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Price: $24.95/month (recurring); $95 for 180 days
Updates: Weekly
Reviewed On: October 1, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 87, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Great archive of unique fetish material
- Weekly camshows
- Lots of personality throughout the site
- Nice site design and navigation

- Videos aren't downloadable

Members Area Content as of October 1, 2006:
Pics of DragonLily: 177 galleries for a total of 8,000+ pics
Vids of DragonLily: 100 videos
Webcam: 1-2 weekly live webcam shows
Other Content: 13 bio video clips, replays of 31 camshows, bonus access to the other 441 sites, friends galleries of 49 other webgirls, DragonLily diary, DragonLily forum

DragonLily Review

DragonLily is a very exotic amateur webgirl whose complex ethnicity is a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Filipina, Chamorro and Spanish. This chick has a killer body and some crazy tattoos as well. According to her Bio, DragonLily started off as a cam/chat girl, then made her own MSN group, and finally opened her own site, DragonLily.com. Her site contains pretty glamourous pics and vids (with a fetish vibe) and DragonLily also does regular webcam shows on 2 networks and for Members only. One thing you'll see right away is that DragonLily is very much involved in her website and really tries to infuse a lot of her personality into it.

DragonLily's members area looks very nice and is setup quite well. The top of the page has some nice looking graphics and a News/Announcements board that you can scroll through using a slider on the right. Just by reading this board, you get a feel for the personality DragonLily puts into her site (more on this later). On the bottom part of the page, you are given quick links to some of the sections of her members area including her diary, forum, bonus sites (the 441 sites), and other recent updates to her Videos and Photo areas (it looks DragonLily updates her site nearly daily when she's in town--she seems to travel a lot). There's also a calendar you can use to check out the events on DragonLily's site as well as the events on the other bonus sites you receive access to with your membership. Be sure you have javascript enabled because right in the middle of the page is a menu with some slick javascript pulldown menus linking to all of DragonLily's member content. There's also a cool javascript fade effect whenever you go from one page to another.

DragonLily's Photo section contains 177 galleries and over 8,000 pics. There are five pages of photosets here, so be sure you mouseover the menu at the top so you can check out all the pages. DragonLily's photos are typically nice quality glamour-type stuff. The pics are all taken by a handful of professional photographers that DragonLily credits at the top of each set. As a result of the different photogs, the images have some varied styles and feels. All of them look good in the quality and size department (600 x 800 to a very large 768 x 1023) but I think each photographer lends a certain intangible artistic look to his/her photos. As far as subject matter, DragonLily's photosets combine glamour photography with a distinct penchant for fetishes. Here's a list of some of the fetishy type stuff you'll see: DragonLIly being flogged, wearing nipple clamps, a ring gag, clothespins on her tits, candle wax on her body, her head being dunked under water, vaginal and anal fisting, tape and rope bondage, ball tie suspension, dominatrix stuff (DragonLily is always the sub), wired pussy, sprayed with water while in bondage, foot fetish, "gurney" fetish, bound to chair, getting fucked by fucking machines, and more. In addition to this stuff, there's some straight-forward glamour stuff as well including posing in lingerie, bikinis, masturbation sets, girl-girl, nudes and pics with an artistic flare (black and white, etc.). I didn't see any boy-girl content here, so if you're looking for anything more than girl-girl, you may not enjoy the pics too much.

In addition to the main pics, there are captures from 65 live webcam chats (I believe she does live chats in addition to her webcam shows discussed below) in the Photo area. These caps are 320 x 240 and of pretty good quality (for vidcaps). There's also a Behind the Scenes pic section with 16 galleries (1,402 pics) featuring various photos that take you beyond the photos or video set. Some are goofy/blooper type pics, others are simply a behind the scenes look at the preparation for a shoot or the shoot itself (i.e. where you can see the photographers and camera equipment, etc.). Rounding out the Photos section are two categories of pics that definitely show off DragonLily's more personal and quirky side. One is called Scrapbook and contains various galleries of her with friends and family and at events and parties. The other is aptly titled Dorky Dose Archive and features pics of DragonLily making weird faces and generally acting goofy.

