section). Each full vid is divided into multiple parts and available in dial-up and hi-rez broadband versions. You can also view the full video all at one time if you like. The hi-rez versions of the clips looked pretty good to me, a bit pixelated at full-screen, but totally watchable. These weigh in at 320 x 240 in size with a bit rate of 291Kbps. The dial-up clips are pretty crappy quality (160 x 120 size-wise and encoded at 40Kbps) as you might expect. These were barely watchable for me, so I'd just take the extra time to download the broadband clips if you're on dial-up.

The content of the Extreme Hole videos are similar to the photos I described earlier. The solo Eddie shoots find him taking huge dildos in his ass, getting an enema, and getting fucked with a strap-on by Samantha and another cute blonde chick (to add to the kink, this girl's pregnant in some of the shoots). Samantha's solo vids feature plenty of huge dildo insertions, a couple of enemas, a triple fisting shoot, and some belly inflation. As with the photos, the videos with other web people contain plenty of hardcore action with lots of girl-girl stuff (including dildos, fisting, and strap-on fucking), boy-girl action (interracial, bjs, gangbang, threesomes, bondage, fisting, and guys drinking beer out of Samantha's pussy).

Samantha Luvcox does weekly camshows (SamCam) on the Camz network. I've caught a few of her shows and they're pretty crazy. She does a lot of the insertions I mentioned above live on camera and this shit seriously has to be seen to be believed. She also seems to really enjoy what she's doing and interacts pretty raucously with her audience, often cumming multiple times. She has a link to SamCam captures in her Photo Gallery section, but when I went there, the section appeared to be empty. Not sure what's up with that. In the video section, there's an archive of a whopping 134 of Samantha's past live camshows so you can check out what you missed. These are pretty much the same size and quality as the regular videos, so that's cool.

As far as bonus content, ExtremeHole offers up 55 Erotic stories (it seemed like they were themed after the fetishes of the site), a brand new messageboard that's not very active as of yet, access to the Amateur E-zine, and a handful of various pre-recorded feeds provided by the Camz network. There are also quite a few cartoons in the Photo Gallery section.

Bottom Line
If you've got a fetish for seeing extreme penetration and pussy/ass insertions of every conceivable kind of object, ExtremeHole.com is pretty much one (or two) of a kind. There is a plethora of other fetish content as well (including smoking, pregnancy, gyno, fisting, bondage, interracial, and more) as well as plenty of girl-girl and boy-girl hardcore stuff to keep you occupied. The quality of everything was pretty good and covered a wide variety of subjects and fetishes, but the infrequent update schedule and especially the huge monthly pricetag turned me off a bit. If you're really into insertions and similar fetishes, it's hard to find an amateur site that embraces that niche so completely as this one, but be careful you don't go broke as the months go by.
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