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Casey's Cam Review
Price: $29.95/month (recurring); $69.95 for 180 days
Updates: 3 times a week
Reviewed On: June 23, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 16/20
Content Quantity: 9/10
Content Variety: 7/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 4/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 6/10
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 77, BRONZE

Quick Facts
- Large archive of amateur camgirl content
- Frequent updates
- Casey is very cute

- High monthly fee
- A lot of the pics are cam captures

Members Area Content as of June 23, 2006:
Pics of Casey: 231 cam capture galleries and hi-res photosets for a total of 5,000+ pics/vidcaps
Vids of Casey: 39 videos
Webcam: Live cam chats with Casey
Other Content: Casey's journal, forum, 42 friends galleries

Casey's Cam Review

Casey's Cam is the home of a sexy little exotic cutie named Casey. I'm not totally sure of her exact ethnicity (other than that she's part Japanese), but either way she's got an adorable face and a super hot body with perky tits and a tight ass. Casey's site is no-nude and focuses primarily on webcam style pics and vids. It also looks like she does cam chats, offers a journal and a forum, and there are some bonus sites included in your membership. Her monthly pricetag's a bit on the high side at $29.95, but she sure is a cutie. Let's take a look around.

The members area here is setup pretty simply. There's a menu across the top of the page linking to the various sections of the site (pics, vids, journal, forum) and the rest of the main page is devoted to various other areas of interest (Casey's latest updates and journal entries, links to some of her Friends galleries, bonus sites, etc.). Let's start off by visiting the pictures section.

It looks like Casey's pics are a mix of webcam captures and hi-res pics. The early caps (and some of the newer ones as well) are pretty average quality and very small at 320 x 240. Browsing through the archive, it seemed like most of the more recent captures bump up to 640 x 480 and the quality improved a good deal. You'll also find high quality hi-res pics in here as well. They're nice and large at 600 x 900 or 680 x 1024 and the quality for the most part is great. I noticed some dark or grainy pics sneaking in there from time to time, but overall they're a big improvement over the earlier cam captures. One other thing I noticed is that the majority of the galleries seem to be relatively small, with only around 20 or so pics in them.

As I mentioned in the intro, Casey's pics are all no-nude. A lot of the galleries look like they were drawn right from a webcam show and as such, you don't have a lot of full body shots included. You might see Casey from waist up in front of the cam, or maybe just her middle if she's standing up in front of it. The hi-res pics are more where you'll find your more traditional full-body shots and poses. Taking a quick look through the archive, the vasy majority of the sets feature Casey posing in some kind of cute outfit (bras, panties, thongs, boy shorts, bikinis, skirts, t-shirts, tanktops, fishnet stockings, etc. etc.). She strips a bit in some of them but being that her site's no-nude, you won't see any boobs or pussy here. Casey has a few outdoor photosets and sets of her driving in her car, rubbing oil on herself, and painting her toenails, among others. Since most of the galleries are pretty small, there's not a whole lot to them.

In Casey's video section you'll find 39 clips to check out. These are available for stream or download and they're sort of a mixed bag as far as formats go: I found WMV, MPG, and AVI clips here. Some of the clips streamed for me right away, for others (typically the AVI's) I had to wait until the whole clip loaded before it began to play. Anyhow, the ones that did play for me varied a bit quality-wise. Some of them looked good, even at full-screen resolution, while some other clips had some lighting issues going on. Also, playback for a few of the clips was sort of jerky for some reason. Specs-wise, they all seemed to be pretty nice, 640 x 480 with bit rates of around 1MB, so I'm not sure why there's the variability. I also noticed that a lot of the vids seemed to be extremely short (around 12-30 seconds) while others get up to around a minute or so.

As with her pictures, Casey's videos are all no-nude. They feature her doing a variety of softcore activities: showering in a bra and boy short panties, rubbing her tits through her shirt in front of the PC, putting on and posing in thigh-high stockings, blowing the camera a kiss, looking at herself in the mirror, playing with her dog in the snow, putting on makeup, and driving in her car, among other things. There's also a few videos of Casey at the beach in a skimpy string bikini and a foot fetish video as well.

For interaction, Casey offers a couple of items. First off, she has a personal journal that writes in roughly 6 or 7 times a month (it varies, just like a real diary would I guess). Casey also does live cam chats, but I'm not exactly sure how often she does them. It says to check out her diary for her schedule, but no dates and times were popping out at me. Also, they mention that they've been having some problems with the chat (this was back in April, not sure if it's fixed yet), so I guess that feature still sort of a work in's cool she does get on cam to interact with her members though. In addition to these two things, Casey also links to a Camgirl forum. It's part of, if you want to check it out but I think members of the site get access to the private forums. It looks like Casey posts a lot here (1,536 posts since she January 2005).

In the bonus department, there are 42 Friends galleries of other amateur models. The galleries contain around 15 high quality pics of each girl with links to their respective sites. Casey also links to Spread4u (live chat) and 13 galleries of a girl named Simonne. There's another section labeled Bonanza Girls, but it looks like that just contains links to other girls' sites.

Bottom Line
If you're into the no-nude niche and you're digging Casey's look, then you'll probably enjoy taking a look around her members area. Casey's definitely a cutie, and if you're a fan of "webcam-style" content, she's got a good-sized archive for you to check out. There are some quality hiccups here and there, but overall nothing that's too big of a deal. Also, Casey seems to do a pretty good job of interacting through her journal and forum and hopefully any issues with her cam chats will be ironed out soon. If you're looking for a new exotic cutie to check out, take a look at and see what you think.
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