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Dare Dorm
Price: $4.95 for a 3 day trial; $24.95/month (recurring)
Updates: Twice a month
Review Updated On: May 6, 2010 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 8/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 6/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 0/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 7/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 76, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Very unique college party content
- Good quality pics and vids
- Lengthy episodes

- Small archive
- No video download option
- No bonus access

Members Area Content as of May 6, 2010:
Dare Dorm Pics: 20 photosets; 9,000+ pics
Dare Dorm Vids: 20 videos

Dare Dorm Review

Today I'm taking a follow-up look at Dare Dorm a relatively new site from the guys behind the Reality Kings network. The site has an extremely unique premise. Basically, they encourage real-life college students to get together with a group of their craziest, party animal friends and film themselves having wild, drunken, sex parties in their dorms. As an incentive, the site offers to pay the partying guys and girls who submit the best footage $10,000. Not a bad deal considering most of these college kids would probably be doing this kind of shit even if they weren't getting paid.

The videos here are pretty unique and quite long (typically 60 minutes or more). As expected, there's a bit of a prologue before the actual hardcore action begins in each scene. The videos start off with the partygoers gathered together in a dorm room, dancing, drinking, chatting, and just generally hanging out. There are usually 5-6 participants in each vid...typically a few guys and three or four girls. There's a lot of laughing and flirting, sometimes some tit flashing...usually, the group decides to play some sort of party game, either Truth or Dare or Strip Poker or something similar. One group decides to combine Tide detergent and water in their dorm hall and slide down the slippery tile in their underwear.

Gradually, as the scene goes on, things get progressively more hardcore. Typically by the 20 minute mark, the girls have started to strip down, either as part of the party game or just at the request of the drunk college guys. From there, there's some more flirting and people start making out...usually a girl and a guy but sometimes two bi-curious babes as well. After that, it doesn't take long for the guys to whip out their peckers and start getting blowjobs from whatever chick they happen to be hooking up with. Sometimes, the dude's lucky enough to have two tipsy babes sucking him at once. Blowjobs progress to fucking and before long you've got a full-blown college dorm orgy on your hands.

Everyone usually takes a turn with everyone else...the chicks make the rounds, sucking and getting fucked by each of the guys. There's also some threesome-style action with two guys on one girl or two girls taking on one guy. After the orgy, the guys blow their loads on the girls' tits, tummies, tongues, faces or ass cheeks and the sweaty college crazies wave goodbye to the camera. As to whether the footage is real or not, all I can say is it certainly looks like it. These appear to be authentically homegrown (or collegegrown as the case may be) videos which of course makes the hardcore action all the more hot if you're an amateur porn fan.

Logging into the members area, you'll find a super simple setup. All of the episodes are listed down the center of the page, each with a big preview pic, a lengthy description, and links to view the photos and videos. It looks like they've bulked up the archive a bit since I last visited and now offer 20 parties. Updates are currently coming in twice a month. Checking out the videos first, it looks like everything is offered in Flash format only. They do offer low, standard, and HD quality options though. You can either view the full video all in one clip or they have links down below the vid that allow you skip around in the scene.

As I said earlier, the shoots are typically quite long so this can come in handy if you want to fast forward to the "good stuff". The most disappointing thing about the videos is that they all stream in-browser (as usual with Flash vids) and there doesn't appear to be any download option available. Here's hoping they add one in at a later date. Quality-wise, the videos do look good, particularly (as expected) the HD versions. Of course, the nature of the footage lends itself to jerky handheld camerawork some less than ideal lighting conditions at times, but overall these are very nice looking amateur vids.

As far as photo content, the episodes each come with a large photoset containing 300-600 pics. It looks like some of the pics are just vidcaps from the accompanying video while others are regular hi-res pics. When available, these these weigh in at right around 600 x 900 and are very good quality although of course the spontaneous, "party" nature of the content can make for some poorly lit or blurry shots every once in awhile.

Unlike the other Reality Kings sites, Dare Dorm appears to be a stand-alone site. In other words, joining up here does not get you access to the 24+ sites that are part of the Reality Kings network. That's a bummer, but it doesn't bug me as much as it might have because the scenes here are so unique and entertaining,

Bottom Line
Dare Dorm is a cool site with some very unique college party content. The episodes look to be authentically amateur and contain some great orgy sex action featuring some hot and horny college kids. The main problem here is of course the small archive which unfortunately isn't supplemented by any bonus access but hopefully regular updates will start to grow the archive relatively quickly. They have bulked things up since my last visit and are updating regularly but the archive is still on the small side. Even so, the episodes that are here now are quite long and entertaining, particularly for amateur porn fans, so definitely check Dare Dorm out and see what you think.
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