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Price: $9.95 for one week (recurs at $14.95/month); $99 for 1 year
Updates: Daily
Review Updated On: January 16, 2009 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 7/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 0/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 85, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large archive of artistic nude photography
- Reasonable price
- Hot models

- Could use a search/sort feature
- No videos
- No interaction with models

Members Area Content as of January 16, 2009:
DOMAI Pics: 43,700+ pics

DOMAI Review

Today I'm taking a look at DOMAI, a pretty unique site specializing in tasteful nude photos of beautiful young women. DOMAI stands for "Dirty Old Men's Association International" (the name is really tongue-in-cheek, btw) and is the brainchild of artist/photographer/webmaster Eolake Stobblehouse. There's quite an extensive background/philosophy/idea/whatever behind this site, but the abbreviated version is basically this: Eolake believes that men (himself included) have been stigmatized throughout the ages as "Dirty Old Men" simply for looking at beautiful women (or Pretty Young Girls, PYG's, as he calls them). He asserts that looking at beauty is a very natural thing that should not be repressed or attacked and he has created this site (DOMAI) as a sort of protest against those doing the attacking. There's a very detailed explanation of the goal and philosophy of DOMAI on the free side, so if you want more in-depth details about the founding of the site and it's ideals, you might want to check that out. For now though, let's take a look inside...

The members area at DOMAI is nearly identical in look to the free side of the site. Simplicity is the name of the game here as it is there: the main page consists of a simple beige background, a title graphic, and lots of Times New Roman text. For navigation, there's a menu at the top of the righthand side of the page linking to all of the various sections of the site. There are a few ways to view the content here...chronologically (they have things broken down by year), via the model index (everything's listed alphabetically with a headshot of the girl), or by photographer (these are listed alphabetically as well). It looks like they update the site daily with new content, which is great. Incidentally, DOMAI is a photos only site, so video lovers should look elsewhere.

Anyhow, they've got a pretty large photo archive here with 43,700+ pics currently available. You can view the photosets in gallery format or download the entire thing as a zip file. All of the sets I checked out offered pics in small and large sizes..."small" seems to always be 600 x 800 while the "large" pics range from 1000 x 1600 to 1300 x 2000 depending on the age of the shoot. Obviously, with this many photographers contributing to an archive that goes back quite a few years, you'd expect there to be at least a slight variance in quality, style, and composition, and indeed there is. Overall though,the quality looks good particularly in the newer sets. The pics are clear, sharp, well-lit and professionally shot. Nice looking stuff here!

Another plus to the site is the models...all of the models I saw looked hot and young, so I don't think you'll be disappointed looks-wse. There's a relatively good variety of girls to take a look at here: blondes, brunettes, and redheads; skinny to more curvy bodies. All of the girls are of course all-natural but thankfully (at least from my point of view), this seems to only apply to their boobs (there are no "hairy" chicks here, in fact, many have closely trimmed pussies). As you'd expect, all of the photosets here are softcore, but perhaps slightly unexpectedly, the majority of them are outdoors. In an effort to further perpetuate the theme of natural beauty, the models at DOMAI pose in many settings in the heart of nature such as the woods, meadows, and beaches. The photos here remind in some ways of the pics I looked at when I reviewed MET Art a little while ago: this stuff is designed for people who enjoy admiring the beauty of the female form, not just whacking off to some bimbo's tits and pussy. However, whereas the pics at MET seemed almost designed for a museum, the photos here at DOMAI definitely have more of an erotic nature to them in my opinion.

Other than the photos, there isn't really anything else to see in the members area of DOMAI that can't be seen on the free side of the site. The Essentials section (featuring a wide variety of stuff from DOMAI's goals, history, and philosophy to film reviews, the site's weekly newsletter, and a beginners photography course), the Articles section (quite a bit of interesting reading if you're into the subjects being discussed), the Stories section (pieces of fiction written by Eolake), and the Art section (collections of fine art nudes) all are available for your perusal without having to spend a dime. So, check them out if you're so inclined.

Bottom Line
DOMAI is a nice site with a somewhat dated looking design (the main thing missing seemed to be some sort of search feature to help you better find a certain model based on looks). Having said that, it isn't too hard to find your way around and if you're a fan of artistic nude photography, DOMAI offers up a huge archive of high quality pics for your viewing pleasure. Their pricetag is pretty reasonable as well ($9.95 for the first week, then $14.95/month) which is always a big plus. If you're looking for a good erotic photography site that keeps things pretty simple, you should love
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