Evelyn Dream

Primary Category: Coeds
Evelyn Dream
Price: $30/month (recurring)
Updates: Weekly
Reviewed On: June 21, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 6/10
Content Variety: 7/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 5/10
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 73, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Very high quality videos
- Evelyn's live on cam quite frequently

- High monthly fee
- Small amount of content of Evelyn

Members Area Content as of June 21, 2006:
Pics of Evelyn Dream: 22 photosets for a total of approximately 2,200 pics
Vids of Evelyn Dream: 21 videos
Other Content: Access to 12 video feed sites, 40 additional videos, photo galleries of over 1500 other models

Evelyn Dream Review

Evelyn Dream is a 21-year-old cutie hailing from Siberia. That's right...like in Russia. I didn't know they grew them this cute in someplace as infamously bleak as Siberia, but apparently they do. If her intro page is to be believed, Evelyn started her site so "she could share her life with everybody out there". Hey, share away baby...just so we get to see you naked :-) It looks like Evelyn's site is still pretty new, with small archives of photo and video content and a selection of bonus content as well. Let's see what this cutie has to offer so far...

Evelyn's members area has a pretty typical setup for a single model amateur site. At the top of the main page, there's a menu linking to the various sections of the members area: pics, vids, webcam, bonus, etc. The rest of the page contains various news items and links to the most recent photo and video updates. Let's check out the photos first.

Evelyn has 22 photosets in her My Pictures section, each with a few preview pics and a short description. They list the sets 2 to a page so you'll have to do a decent amount of Next Page clicking in order to see them all. There's a page number menu down at the bottom of the page which would imply that you could jump around in the archive, but the links didn't work for me. Anyhow, it looks like there are typically 80-100 pics per gallery and the pics are very good quality. Unfortunately, they're all on the small side with the majority of the horizontal pics coming in at around 640 x 480 and the vertical shots weighing in at just under 600 x 800. Actually, upon closer examination, it looks like the horizontal pics are being constrained to fit into the page window but the end result's the same: they're small.

In addition to the photos, there's a video section as well. Evelyn's videos are setup in a similar fashion to her pics and there are currently 21 of them to check out. Each vid also comes with a gallery of good quality 640 x 480 vidcaps. Each full scene is typically broken up into a couple of smaller clips, each with a high and low quality download option. The high-end clips come in at 720 x 480 at a whopping 2000K and look fantastic. With great lighting, vibrant colors, and super sharp clarity, these can be enlarged and enjoyed at full-screen for sure. The lower quality vids weigh in at 512 x 340 at 764K and look good as well; they're just a little fuzzier than their super high quality counterparts.

As far as subject matter, the photos and vides often parallel each other. The content here is a nice mix of solo strip/masturbation shoots (in the bed, in the bathtub, in the shower, on the couch and bed, with toys and without) and girl-girl scenes (including kissing, tit sucking, pussy licking, toys and food play). You'll find Evelyn getting busy with one of her hot girlfriends everywhere from the bed and the couch to the sauna and the bathtub. There are also some flashing videos featuring Evelyn showing off in the park, at a bowling alley, on a boat, and rollerblading on the street.

For interaction, Evelyn is online with Pornication multiple hours per week. Currently, it looks like she's on cam Tuesdays and Wednesdays for roughly 10-13 hours each day. Since the "shows" are through Pornication, I'm assuming you need to pay extra to have Evelyn all to yourself but typically there's a free chat (with video) option as well.

Bonus features at Evelyn Dream consist of access to 12 video feed sites, 40 additional solo masturbation and girl-girl videos, and photo galleries of over 1500 other models.

Bottom Line
Evelyn Dream has a decent little site here that really just needs some time to grow. I'd like to see the picture size bumped up a bit and it'd be nice to have a free live cam show added in (as opposed to the Pornication stuff), but overall not too much to complain about here. Check out our samples and her tour and if you like Evelyn's looks and don't mind a relatively small amount of content (of specifically her), give her site a try.
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