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Primary Category: Anal Sex, Secondary Category: Rough Sex

Price: $29.95 for the first month, $19.95 for each subsequent month (recurring)
Updates: Twice a month
Review Updated On: September 28, 2005 by Oz

Content Quality: 14/20
Content Quantity: 7/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 6/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 7/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 72, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Good-sized archive of extreme hardcore anal/fetish/humiliation content
- Full videos are pretty lengthy (45-60 minutes long)

- Only 2 updates a month
- High initial monthly fee
- Pics are vidcaps

Members Area Content as of September 28, 2005:
Dirty Director Vids: 64 full videos (split into multiple clips)
Dirty Director Vidcaps: 64 vidcap galleries for a total of approximately 3,000 vidcaps

Dirty Director Review

DirtyDirector.com is the homepage of Zack Miles (yep, he's The Dirty Director), an amateur porn producer/director and stunt cock who's been in the business for around 9 years. You can read more about him on the tour for his site (click the title graphic), but in a nutshell, Zack is a swinger-turned-pornstar who's worked for various porn companies across the U.S. and even received an AVN nomination for Best Amateur Tape. He then moved on to shooting 14 volumes of his own amateur series (Cream of the Crop) and now has his own site, DirtyDirector.com, which I'm going to check out today for QAP. Zack's style reminds me somewhat of Max Hardcore (and indeed, Zack sites Max's work as an inspiration), so don't expect anything less than some very extreme hardcore action as we step inside and take a look around.

The Dirty Director members area isn't much to look at (white background with Times New Roman text), but at least it's straight-forward. The main page is basically one long page of episode updates, each one with a strip of preview thumbnail pics and a description of the action. Clicking the title link takes you to a page containing the photo gallery for the scene and links to it's video clips. There are currently 64 scenes to check out, with the newer stuff at the bottom of the page and the older material at the top (it looks like the members area here is only updated twice a month, BTW). I'd probably recommend opening the episodes in new windows; otherwise, everytime you come back to the main page you'll have to wait for the whole lengthy list of thumbs to load again. Anyhow, let's take a look at the content.

It looks like the videos are the focus here, so I decided to scope them out first. Each full movie is in WMV format and broken down into 4-6 separate clips that are around 10 minutes long and can be streamed or downloaded to your hard drive. The quality of the clips looks pretty good. They weigh in at 320 x 240 with a bitrate of around 350-400Kbps. The majority of these are watchable at full-screen, with minimal pixelation. Overall, some very nice-looking amateur-style videos.

Moving onto the pics, the bad news is that they're all vidcaps from the accompanying videos. They weigh in at 640 x 480, which is pretty large for vidcaps, but is still rather small compared to what I like to see in actual hi-res pics. On the plus side, they look pretty good quality-wise although again, screen captures can never compare to regular hi-res cam photos; you're always going to have some blurry shots mixed in and you definitely lose some overall sharpness in the photo. I also found some broken links here and there as well as a few very grainy shots scattered throughout. Anyhow, depending on the scene, you get anywhere from around 30-90 caps (it's typically closer to 30) and, of course, the action pretty much parallels the action in the videos.

The subject matter at Dirty Director is very hardcore in all cases and nothing short of extreme in most. The main focus here is on extreme anal sex with throat fucking running a close second. Here's a typical scene: the slut of the day gets naked on the bed and then offers up her mouth for some major league cock sucking. This usually ends with the babe on her back, head off the bed, as she gets a big dick slid straight down her throat until she gags and pukes all over her own face. At the very least, her mug's a slobbery mess by the time things switch to fucking which starts out in the pussy in a couple of positions before moving on to the featured anal action.

The buttfucking here is very extreme so you can expect to see the girls' assholes gaping like the grand canyon. Often having 2 or more guys (including both black and white dudes) taking turns fucking them in the ass for the majority of the scene, these chicks' shitters are so destroyed by the end of things they must have to wear diapers for the rest of the week. One woman I saw literally had her bright red rectum prolapsed and hanging like an inch out of her butthole by the end of the scene. Hello there! Of course, there's plenty of ass-to-mouth action as well as rimjobs (girls licking guys), facials, cum-swallowing, fisting, peeing, choking, spanking (both with hand and a leather strap) as well as footage of a chick giving herself an enema and shitting it out in the bathtub before her anal escapade. Then there's some speculum play in the pussy, ass, and even mouth (stretching the girl's kisser open to take a cumshot), along with by far the grossest thing on the site: an anal creampie that comes out (as The Director describes it) "caramel-colored" and is then promptly eaten by the girl who just received it (I hear a little poop mixed in makes cum taste better...or not). Anyhow, in addition to all of this crazy stuff, there are also a few one-on-one interracial scenes that don't involve any anal, just straight-ahead black-on-white sucking and fucking as well as at least one anal play/enema scene with no fucking but a sloppy BJ and facial at the end. After the insane hardcore extremity of the other scenes, these movies look like the Saturday night entertainment at a convent, but they're here nonetheless if you want to check them out.

A word about the girls at Dirty Director is probably in order before I wrap things up. Well, they're amateur, that's for sure. They're also, for the most part, not very hot. I saw a few girls that were trashy but still pretty cute and young (19 to early 20's) with pretty nice bodies, but the majority of the chicks are average looking or worse. If you're into mature women, there are a few here (50 and 61 years old, for instance) as well as a couple of BBW's if you like 'em large, but man, most of the women featured here just aren't my taste. You can check out his tour (although not all of the models shown there are in the members area) and our samples and see what you think, but I'd say the focus here is definitely on the extreme nature of the content, not on the caliber of the models, so be prepared. Of course, it's not like you expect them to get a Britney Spears look-alike in there to have her rectum prolapsed and eat shit tainted jizz anyway, do you?.

Bottom Line
You probably already know if you like this kind of extreme hardcore content, and if you do, I'd say DirtyDirector.com has some scenes you'd definitely enjoy checking out. There are only a couple of problems here, namely a pretty slow update schedule (just two updates a month), and a relatively high initial cost ($30/first month, then rebills at $20). The looks of the models aside, the quality of the content is good for an amateur version of Max Hardcore's fabled anal/throat-fucking/humiliation niche, and fans of this extreme genre should definitely give Dirty Director.com a look.
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