There are 100 WMV videos available in DragonLily's Videos section. They come in two varieties: dialup and broadband. The dial-up vids at a tiny 160 x 120 with a bit rate of only 48Kbps. The broadband clips are 320 x 240 with a bit rate of around 350Kbps. The main problem here is that there doesn't seem to be any way to download the vids. You can't right click and save as, and when you click the clips to stream them, they play embedded in an HTML page. You can right click and bump the video up to full screen (although I'd definitely advise against this with the dial-up clips), but that's about it. Quality wise, the broadband clips look good, although some were still too pixelated for my taste on full-screen. The dial-up clips (as you might expect given their specs) are very low quality and pretty much unwatchable at anything other than their original dimensions. Normally I'd advise dial-up users to just take the extra time and download the broadband clips, but since DragonLily's vids appear to only be streamable, I'm not exactly sure what to say. A download option would definitely help things out for sure. As far as video subject matter, you'll find foot fetish stuff, masturbation (with toys), stockings, girl-girl, fisting, bondage, anal beads, ring gag, nipple clamps, candle wax, and more. The videos are pretty comparable to the pics as far as content goes. There's a focus on fetish type stuff, but you also have some striptease and artsy/glamour stuff (with weird lighting, etc.) thrown in as well.

The Video section also has a Behind the Scenes category containing clips in a similar vein to the Behind the Scenes pics in the Photos section. There are 14 WMV clips here in dial-up (160 x 120 at 38Kbps) and broadband (320 x 240 at around 300Kbps) versions. Once again, this footage let's you in on what goes on before and in between shoots and also has some goofy/bloopr type stuff in it as well.

DragonLily does 1 (and sometimes 2) live camshows per week. Her shows are on Sex Cam Central and Amateur Cam House. She does Members Only shows as well. There's a calender provided on the site that you can use to find out when DragonLily's next show is and on what network it will be on. Checking out some of DragonLily's past camshows in her video section (there are currently 31 hour long WMV clips available) it looks like her camshows are solo but usually involve a lot of masturbation (with toys and fingers) and even some fisting.

Interaction-wise, in addition to the webcam shows, DragonLily offers up a forum and a diary. It looks like you have to register in order to view anything on the forum, so I can't comment too much on it other than to say it's there and currently has 114 members. The diary is actually listed under Nonsense in the main menu, so I didn't find it at first. This journal goes back to May 2004, with DragonLily writing entries in it sometimes every couple days, sometimes ever couple weeks. A lot of the entries are really long and I definitely get the feeling DragonLily likes writing and sharing her thoughts with everyone. These aren't just "Hi everybody! I'm so horny!" type entries. Members who enjoy keeping up with a webgirl's life and getting a bit more "inside her head" will enjoy this section for sure. Another very personal section at DragonLily.com is the Bio Clip area under Videos. Here DragonLily offers up video clips in WMV format (dial-up and broadband versions) where she does some one-on-one interview style chats for the camera. These include DragonLily answering email questions, giving a tour of her house, showing off her pets and more. Very cool personal touch to the site.

Lastly, I'll wrap things up by briefly touching on some of the bonus content available here. First off, your membership to DragonLily's site gives you access to 3 of the 441 (Four For One) sites: Candice Diaz, Eve Navarro, and XXXotics. The Vixens section is basically DragonLily's version of the typical Friends Galleries you find on a lot of amateur sites. There are promo packs of 49 other webgirls offered up here, containing a brief bio, a gallery of around 20-30 pics, and a link to each girl's website at the bottom of the page. There are also some cool wallpaper and fan art section here as well. For some reason, DragonLily also has a Girlfriends links page here and some other link related stuff that must be a carry over from the tour area and doesn't really belong in a members area.

Bottom Line
If you're into exotic women or if you love fetish content (or of course, if you're into both), DragonLily will be a real treat for you. Her site looks great and is easy to navigate. She's got a pretty sizeable archive of pics and vids and, as I mentioned earlier, her content covers a huge range of fetishes. Her content is of professional quality, but there's also a great deal of personality here as well with multiple live camshows, a pithy diary, and DragonLily's unique Bio videos. You also receive bonus access to the members areas of 3 other sites as well. My only complaint with DragonLily's site was the inability to download her vid clips but other than that, this exotic hottie has a hell of a lot to offer.
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