Primary Category: Swingers, Secondary Category: Public Nudity

Price: $14.95/month (recurring)
Updates: 2-3 times a week
Reviewed On: September 10, 2004 by Oz

Content Quality: 15/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 6/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 83, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large archive of pics
- Great interaction with members
- Oasis is incredibly slutty

- Pics are small and sometimes low quality
- Organization can be somewhat confusing

Members Area Content as of September 10, 2004:
Pics of Oasis: approximately 350 galleries for a total of roughly 14,000 pics
Vids of Oasis: 96 clips (most from 1-3 minutes each)
Webcam: "O-Cam" Voyeur Office and Pool Cam weekdays, webcam chats weekdays at 5pm
Other Content: Friends galleries of other 57 webgirls, erotic stories, Oasis message board, multiple bonus sites

Cum2Oasis Review is one of the longest running amateur sites out there (it's been up since 1996) and home to perhaps the sluttiest amateur on the internet (and she'd take that as a compliment), Oasis. To me, you know you're slutty when you need a scoreboard to keep track of how many guys you've sucked and fucked. You know you're REALLY slutty when the numbers get into the triple digits (at present: 192 fucked, 439 sucked Oasis proudly proclaims on her site). Oasis truly is one of the wildest webgirls around and her site has plenty of pics and vids to prove it. If you like a girl who loves to fuck, then by all means, read on and we'll check things out...

The organization of Oasis' members area may confuse you at first. First of all, there are a lot of items in her menu: roughly 20 choices are listed. Secondly, especially in the case of Oasis' photos, things are scattered throughout different sections and sometimes duplicated in mulitple places. If you want to be absolutely sure you've seen everything, you'll probably want to hunt around quite a bit and explore all of the different areas. Many times while surfing through the site to review it, I'd find things tucked away where I didn't expect them or I simply hadn't noticed them until I stumbled across them. Oasis seems to be fully aware of this and I did notice her trying to cross-reference things in various sections to direct you around so you don't miss out. Even so, it got a little confusing.

This section contains a listing of the, as Oasis says, "big file updates" to the members area. It looked pretty complete to me, but Oasis says that smaller updates and menu changes, etc. will not be listed here.

This section contains the bulk of Oasis' photo content. As she states in the description of the section, some of the pics you'll see here are duplicated in other sections of the site as well. Oasis has divided the stuff under the heading Members Galleries into 11 categories. It's sort of odd though because one of the categories actually contains her video clips (96 clips available here) and another one has a dictionary/glossary type thing defining various sex words (although only 'A' and 'B' are up right now). The cute thing about the dictionary is that Oasis has inserted a pic of her doing whatever the word is she's defining (i.e. 'Anal' has a pic of her getting fucked up the ass, you get the idea). Anyhow, a few of the categories (Slut Day, Parties, and Win-A-Date) will be covered later on so I'll just talk briefly about the other sections here. As expected, most of Oasis' galelries are hardcore, ranging from girl-girl to boy-girl to group sex and orgies. You'll see plenty of sucking and fucking with multiple partners of both sexes here. Oasis also has a lot of flashing and outdoors shoots in her "Queen of Exhibitionism" section. Believe it or not, Oasis actually does have some relatively softcore posing stuff in here featuring her in a cheerleader outfit, stockings, and flashing, among other things. But you don't join Oasis' site to see softcore stuff, believe me.

The subject matter of the pics was great so I had no complaints there. The main problem here (and throughout the entire site) is the photo size. About the biggest you'll get is around 500 x 600 and some drop as small as 300 x 500. You can still see what's going in the pics just fine, but it'd be cool if the pics were a little bigger. The quality isn't bad at all on most of them (and you have to remember some of these pics are pretty old), but I'd still like to see at least the more recent stuff get up to 600 x 800 in size.

Since the videos are in this section too, I might as well sat a word about them before I move on. They're a mixed bag as far as file types go, with everything from WMV to AVI to ASF to Quicktime. It looked like the majority of the stuff was in WMV format though. Some of the clips can be streamed while others require the entire file to be loaded before they will play so are probably best downloaded and then viewed. The vids are pretty short (usually around 1-3 minutes, longest one is 9 minutes) and there isn't a thumbnail preview to visually let you know what you're in for. Luckily, Oasis does give a textual description (and at times, a pretty lengthy one at that) so you know what to expect. Actually, in some ways this might work better than a thumbnail pic. As you might expect, Oasis's vids are very hardcore and show her at her sucking and fucking best participating in a variety of sexual acts with a variety of different guys and gals. The majority of the clips are gangbangs or group sex, with a few single boy-girl vids mixed in. Some of these are clips from DVD's that Oasis has on sale so you can purchase them if you like what you see. The clip quality varies; the size seemed to always be 320 x 240. Bit rates range from 400Kbps to 562 and even 754Kbps, but it didn't seem like the quality of the vid always matched the specs; some were a little too pixelated for my taste. The earlier clips are at the top of the page and the newer stuff near the bottom; I thought the newer stuff improved quality wise and actually looked pretty good, but I'd say the video quality overall is pretty average.

