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Bun Beating Fun Review
Price: $28.95 for 30 days, recurs at $15.95/month; $58.95 for 90 days
Updates: Unknown
Reviewed On: October 4, 2005 by Oz

Content Quality: 12/20
Content Quantity: 7/10
Content Variety: 6/10
Updates: 5/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 0/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 6/10
Overall Impression: 11/15


Quick Facts
- Decent-sized archive exclusive amateur spanking videos

- No photo content
- Average to poor video quality
- High initial monthly fee

Members Area Content as of October 4, 2005:
Bun Beating Fun Vids: 56 full videos (split into multiple parts)

Bun Beating Fun Review

Bun Beating Fun features lots of videos of hot babes getting their naughty little heinies spanked for our enjoyment. The site focuses on trashy "tarts", whether they be porn stars, strippers, webcam girls, or men's mag models, and puts these sluts in their place by administering some barebottom whacking to their tight little tushies. There's not a whole lot here other than the spanking movies, but if you're a fan of babes getting their bottoms disciplined, read on...

The members area here is not much to look at, but at least the setup is pretty simple. The members homepage literally consists of a title graphic and a big collage graphic that links to the site's "Video Galleries". On the next page, there's a series of graphics that link to the various video collections available for viewing. Several of the sections are organized by model name, but the majority of them are divided up by the rather cryptic titles RHV1-20. I think the RHV stands for Red Hot Video, but it's just a guess. Anyhow, some better organization here would definitely be welcome. A model index would help loads and make it much easier to find what you want. As it is, you'll need to hunt and peck pretty randomly in order to fully explore the site.

Anyway, each RHV section contains videos of a few different models. You'll receive a thumbnail preview pic of the babe on the section's main page and then each one of the girl's videos has a preview pic as well (along with the file size of the clip). The older material is in MPG format while the more recent vids are in Real Media. Quality-wise, the earliest MPG's don't look too good at all. There's a lot of pixelation and the lighting is very stark leaving some things way too bright and other things too dark. All of the scenes are shot in a small hotel room, so that doesn't help matters I suppose. About halfway through the MPG's things improve somewhat and even though there's still some pixelation at full-screen, thing's are a lot more watchable. Checking out the Real Media clips, these appear to be an improvement over the MPG vids. Even though the clips look to be shot in the same hotel room setting, the lighting's better and the video's clearer. The quality's still not that great, but at least it's an improvement over the earlier clips.

The content here is a bit repetitive, although if you're a straight-ahead spanking fetishist, it should definitely interest you. There's usually some sort of short setup to the scene (in a few of the clips I watched the girl is a model who gets fed up with the shoot she's doing and needs to be disciplined, etc.), but then things jump right into the spanking. Now here's where things got a bit repetitious and somewhat boring for me. The babe gets flopped over this dude's lap and he starts whacking away at her ass. Most of the spanking/S&M content I've seen before have involved a lot of variation in the timing and the intensity of the blows inflicted upon the spankee and it seems like there's a lot of anticipation involved as the chick wonders when the next spank is going to come. Not so here. This dude is a spanking machine who pretty much starts slapping away with his palm as soon as the girl's across his knee and doesn't let up until the end of the video.

The chicks' asses get red and welted in most cases, but the bam! bam! bam! approach got a bit old after the first couple videos. All the while, the girl's are screaming away, either cursing the guy out and begging him to stop or moaning at the pain of the spanking. One other thing I found just sorta bizarre was the inclusion of cartoonish sound effects in the videos. Like the chick's getting spanked and slips off the guys lap and they've overdubbed a whistle sound effect that you might hear if Daffy Duck slipped on a banana peel. Odd to me, but maybe you'll find it funny. Everytime I heard it though, I just found myself expecting Yosemite Sam to come barging in with his six shooters blasting away :-)

Other than the vids, there's not really anything else here; no photo galleries or bonus content to be had. Bun Beating Fun pretty much has one focus and it sticks to it: straight-ahead hand spanking of trashy sluts.

Bottom Line
If you're looking for an archive of straight-ahead spanking videos, BunBeatingFun.com might be worth a look. I'd like to see the video quality improved a bit and some sort of photographic content (vidcaps or otherwise) added as well, but as I said, if clearcut spanking vids are your cup of tea, check this site out and see what you think.
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