Cum Drinking Wife

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Cum Drinking Wife
Price: $24.95/month (recurring); $49.95 for 90 days (recurring)
Updates: 1-2 times a week
Reviewed On: January 10, 2011 by Oz

Content Quality: 15/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 83, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Marion is sluttiest amateur I've ever seen
- Exclusive amateur swinger content
- Large archive
- Reasonable monthly fee

- Quality could be better at times
- Could use some additional search/sort options

Members Area Content as of January 10, 2011:
Pics of Cum Drinking Wife: 371+ photosets; 22,000+ pics
Vids of Cum Drinking Wife: 176+ video scenes (often split into multiple clips)
Other Content: Marion's bio, Q & A section, Marion's contact info (including information on how you can meet and fuck her), Cock Counter (details on all of Marion's sexual adventures), bonus pic and vid galleries

Cum Drinking Wife Review

Over the years, I've reviewed the personal sites of tons of slutty real amateurs for QAP. There are the swinger chicks who, along with their bf or husband, like to partner swap with other swinger couples, the horny babes who love cuckolding their hubbies by fucking lots of guys in front of them, and the single swinger sluts who fuck random dicks in an attempt to satisfy their insatiable appetite for sex. Even after checking out all those girls, the site I'm checking out today, Cum Drinking Wife, definitely stars the sluttiest babe I've ever run across. And she wins the competition quite easily, which is *really* saying something.

Marion is a 30-something chick from central Europe who absolutely loves sucking and fucking as many guys as she possibly can and she usually does it in front of her husband who loves watching. She'll suck off or fuck pretty much any guy regardless of age, weight, height or looks and she often goes on outings to clubs, bars, parks, and adult theatres where she corrals some guys and proceeds to offer her body to them. She also hosts massive gangbang and Bukkake parties and all the info for getting an invite to these are provided right on the site. Marion's been chronicling her adventures online since 2001 and she's been keeping track of her sexual escapades since 1996. She's even gone so far as to provide a "cock counter" chart on her site where you'll see the date of the encounter, a description of it, and photos to prove it happened. The numbers here are absolutely stunning and a testament to just how slutty Marion is...since 1996, a whopping 3,782 guys have fucked Marion. Wow, that's just incredible.

Considering Marion's insatiable appetite for sex, you can expect to see some of the most extreme hardcore action imaginable in her pics and vids. You'll see Marion sucking tons of cock and getting fucked by a multitude of strangers. When you think of gangbang parties, you're probably thinking of 5-10 guys banging a chick. Marion has some of those in her members area but she lives by the phrase "the more the merrier" so you'll see astoundingly huge gangbang and Bukkake parties featuring 50, 60, 80, and even 100 guys(!!). Sometimes Marion brings along a few girlfriends to help out and all of the chicks get fucked and cummed on...other times, Marion takes on all the dicks and cumloads on her own. There's often a counter up in the corner of each vid keeping track of how many guys in that clip have creamed and fucked her.

She'll visit gloryholes in adult theatres and proceed to suck off all "cummers" for a few hours. She'll head to an outdoor carpark and round up any guys there and invite them all to fuck her right on the ground. There are gangfucks in bars, swinger clubs, private homes, and hotel rooms. Of course, with all this fucking and sucking, there are plenty of cumshots and Marion definitely loves jizz. I saw some creampies but primarily Marion takes cumloads to her face and gets them shot in her mouth. With gangbang and Bukkake shoots containing 50-100 guys, Marion's face and body is typically coated by thick, creamy jizz by the end of each shoot and she also loves drinking down the gooey loads as well. Marion's also a piss slut and she'll often invite the guys to pee in her mouth and all over her face and body after they've fucked and cummed on her. Like I said, I've never seen a babe this slutty...the stuff she does really need to be seen to be believed.

Checking out Marion's members area, it looks very similar to her tour. The setup is pretty amateurish but Marion is indeed a real amateur so I guess that can be expected. Still an aesthetic update might be in order. The main page contains a welcome message from Marion and a listing of the latest updates to the members area (it looks like she adds something 1-2 times a week). A menu down the lefthand side of the page hooks you up with the various sections of the site. Marion has things divided up into Photo and Video sections. The pics are divided up based on year (going back to 2002) while the videos are primarily sorted out categorically (gangbangs, outdoor vids, gloryhole and Bukkake videos, etc.).

Marion's members area archive is currently pretty large (371 photosets, 22,000+ pics, and 176 videos scenes are available) and some kind of additional sort or search feature would probably be useful here. A keyword or category search would help you find what you're looking for much more easily, particularly in the photos section where things are just laid out chronologically. Anyhow, checking out Marion's pics first, you'll find each set is available in gallery format and typically comes with a short description of the action or the story behind the shoot. Some of the images are regular digital pics while others look to be screencaps from the accompanying video.

The oldest pics weigh in at 640 x 480 and as you progress through the archive things bump up to 600 x 800, 768 x 1024, and finally 960 x 1280. As expected, the newer photos look better than the older ones and of course the regular digital pics typically look than the vidcaps. At times, there are all of the usual issues here that you typically find with real amateur hardcore photos: lighting issues, blurriness, less than optimal camera angles, etc. The quality of Marion's photos is often effected by where the pics were shot...obviously images shot at a dimly lit bar or gloryhole booth aren't going to look as nice as pics taken in a more controlled setting.

Browsing around, it looks lik Marion's older videos are offered in WMV format for stream and download and the newer additions also offer a Flash version for streaming in addition to the WMV's. Many of the scenes are split up into several smaller chunks although others appear to offer a full-length version only. The server was on the slow side when I was checking out the site...I usually only got around 130-150K/sec. All of the vids I watched weighed in at 720 x 576 at 1500K and, as with the pics, the quality was variable depending on the clip. The shoots filmed in a more controlled setting look good most of the time but there are others that are way too dark at times or suffer from jerky camerawork or poor angles. This is real amateur hardcore footage of a real ameteur cumslut so you definitely shouldn't expect professional quality footage here.

There's isn't a ton of interaction here unless you're willing to take the plunge and dive into the ultimate interactive experience by participating in one of Marion's fuck parties. She has a bio and a Q & A section and an extensive section which details how you can meet her and what parties she has planned. You can also contact her if you're a group of guys and you'd like to fuck Marion. If you haven't guessed it by now, Marion's pretty easy LOL. Marion also has a blog but it looks like it hasn't been updated since 2009. So, there aren't really any typical interactive features (forum, camshows, etc.) but if you're willing to travel and follow Marion's simple rules, you're practically guaranteed of fucking her or getting sucked off. Can't get much more interactive than that. As far as bonus content, there isn't a ton available, although Marion does provide some bonus photo galleries and videos in a variety of different genres, including a section where members can submit their own pics and vids.

Bottom Line
If you like you're women slutty and I mean *really* slutty, you should definitely pay a visit to Cum Drinking Wife. Marion sucks and fucks pretty much any guy with a hard dick and a pulse and so far her tally is up to 3,782...that number's been helped along by 100 man gangbangs and massive Bukkake parties that leave her face coated with and her belly full of creamy jizz. It's pretty easy to get an invite to these shindigs too, if you're interested. From a technical aspect, I think the site could probably use a bit of a redesign and some of the shoots suffer from some quality issues mainly owing to low light levels and the wild hardcore action. There also aren't really any interactive features here short of actually meeting Marion which could leave those unwilling or unable to visit her a bit disappointed. Other than that though, this is a great amateur hardcore site and Marion's unbelievably slutty sexual adventures have to be seen to be believed...check it out!
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