Slutday is a pretty crazy idea that Oasis' guy Lance came up with back in 1998. The basic idea is that she has to do whatever Lance tells her to do, to whoever he tells her to do it to. Don't believe me? Then you have to see the pics. Oasis has a "Slut Day" once a month and a "Slut Week" once a year. Once you've checked out the 40+ galleries in this area, you'll see how Oasis got her scoreboard up to the numbers I mentioned at the beginning of this review. This girl sucks and fucks so many different guys (many basically complete strangers) in the Slut Day pics, you really just have to see it to believe it! The quality and size are pretty much up to par with the rest of Oasis' pics. Size wise, the early photos are around 300 x 400, the most recent ones roughly 500 x 600. Quality varies depending on the set, but it's always good enough to tell what's going on.

Oasis says her parties are world famous and I can believe it. Oasis is one of the few amateurs left who still hosts bar meets and house parties on a regular basis and man, they can be wild and incredibly hardcore! The Parties section documents all the crazy fun in photo galleries from 32 different parties dating back to May of '97 (Oasis notes that there are other party pics to found in her Travels section--see below). There's a pretty decent amount of pics in each Party gallery (usually around 30-50), focusing mainly on the hardcore highlights of each get-together. These highlights are pretty damn hardcore to say the least. Almost all of Oasis' parties feature wild orgies and gangbangs with tons of guys and girls and every conceivable type of sex. The guests range from other webgirls to friends, fans, and members of her site. There's a pretty extensive textual accompaniment describing the story behind each party and the action in the pics (some of the pics are individually captioned). As with Oasis' other pics, the photos here are on the small side. There's no set size; I saw pics that were 640 x 498, 430 x 550, 400 x 500, 398 x 450, 300 x 400, and even a tiny 256 x 336. Some of the pics are sub-par quality-wise as well, partly because they're old and partly because of the nature of the pics (party atmosphere, low light levels, etc.). If you want to see Oasis at her stranger-fucking best this is a must-see area though.

The Travels section is composed of two parts. One is a relatively small section (mainly for fun more than anything else) of Oasis posing and flashing in front of signs and landmarks that have the word "Oasis" on them. The second section is a schedule of the upcoming events, parties, and barmeets that Oasis has planned. They seem to mainly be in Oasis' homestate of Arizona, but she does range out to California, Nevada, and other places as well. If you're looking to be in on one of Oasis wild bashes, check here for the details.

Along with Slut Day, this is one of the areas that makes Oasis stand out from most other amateurs. All you have to do to enter the Win-A-Date contest is send Oasis a brief email and a pic of yourself and she'll consider going out with you. She even picks one member once a year to win an all expenses paid trip to wherever she is. If the 31 Win-A-Date galleries in this section are any indicator, it looks like you're in for some fun if you get picked as a winner. They all involved Oasis hanging out with her date and then heading back to a motel or house for some naked fun: sucking fucking, or both. Pic quality and size is pretty similar to the other photos on the site: size hovers between 300 x 400 and 450 x 600 and the quality is average to good.

Oasis has a couple of cam features on her site. There are a couple of spycams, one in her office and one outside by her pool (the Tan Cam) that you can use to check her out Monday-Friday at specific times. There's also a chat every weekday at 5pm. She didn't seem to have any camshows scheduled when I was checking out the site, but she does have vidcaps from 25 past shows in the O-Cam archive. The caps are terribly small (from 167 x 125 to 320 x 240), but checking them out, it appears when Oasis does do shows they typically involve her getting naked, masturbating, and fucking and sucking any girl or guys who join her.

Other Stuff
Let me just give you a rundown of the rest of the stuff on Oasis' menu and comment briefly on each item. First off, there's a pretty lengthy Bio with Oasis' quick stats, a paragraph explaining why Oasis thinks she's different from other amateurs, and answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. Then there's an Erotica section with a little over 20 erotic stories for you to check out as well as a DVD/Video store where you can purchase videos starring Oasis. There are promo packs (a handful of pics, bio, and link to the girl's site) for 57 other amateur webgirls in the obligatory Friends section. Oasis has a newsletter ("O-News") that you can sign up for and a messageboard is hiding at the bottom of the email page (which contains tech support and personal email addys. It seemed like the board was relatively active for an amateur site. Probably the most interesting forum on there is "Ask Oasis" where Oasis responds to questions members post. Rounding out the menu, we have a wishlist (typical fare here) and some small bonus content areas: Oasis Presents and Porn Bandit. These basically contain an small-average amount of pics and vids catering to various fetishes from facials, interracial, and gangbangs to lesbians, pornstars and nude celebs. It's kind of a mixed bag of stuff with some outside links and ads scattered throughout as well.

Bottom Line
The two main things Oasis has to offer is her incredible sluttiness and her personal interaction with her members. Hell, you can even meet and fuck her, if you're lucky! Her photo archive is huge (although pic size is consistently small and the quality is iffy at times) and she's got quite a few other things to check out like video clips, webcams, and some bonus content. Plus, her site's a steal at $14.95 a month. Take a look at our sample pics or her tour to get an idea of Oasis' looks. If you like what you see, and you're into girls who are true amateurs and really big sluts (I mean REALLY big sluts), then you just hit the jackpot with Oasis.
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