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Primary Category: Swingers, Secondary Category: Interracial

Price: $19.95/month (recurring)
Updates: 3 - 4 times a week
Reviewed On: March 12, 2005 by Oz

Content Quality: 16/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 9/10
Surfability: 5/10

Members Area Ads: 2/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 77, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Huge amount of hardcore "trailer trash" content
- Frequent site updates
- Good quality videos

- Many navigational issues
- Videos are typically pretty short
- Lots of ads

Members Area Content as of March 12, 2005:
Dixie Trailer Trash Pics: Approximately 40,000 pics
Dixie Trailer Trash Vids: 307 video clips

Dixie Trailer Trash Review

The South may have lost the war, but judging by today's site, they seem to have held on to their whores just fine. DixieTrailerTrash.com features pics and vids of good ol' southern trailer park sluts fucking and sucking their way through a beer guzzlin' brigade of boner-packing beefcakes and licking each other's pussies like they're leaking the last drops of Uncle Zeke's favorite moonshine. Webmistress Felicia offers up a plethora of hillbilly hoes for your enjoyment. These chicks are the real deal, not some aspiring porn starlets dressed up to act the part, and the girls even host their own gangbang and sex parties on a regular basis. So, if real amateur sex with real amateur trailer trash sluts sounds exciting to you, you'll wanna keep reading..

The main members page at Dixie Trailer Trash is amateurish to the extreme, and a little confusing. Basically, they have two identical menus at the top and bottom of the page that link to most of the members area content (Pictures, Vidclips, etc.). If you click on the "Members Only" link, you'll be given three big archive links in the center of the page that are specifically themed (Interracial, Lesbian, and "Sex Starved Trailer Trash"). I'm not sure why those archives aren't just under the Pictures link (although I think the Pictures section is reserved for the most recent updates?), but anyhow, that's the setup. If you're a little confused, so am I. They also have a Model Bio's[sic] section which is a carry over from the free side. It has a short description of each girl as well as a gallery of random pics of her (I'm not sure if this section encompasses all of the models on the site, but I doubt it). This area doesn't really serve any purpose to me because there's no way to go to any model's specific pics/vids/scenes from her listing. If you like a particular girl here, good luck finding her content on the site. Anyhow, let's dig into the relatively large archives here at Dixie Trailer Trash, starting with the pics.

As I alluded to earlier, the photos here are organized by sort of a combination of subject matter and date. The themed archives might help you somewhat in locating what you want, but without a model index or some more specific categories, I found it easiest to just browse through rather randomly. Pic size here is sort of variable. Most of the photos I saw were right around 600 x 800, but I also saw some as small as 640 x 480 and as large as 768 x 1024. The pics actually look pretty good quality-wise. Aside from a few blurry or poorly lit pics here and there, I was pleasantly suprised to find that everything looked pretty nice.

In the Vidclips section, you'll find a listing of the most recent updates from the past few months, with text links at the top of the page connecting you to previous month's archives. It looks like these go back to October 2002, but there isn't an archive for every month in each year. All of the vids appear to be in WMV format and for each scene you get a preview thumbnail and a short description of the action compliments of Felicia. The vast majority of the clips are around 1 minute in length, but I did see some that were slightly shorter or longer than that and at least one 10 minute long vid. Checking out the videos, they look pretty good. The clips weigh in at 320 x 240 at 512Kbps throughout the archive. They get pretty pixelated at full-screen, but are watchable at 200%. Of course we're not talking DVD quality here or anything, but they definitely get the job done.

The content at Dixie Trailer Trash is unique and authentic. The gimmick here is that all of the gals featured on the site (webmistress Felicia and her pal Valerie from ValerieExposed seem to be appear most frequently) are all real-life neighbors who all live in the same small Southern town and love to fuck each other's husbands and boyfriends as well as each other if they're feeling a little "lesbo" at the moment. They also have lots of sex parties and gangbangs and invite other horny hillbillies to come join in the fun. These women aren't too picky: white guys, black guys, old guys, young guys, toothless or tattooed; these are pretty much "3 holes, no waiting" sluts, so throw back a shot of Rebel Yell, step right up, and take your turn. As you might expect, the pics and vids here feature all sorts of hardcore action including BJ's, fucking, anal, orgies, gangbangs, interracial, girl-girl, and more. There are also some softcore solo posing sets throughout the photo archive, but they seem to be in the minority. It looks like most of the women here fall into the mature (40+) category, with some younger women joining in the fun from time to time. Most of them look like they actually did come out of a trailer park, which I think is probably true, so don't expect any gorgeous model types with perfect bodies.

Other than the pics and vids, most all of the other menu choices are accessible from the free side of the site. A couple of notable items are a video store where I believe they sell full videos of a lot of the action on the site and a party section where you'll find information on upcoming parties/gangbangs Felicia and the Dixie Trailer Trash crew are hosting.

Bottom Line
My guess is, you probably already know if you enjoy this sort of content: raw, real, and hardcore. I think the quality at Dixie Trailer Trash is better than some other sites in this genre, but the navigation and organization can make anything other than randomly browsing the archives rather difficult. On the plus side, they do offer a large amount of content and what's here certainly looks authentic to me. If you're looking for gorgeous coeds getting boned, look elsewhere, but if mature amateur sluts doing the nasty is your thing, you might want to give Dixie Trailer Trash a try.
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