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Primary Category: Swingers, Secondary Category: MILF

Price: $21.87/month (recurring); $87.48 for 6 months
Updates: Once a week
Reviewed On: September 17, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 16/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 81, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Huge archive of good quality pics
- New pics are extremely large
- Nice site design

- Videos not downloadable
- No webcam shows

Members Area Content as of September 17, 2006:
Pics of Celeste Fox: 340 galleries for a total of 15,000+ pics
Vids of Celeste Fox: 117 videos (average of 5 minutes in length)
Other Content: Celeste's journal, access to 5 other webgirl's members areas, 18 model galleries, 28 friends (other webgirls) galleries, various feeds and e-zines

Celeste Fox Review

Celeste Fox is a mature blonde swinger babe from Atlanta, Georgia who's been sharing her sexual adventures on the Internet since 1998. Celeste may be a MILF, but she's definitely got a super-tight bod and she sure loves showing it off and getting crazy with guys, gals, and groups. As you might expect with a site that's been around for awhile, there's a formidable archive of pictures and videos to check out here as well as a long-running journal and quite a few members extras.

Celeste's members area looks nice (ah, a nice eye-pleasing purple) and is organized quite well. A menu at the top of the page takes you to her videos, webcam, store, and update page (as well as back Home as well; always a nice link to have, but often lacking in amateur sites). Below that is basically the photos menu, linking to all of the different categories of pics Celeste has available from girl-girl and boy-girl to group, fetishes, and flashing. The central part of the page contains graphical links to her member extras (feeds, e-zines and such), her Journal, and her party schedule (Celeste travels to and throws parties where you can meet her) as well as links to the bonus members areas you get access to for joining. Everything seems to be well-organized, so let's dive into the content and check things out.

Celeste's pics are divided into the following categories: Girl-Girl (75 galleries), Boy-Girl (36 galleries), Solo (115 galleries), Group Sex (55 galleries), Fetish (11 galleries), Flashing/Public (6 galleries), and Parties/Events (42 galleries). That's a total of 340 galleries and a whopping 15,000+ pics. Each photoset has a title and a preview thumb to give you some idea of what the galleries contain. There weren't any dates on these but I'm think the most recent stuff is first (i.e. page 1). I'm not totally sure about this though, since some incredibly large and clear photos cropped up in what I thought were very old photosets. Anyhow, each gallery also comes with a pretty lengthy description of events interspersed in between the thumbnails. This is a nice touch and always makes the set more enjoyable and personal IMO. It looks like most of what I'm assuming are recent pics are nice and large at around 700 x 1000 or larger. Very cool. Throughout the rest of the galleries I did find pics that were 600 x 800 (still a fine size) and 400 x 600 (a bit small, although with the older pics it's to be expected). Overall, the quality is good. The newer stuff especially is fantastic quality, the older stuff is average to good (pretty much up to par with the time period they were taken). Sometimes the lighting is weird or there's a blurry pic or two, but the vast majority of them look nice. There is a wide range of subject matter in the pics as well. If you like solo posing sets, Celeste has over 100 of them here for you to enjoy with a good mix of indoor/outdoor shoots, a variety of outfits, and masturbation as well. She also has a large amount of girl-girl (Celeste seems to love that pussy) and boy-girl photosets, including some interracial stuff. The other girls are mainly other amateur webgirls, so you'll probably recognize at least a few. The group sex category is pretty well stacked as well. It seemed like the grouping of choice was 2 girls with 1 guy (you know, the way it should be...hehe), but there are also 3 girl sets, mmf sets, and full-blown orgies. Rounding things out are some more specialized sections: Fetish (spanking, hot wax, bondage, peeing, sex swing), Exhibitionism/Flashing (only a few sets here), and Events/Parties (a mix of parties Celeste herself as thrown, parties and events she's attended, and swing club pics).

