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Crazy Slutty
Price: $24.95/month (recurring); $64.85 for 90 days (recurring)
Updates: Twice a week
Review Updated On: June 10, 2011 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 89, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Exclusive archive of authentic amateur porn
- Shoots are completely custom as requested by members
- High quality pics and vids
- Reasonable monthly fee
- Crazy is slutty as hell and will try almost anything

- Older content is of lesser quality
- No webcam features

Members Area Content as of June 10, 2011:
Crazy Slutty Pics: 275 photosets; 10,523 pics
Crazy Slutty Vids: 260 videos
Other Content: 45 audio files, "Ask Crazy" member Q&A section, fan artwork section, erotic stories, candid photo section

Crazy Slutty Review

Today I'm taking a second look at Crazy Slutty, the homepage of cute and curvy brunette amateur babe Crazy, a super slutty chick who can't get enough cock, cum, and sex, the kinkier the better. Two things to note right off the bat. One is that Crazy is a real amateur who runs her site totally herself. There are too few of these type of webgirls left and they're basically what QAP was founded to showcase so it's great to see another true amateur added to the ranks here. The other thing, and this really makes Crazy's site super unique, is that all of her pic and vid shoots are custom made to the specifications of her members. You request a shoot and Crazy obliges you...and this chick is willing to do most anything to please her members. Lots more on that in a bit...for now, let's log in and check out the members area. I've got a good feeling about this one right from the get go.

Logging into the members area, it looks like Crazy has changed her members area design around a bit since my last visit. The site is setup in a blog format with the most recent updates on the main page and older additions linked up at the bottom of the page. There's a category search accessible via a pulldown menu down the righthand side of the page and it's chocked full of all the wild, nasty, kinky stuff Crazy has to offer you. A menu across the top of the page links to Crazy's About Me page, her "Ask Crazy" video Q&A section, the area where you can request a shoot, and a few other items. Currently, Crazy's site contains 275 photosets, 10,523 pics, and 260 videos and Crazy's currently updating twice a week with something new.

The new members area setup doesn't divide things up into separate photo and video sections but you can use the category listing to accomplish the same thing by selecting Photo Gallery from the list. For each set you get a preview pic and a short description of the action. The pics are viewable in gallery format, as a slideshow and, in more recent shoots, you can also download the entire set as a zip file. Checking out the photos themselves, it looks like the older shots are on the small side at 450 x 600. The more recent sets have bumped things up to a much larger 750 x 1000 and 938 x 1250. Like the size, the quality of the older stuff isn't as good as the newer stuff. The newer, larger pics really look great...clear, sharp, vibrant--these are fantastic looking shots. The older photos don't look bad but they're definitely of lower quality. I think Crazy probably had a camera upgrade somewhere along the way.

Moving on to the videos, you'll find Crazy has 260 of them to check out. The very earliest videos are in MOV format and look just average. Then she switches over to WMV files...these come in at 320 x 240 at 271K and again, the quality isn't the best. Around the middle of the archive, things bump up to 640 x 480 at 1000K and look a LOT better. These vids are approaching DVD quality and look great. The real stars of the show though are the more recent videos...these have been bumped up to HD quality and come in at 1280 x 720 at 3000K. These look simply wonderful and are super clear and sharp even at full-screen. These far surpass most real amateur (and actually a lot of pro) videos I review nowadays. Awesome looking vids! The more recent vids also offer a Flash version for streaming in addition to the downloadable WMV version. Crazy has also started providing a lesser quality preview trailer (in WMV format) of each scene which allows you to check things out before downloading the high quality video. In addition, there's also a screencap gallery provided with the vids.

Beyond the technical specs of the pics and vids, what shines here is Crazy and her very hardcore and, more importantly, real amateur content. Crazy is a super slut and admittedly will (and very nearly has) try anything. She obediently services cock in any way that's asked of her. Sounds like my type of girl for sure. Plus, the fact that she looks like a cute girl-next-door makes her slutty activities all the more sexy, at least for me. There's a huge variety of extremely hardcore material in Crazy's photo and video archives including blowjobs, face fucks, pussy fucking, creampies, cum swallowing, facials, fun with butt plugs, dildos and anal beads, and lots more.

You'll see Crazy get fucked in the ass (often while she's tied up or cuffed with a ball gag in her mouth--plenty of bondage stuff to be had here, btw) and get an anal creampie (she even eats the creampie!). There's also lots of ass-to-mouth in many of the scenes. Crazy is a real cum fiend so not only does she gulp it down straight from the cock or scoop it into her mouth if the cumshot was on her face/ass/tummy or even in her pussy she also eats it off of pizza, raspberries, ice cream, cookies, and even gets a healthy dollop of it shot in her morning coffee. Some wild cum eating action here! Crazy also loves girls so you'll see her getting it on with other sexy babes in some great girl-girl sex scenes and she even introduces another cock into the mix in hot double blowjob and double penetration scenes. I really need to find out how to get on her stunt cock list...damn! I particularly enjoyed the compiliation videos Crazy has been editing together and adding recently...these feature Crazy eating 50-60 loads of creamy jizz as the cumshots from many clips are brought together in one hot vid.

Of course, the most unique thing about all of this, as I alluded to in the intro, is that all of the crazy scenes I've just described were actually requested by members. The request process is quite easy but also very detailed so you can tell Crazy exactly what you'd like to see her doing. First you visit "Crazy's Closet" and pick an outfit for her to wear. She has a bunch of specialty get-ups here in addition to typical bras and panties...stuff like cheerleader, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, maid and nun outfits, a prom dress (from Crazy's actual prom), a nurse, Star Trek, and Princess leia costume, and some fetish gear, among other things. She also offers you the choice of various stockings/hose, wigs, and accessories. You then fill out a detailed form where you pick everything you want to see in your requested scenes (there are also boxes where you can fill in more specific information if you want). I've reviewed amateurs who do member requests from time to time but Crazy takes this to a new level, letting her members dictated which one of her tight holes will be used and abused and where the thick cumshot's going to land for each of her scenes. Really unique and awesome idea here.

On the interaction front, I was surprised to find no webcam features at Crazy seemed like that sort of thing would be right up Crazy's alley. In any case, in addition to the huge interactivity of being able to request a custom shoot from Crazy and the large amount of personality infused throughout the site, there's also the very cool Ask Crazy section where you can submit your questions to Crazy and she will then answer them video format in the Ask Crazy video section. These are very cute, funny, interesting, and sexy.

Rounding out the members area is an Artwork section which contains various pieces of fan artwork of Crazy, a Candid section which features a collection of candid and "everyday" type photos of Crazy, blooper compiliations from Crazy Slutty's video scenes, and an Audio Clips section with 45 audio clips to listen to. Here you'll hear Crazy telling various stories about her sexual adventures and, by the sound of some of them, masturbating as she does. And, she's got a sexy voice!

Bottom Line
Wow, I really enjoyed Crazy Slutty and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves incredibly slutty real amateur babes. Crazy's a sexy girl-next-door who's willing to do pretty much anything at her members request and you'll see just about every kind of nasty hardcore thing you can think of here...blowjobs, fucking, anal, vaginal and anal creampies, tons of cum swallowing, facials, girl-girl, double penetration, bondage sex, eating cum off name it, Crazy does it. The quality of the older stuff is just average but the newer content blew me away, especially those more recent 3000K HD videos which look phenomenal. If you're looking for a cute, real amateur super slut who offers incredibly unique member-requested porn they don't get much better than Crazy Slutty...check her out!
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