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Cinema Erotique
Price: $20 for 14 days; $25 for 30 days; $55 for 1 year
Updates: Weekly (new movies are added every 4-6 weeks)
Review Updated On: February 5, 2009 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 7/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 80, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Very unique erotic films
- High quality videos
- Low membership fees

- Infrequent video updates

Members Area Content as of February 5, 2009:
Cinema Erotique PIcs: 46 photosets, 500+ pics
Cinema Erotique Vids: 34 full-length movies
Other Content: Editing Room (containing scripts, production stills, and more), 31 striptease videos of some of the models

Cinema Erotique Review

Today I'm taking a follow-up look at Cinema This is definitely a unique porn site. Instead of the standard pics and vids featuring straight-up hardcore action or typical softcore posing (or maybe a little of both) you find on most sites, the team here at Cinema Erotique creates full-blown high quality erotic movies featuring scripts, sets, storylines, and music composed specifically for each film. As a result of this quality over quantity mentality, they don't have a ton of movies to offer (34 as of this review) but their pricing structure is pretty reasonable, albeit a bit confusing. They have several options including $20 for 14 days, then $10 recurring every 90 days, and $25 for 30 days (non-recurring), $35 for 90 days (recurring), as well as a few others. Updates come weekly with a new photo gallery, a new striptease video is added every few weeks, it looks like a new full-length movie is added every 4-6 weeks. Anyhow, let's go ahead and take a closer look at this unique members area.

Logging in, you'll find a relatively clearcut setup. There are a few update notices in the center of the page and a couple of menus across the top and down the lefthand side hook you up with the sites content. The "Movies" tab is the main item of interest here but they also have some photo galleries, striptease videos, a model index, a forum, and some other stuff to check out as well. We'll get into those as the review progresses...for now, let's check out the Movies.

Each one of the 34 available films has a main page where you can watcha trailer, see a few preview pics, and get some details about the video. The Cinema Erotique movies are offered in WMV and Quicktime format...the WMV vids come in a low and high quality version. The vids are pretty large in size (and, for me at least, their server was pretty slow), so it'd be cool to have the option to view the film in smaller clips, but for now they're only available in one large chunk. Lo-res clips weigh in at 512 x 288 or 352 x 200 at 500K and the newer hi-res stuff weighs in at 640 x 360 at over 2000K (older stuff) or 1024 x 576 at 2500K (more recent scenes). The high-end clips look really nice and the quality has improved quite a bit since my last visit. The videos are crisp and clear even at full-screen and are approaching DVD quality in most cases. Nice looking stuff.

The films here are sort of like low-budget art films with an erotic twist. At least that's the impression I got by checking out a few. To its credit, the site does attempt to bring something unique to the pornographic table with different storylines, a script, sets, custom music, and some attempt at acting. Don't expect anything to be winning any Academy Awards anytime soon though; the acting is amateurish at best and the plots are usually pretty's cool to see someone trying to do something different in the porn world though I suppose. It looks like some of the scenes feature more typical sucking and fucking (in fact, one I checked out was pretty much a straight-up threesome porn scene to me) while others are more story- and less porn-based...for instance, one film is sort of a parody of the movie Scream with hot girls getting naked playing strip poker and being killed off by a mask-wearing goon hiding in the house. In the end, two of the girls knock the murderer out and then have a girl-girl love session to wrap up the vid. There are a bunch of different storylines and themes here and every movie is different...check out their tour and you'll be able to see some short summaries of what each video here is about.

In addition to the feature films, Cinema Erotique offers up some additional sections: Photos, Editing Room and Peepshows. The Editing Room area contains several items including the textual scripts for the Cinema Erotique movies, production stills, an mp3 of the music from one of the movies, and a short listing of some of the female stars. The Peep Show section features 25 high and low quality WMV vids (some offer Quicktime versions as well) of some of the Cinema Erotique girls doing sexy stripteases. High quality vids weigh in at 640 x 360 or 1024 x 576 at 2000-2200K and look really wonderful. There's also a photo area here containing 46 photosets. Most of the shoots don't have very many pics in them (10-15 or so) but the quality ia good and the shots weigh in extra large at 1500 x 1000. Rounding things out is a small message board where you can interact with other members.

Bottom Line
My guess is that from what I've said, you probably already have an idea as to whether the movies here at Cinema Erotique are something you'd be interested in checking out. They've got some very high quality videos and definitely some unique content to check out. The photosets and striptease videos also add some more typical content into the mix to keep you busy in between the (relatively) infrequent movie updates. To be honest, this stuff isn't exactly my thing, but the price is pretty reasonable depending on which membership option you choose, so if you're a fan of erotic cinema and in the mood for something different you should check these guys out.
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