Beautiful Agony

Primary Category: Masturbation, Secondary Category: User-Submitted

Price: $14.95/month (recurring), $29.95/90 days (recurring); $99.95 for 1 year (non-recurring)
Updates: Daily
Review Updated On: June 18, 2009 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 7/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 84, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Extremely unique video archive of real people having real orgasms
- Frequent site updates
- Reasonable monthly fee

- No photo content
- Older vids are of lesser quality
- No nudity

Members Area Content as of June 18, 2009:
Beautiful Agony Vids: 1,506+ videos
Other Content: Message board, "Overkill" blog containing additional vids and textual entries

Beautiful Agony Review

Beautiful Agony is an extremely unique site featuring user-submitted video clips of real people having (mainly self-induced) orgasms (this is the beautiful agony the site's name refers to). The members area content is entirely non-nude; the footage focuses exclusively on the participant's faces as they climax. I've never really seen material like this before, so I'm very curious to check things out.

The members area here is pretty simple and looks pretty much identical to the free side of the site. There's a menu down the side and pages of thumbnails that link to the various video clips. Currently, they've got a whopping 1,506 vids here...that's a hell of a lot of orgasms! The videos are offered in WMV and MOV format in 2 different quality options. You have to select what quality option and format you want in the "Your Agony" section accessible through the main menu. Once you make your selection, all of the videos will automatically play with those parameters until you visit the section again and change them to something else. The vids stream in-browser or you can save them to your hard drive. Specs-wise, the quality options are 320 x 240 at 300K or 640 x 480 at 800K (it looks like only the more recent vids offer the 800K optin). The site's been around for 5 years, so you can expect some variance in the video quality depending on the age of the clip. The older clips look nice enough to get the job done, although anything larger than 200% started to get a bit too pixelated for my tastes. Happily, the newer stuff looks much better...these are nice and clear and can even be viewed at full-screen with only minimal pixelation. Nice to see the quality improvements here!

The main draw at is the extremely unique content. All of the videos are submitted by real amateurs and there are men and women here (it looks like the majority of the vids are from women though, thank god). As I mentioned in the intro, there's no nudity here; the entire video is focused on the individual's face, just like in the screencaps that link to the clips. Most of the scenes are solo, although some of the "agonees" enlist the help of someone else downstairs to make them cum. You still only see the person who's having the orgasm on camera though. A basic clips consists of the girl or guy getting situated under the camera and then making themselves cum. You get to see the buildup to the orgasm and then the big "O" itself. Since this is all real and not a staged porn movie, you have all types of cummers: whimperers, moaners, gaspers, loud, soft, some looking at the cam, some with eyes closed, you name it. A lot of the girls are quite cute and sexy, and it's pretty hot watching them get off in front of the camera. Most of the scenes in the archive also come with a "confession" video. This is where they interview the person in the masturbation vid (they're fully clothed during the interview) and they discuss what they think about when they masturbate, when they started, some of their sexual experiences, and how they felt about shooting the vid for Beautiful Agony. These can actually be pretty interesting.

Other than the video clips, they have a forum that looks to be pretty active, although I'm not sure if any of the agonees post on the board. There's also a section called Overkill which is primarily an area where they post they post additional videos submitted by girls/guys who already have a clip on the site. There are also some videos in there of some of the girls talking to the camera about orgasms and various sexual subjects. This is cool if you want to hear their voices (there's not much talking going on in the orgasm clips).

Bottom Line
I don't think I'd call Beautiful Agony a porn site; it's probably more properly classified as a unique form of erotica. Since my last visit, they've bumped the video quality up considerably which makes me a happy camper and the monthly fee is still a very resonable $14.95/month. This site is most likely one-of-a-kind; if you 're turned on by the idea of watching real people having real orgasms, then you'll definitely want to check out
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