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Primary Category: Swingers, Secondary Category: Oral Sex

Price: $23.95/month (recurring); $59.99 for 90 days
Updates: Twice a week
Reviewed On: October 12, 2004 by Oz

Content Quality: 14/20
Content Quantity: 9/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 7/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 7/10
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 78, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- 2 weekly camshows
- 24/7 Voyeur Cams
- Good mix of content subject matter

- Small pic size
- Most of Lexi's pics are average quality

Members Area Content as of October 12, 2004:
Pics of Lexi: 111 photosets for a total of 5,000+ pics
Vids of Lexi: 57 videos
Webcam: 2 weekly webcam shows, 24/7 voyeur cams
Other Content: 18 past camshow replays, 16 galleries of cam captures, Lexi's journal, forum, wallpapers, fan art

Erotic Neighbor Review is the home of Lexi, a 20-something Italian hottie with a pretty face and a nice little body. She's been running her own site with her man Alberto since 2001 and she offers up hardcore and softcore pics and vids as well as weekly camshows, a personal journal, and some 24/7 Voyeur cams. Let's take a peek at Lexi's site and check things out...

Lexi's members area looks pretty good design-wise. The main page graphics aren't too flashy but she does have a main image that automatically changes every so often to add some dynamics to the page. Things here are organized nicely. There's a pretty clearcut menu linking to Lexi's personal content and below that are links to various Bonus Content and several outside links (boo! hiss!). The righthand side of the page is devoted to listing updates and other site news. Navigation of the members area can be either annoying or pleasing depending on what you like. Nearly every link on Lexi's site opens in a new window: this is convenient in some ways and potentially confusing in others. If you don't mind juggling the extra windows, it's a convenient feature. The main thing is to just be sure not to close the main member page window, as you will then have to open a new browser and log in again. I do prefer the new window thing to having to hit the Back button a million times, but a navigation menu on each page of the site will do the same job with less windows. Anyhow, enough about the setup, let's dig into the content.

Lexi's picture section contains over 5,000 pics and is divided into several categories including Solo (45 galleries), Girl-Girl (17 galleries), Fetish (17 galleries), Hardcore (17 galleries), and Events/Parties (14 galleries). The quality of the majority of the pics here is just average (quite a few of them have the grainy look of vidcaps and indeed some of the photosets are labeled as such). However, it looks like there was definitely a recent upgrade here as far as equipment because Lexi's newest photos look great and are very clear and high quality. These most recent pics are just fine size-wise at 600 x 800. Unfortunately though, the majority of the pic archive is pretty small. The sizes are really all over the place, but about the largest I could find (before the newer bigger pics) was 480 x 640. There are also quite a few sets weighing in at 375 x 400, 412 x 549, and 342 x 543. If I kept looking, I'm sure I could have come up with other varied sizes, but the bottom line is that they're all quite a bit smaller than I normally like to see nowadays. It is cool to see that Lexi's most recent (and I'm assuming future) updates are larger, high quality pics. Progress is being made in the right direction, which is always good.

As far as photo subject matter, the category titles do a pretty good job of describing what you'll find inside. Overall, there's a really good mix of stuff here. Lexi's solo photosets include indoor and outdoor shoots, the indoor stuff primarily being around the house (bedroom, on a pool table, couch, bathroom, etc.) and the outdoor pics usually in an aquatic location like the beach or lakeside. There are quite a few masturbations sets (with various toys), some bath sets, a schoolgirl series, photos with anal beads, and a rather unique underwater set, among others. The girl-girl section (as expected) finds Lexi getting busy with a plethora of sexy girlfriends and the fetish section features photos ranging from foot fetish and peeing to public nudity, smoking, and light bondage/domination. The hardcore section primarily focuses on straight ahead boy-girl sex (with an emphasis on BJ's), although there are a couple of threesome sets and an anal sex shoot as well. I noticed a lot of the hardcore pics were actually vidcaps, so the quality on those isn't the best. Rounding the photo section out is the Events category which features various pics from parties and porn events Lexi has attended over the years. As you might expect, a lot of these pics have the "party" vibe going on and aren't the best in quality or composition.

There are 57 videos ranging from around 5-12 minutes in length in Lexi's Video section. They're primarily in WMV format although there are a few Real Media clips mixed in. Some of the vids are divided into separate clips and offer a dial-up and broadband download option. It looked like in most cases there wasn't a huge difference between the two versions (dial-up and broadband) as far as video quality; the dial-up clips are just divided up into more (and shorter) segments to make downloading easier. The clips all weigh in at 320 x 240 in size with bit rates of 221 or 346Kbps. Some of the earlier dial-up clips dropped down to 96Kbps, but it looked like they were in the minority. Overall, I'd have to say the videos are pretty average in quality, with the newer vids looking slightly better than the older ones. I wouldn't recommend watching any of the clips on full-screen, as they get quite pixelly at that size. There were one or two videos here that were pretty much unwatchable to me (mainly because of lighting), but I guess that's why they call it "amateur" video lol. I also noticed that a couple of the most recent vids weren't downloadable (they played embedded in an HTML page) but the rest of the video archive can be saved to your hard drive. The content of the videos is pretty varied and includes BJ,s facials, underwater sex, threesomes, handjobs, anal sex, girl-girl (including strap-on sex), masturbation, flashing, smoking, peeing, shower and shaving vids, bondage/domination, and more.

In the Interaction department, Lexi offers up live camshows, 24/7 Voyeur Cams, and a personal journal. It looks like right now Lexi is doing 2 camshows a week on the Camz network (of course you also then receive access to all the other shows and performers on Camz). I checked out Lexi's archived camshows (she currently has 18 available for viewing) and it looks like her cam performances range from solo/masturbation shows to girl-girl and boy-girl stuff. I saw Lexi on her office cam (she also has a bedroom and shower one) a couple of times when I was reviewing her site. It looked like she has her house cams on quite often, which is cool (seems like a lot of amateurs I review have their cams offline a lot). Lexi writes in her journal a few times a month. The entries are pretty personal and relatively lengthy so fans of the whole "diary" thing shouldn't be disappointed. Also in the interaction vein, there's a member chatroom (not sure if Lexi pops in here now and then or not) and a message board (a really old one) that Lexi does post on.

As far as bonus content, there is a variety of feeds and photo galleries the most notable coming from some of the top reality sites out there: MILF Hunter, Bang Bus, and Captain Stabbin. There's also a handful of bonus "Lexi" content including desktop wallpapers, fan art, and some blooper pics and vids.

Bottom Line
Lexi has a pretty decent amateur site here at I guess my main complaints are that the pics and vids are pretty average quality wise and the pics are way too small. Luckily, these problems look like they've already been corrected (at least in the case of the photos) and Lexi's newer stuff is larger and high quality. Be warned though, that the majority of the archive here is still at the previous lower quality standards. Other than the quality and size issues, everything else looks good with some great interaction (camshows, journal, 24/7 spycams, chatroom, and message board) and some bonus content to keep you busy in between checking out Lexi's stuff. Take a look at Lexi's sample pics and see if you like her look...if you do, I'd say her members area is worth a look as well.
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