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Backroom Casting Couch
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Updates: Weekly
Review Updated On: February 13, 2010 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 5/5
Interaction: 0/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 82, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large archive of authentic first-time amateur babes
- Good quality videos

- No photo content

Members Area Content as of February 13, 2010:
Backroom Casting Couch Vids: 112+ videos

Backroom Casting Couch Review

Backroom Casting Couch features videos of hot amateur babes as they experience their first interview to get into the adult industry. As we'll see, the audition involves a bit more than just talking; these chicks are told to get naked and end up sucking and fucking for the chance at a potential job. There's a bit of a scam going here as well...the guy doing the interviewing isn't actually an adult modeling agent at all so these dumb sluts end up getting fucked and facialed for nothing after all. Well, not totally for nothing...the scenes sure are fun to watch.

Each episode here goes down in roughly the same way. The scene starts off with our host and resident stuntcock sitting behind his desk in a non-descript office. There's a knock on the door and in comes a hot amateur babe who's ready for her first adult modeling interview. After having a seat on the couch in front of the desk, the guy interviews the girl for a bit...he asks all the usual questions: whats's her name, how old is she, where's she from, does she have a boyfriend, why is she interested in getting into the adult industry (99% of the time, it's for money), etc. He also of course goes into more specific stuff regarding the porn biz like what are the girl's limits, what sort of stuff would she be willing to do (swallowing, anal, etc.), and how much money he could possibly make her by getting her various jobs with other porn producers.

After the chit-chat is over, the guy has the babe stand up and strip off her clothes under his direction. Some of the girls start to mouth off right there, questioning if this is "standard procedure" for an interview and acting skeptical when the guy says "yes". Even so, the girls all get naked and present their bods for inspection. They're also told to get up on the couch, stick out their asses, and spread their cheeks with their hands so the guy can check out their pussies and assholes. From there, he picks up the handheld video camera and comes around the desk to give us some closeups of the chick's face and bod. He also tells her that in order for him (and the other porn producers) to know that she'll take direction well, he'll have to see her in action...which means, she'll have to suck his dick right there and then.

Again, the babe is a bit incredulous...some girls are shocked, others are somewhat annoyed, and others pretty much take it in stride (they'll do pretty much anything as long as they're possibly gonna get money for it, I guess). Anyhow, the amateur slut gets on her knees and starts servicing the dude with her mouth. Despite their innocent looks, some of these girls really know how to suck dick. After the blowjob, the girl is told to get a condom out of the drawer and bend over the desk so she can get fucked. This again elicits some shocked responses but by now the babes have started to figure out what's going to be expected of them today if they want to possibly get porn jobs in the future. Anyway, the wannabe pornwhore offers up her pussy in multiple positions (bent over the desk, missionary and doggy on the couch, etc.). Most of the fucking is pussy only with a condom, although some girls let him hit it bareback and some even spread their butt cheeks and let him violate their tight assholes for a bit. Scenes typically wrap up with the dude jerking off all over the girl's face, lips, and tits. Some of the chicks take the thick load right in the mouth and even swallow it on command.

Like any first-timer site, the real allure of the scenes here at Backroom Casting Couch (at least for me) are the girls themselves and the fact that they're real amateur babes who have never done porn before. Sure, seeing these hot chicks sucking, fucking, and getting cummed on is a pleasure, but the real turn-on here is watching the nervousness and (sometimes) emotional discomfort as these real girls-next-door make their first foray into porn by sucking and fucking a guy they just met 15 minutes ago, all for the promise of money. As I mentioned, some of the girls don't even want to get naked at first (one chick I saw even tries vainly to cover her tits and pussy as she stands nude in front of the guy) and most of them are at least somewhat reluctant when told they're not only going to be blowing but also fucking this random guy they just met a few minutes ago. In fact, one girl even ends up cracking under the pressure, her eyes well-up in tears, and she runs out of the office without even getting naked. Of course, she's back soon after and a bit more willing to do what's necessary to have a chance at making a quick buck. The girls here are all fresh-faced young cuties I haven't seen anywhere before and most all of them have that innocent girl-next-door might expect to see these chicks at the mall or on a college campus, but not in a pornshoot. Just goes to show, all women are sluts =)

The setup here is incredibly simple. All of the 112+ scenes are listed down the center of the page, each with a description, several preview pics, and links to her video (this site is video only; no pics are included with each shoot). The videos are full-length only and come in WMV and MPG format. Specs-wise the videos weigh in at 576 x 374 at 1800K in older shoots and 640 x 360 at 3600 in more recent scenes. The videos here look good with obviously the more recent clips looking better than the older stuff. They of course have an amateur vibe to them and some of the camerawork is handheld and a bit jumpy at times, but that's part of the charm here. They're high enough quality to check out at full-screen although there definitely is some pixelation in the older scenes if enlarged to that resolution; newer scenes are essentially DVD quality. Overall, some nice very nice looking amateur-style videos.

Other than the Backroom Casting Couch scenes, there's not really anything else here. They pretty much stick to their unique exclusive content and that's about it. Not that I'm complaining though; I really enjoyed the shoots here.

Bottom Line
Backroom Casting Couch is one of those sites where the content outshines any hiccups the site might have. It'd be nice to see some photo content here or maybe some other video options added, but when it comes to the main focus of the site, namely real amateur babes appearing for the first time sucking and fucking on film, the site delivers big time. It reminds me in some ways of Broke Amateurs, another site I reviewed recently (and loved I might add) which features similar content. If you like seeing authentic first-time amateurs sucking dick and getting fucked and cummed on, you should definitely check out Backroom Casting Couch.
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