In the Videos section, Celeste Fox has clips in Windows Media (42 clips), Real Media (46 clips), and Quicktime format (29 clips), a total of 117 vids in all. There are no preview thumbnails or anything to give you an idea of what you'll be seeing in each video, but the titles are relatively descriptive. You need to have javascript turned on to view Celeste's videos, as they pop up in a new HTML window and start playing when you click their links. Because of this setup, you can't download the videos; only stream them. Non-downloadable vids always annoy me regardless of how the "non-downloading" is accomplished (i.e. DRM, javascript, video embedded in an HTML page, whatever). The other problem is that the new window is not re-sizeable and at first it looked like there was no way to make the video larger (you can't right-click on the video to go full-screen). Finally, Cassie figured out you can double-click the video while it's playing and this will make it full-screen (this is only for the WMV clips), but you wouldn't know that other than just stumbling across it like we did. You'll probably want to use this full-screen function where you can (i.e. the WMV files) because the initial play size of all of the vids is very tiny (it looks like all were less that 320 x 240). Also, because of this odd setup, I couldn't get the exact properties of the clips so I'll have to just eyeball the quality for you. The streaming also makes it tough to get an idea of the length of the clips without watching each one all the way through, but it seemed like most of them were around 5 minutes or so. The vids look fine quality-wise, so that's a plus. Nothing spectacular, but definitely watchable and pretty much up to par with most amateur sites. It's just unfortunate that you can't download any of them or enlarge anything but the WMV clips. The subject matter is primarily hardcore with threesomes, boy-girl (including interracial) and girl-girl sex, and masturbation with toys. There are some bondage, shower (masturbation), and outdoor sets (boy-girl sex).

Celeste says she does live webcam shows once a week on the Camz network and once a week on Sex Cam Central. The only problem is, I didn't see her on either of those networks' respective schedules at the times she specified (or any time at all for that matter). So, I've gotta assume she's not doing camshows anymore and just hasn't removed or updated the Webcams page. You do still get access to the other shows and performers on those two networks, but it's still a disappointment to not see any live shows from Celeste. It's such a great thing for interaction. While I'm talking about interaction, I might as well mention Celeste's journal (this is not in the menu, but is accessible from a graphic link on the main members page), which, in contrast to the webcam shows, is a nicely done. Celeste updates her journal on a semi-regular basis. Sometimes it's every few days, sometimes once a week or so. To make up for any lapses in updating, it looks like the entries are pretty lengthy and don't contain just the typical BS.

As far as members extras, Celeste Fox has quite a few things to offer. First off, you get access to 5 other webgirl's members areas. These are all pretty small, with nowhere near the numbers of pics and vids Celeste has, but it's still some extras stuff to look at. Next, there's a Babes of the Month section where she adds a gallery of a different model each month. I guess she's stopped doing this (or does it intermittently) because the archive goes back to 2002 but there are only 18 galleries available and the archive ends prematurely at February 2004. Anyhow, these girls are pretty hot; some of them are pornstars you might recognize. Celeste also has the typical Friends promo packs (bio, handful of pics, link to girl's site) that a lot of amateur include in there members areas. Celeste has 28 "friends" to offer you. Next up, you can check out various feeds and e-zines (these are under the XTRAS button linked from the main page). Lastly, if you're interested in picking up some Celeste items, you can purchase them in her store. Celeste's movies, autographed pictures, and worn panties/lingerie (as well as some totally non-Celeste sexual stuff) are all for sale here.

Bottom Line
Celeste Fox's members area is quite good overall, but does have a few shortcomings. Design, navigation, and organization are nicely done. Celeste's pic archive is enormous at 15,000+ pics and the quality is pretty consistently good. Her new pics are also huge at 700 x 1000 or larger. Her journal is updated pretty regularly with somewhat pithy entries as well. My main complaints were with her viedo section (average quality, not downloadable, some confusing issues with enlarging the videos) and her webcam shows (namely, there don't seem to be any anymore despite what it says on the site). Even so, if you like Celeste's "in-shape MILF" look, you will probably enjoy taking a look inside her sexy swinging lifestyle.
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