Baby Ruthie

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Baby Ruthie
Price: $29.95/month (recurring)
Updates: 3-7 times a month
Reviewed On: June 17, 2010 by Oz

Content Quality: 16/20
Content Quantity: 9/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 4/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 82, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Exclusive archive of real amateur content
- Baby Ruthie is unbelievably slutty
- Members get access to Baby Ruthie's phone number and can meet her
- Bonus access to 9 additional sites

- Quality could be better
- No camshows or interactive features short of meeting Baby Ruthie

Members Area Content as of June 17, 2010:
Pics of Baby Ruthie: 149+ photosets; 10,000+ pis
Vids of Baby Ruthie: 140+ videos
Other Content: Access to 9 additional sites, bonus photo galleries and videos

Baby Ruthie Review

Baby Ruthie is a horny blonde housewife from Des Moines, Iowa who might just be the sluttiest real amateur I've ever reviewed here at QAP. And, considering the chicks I've checked out over the years, that's really saying something. Baby Ruthie is a MILF (I'm guessing late 30's, early 40's) with wavy blonde hair, a pretty nice body, and two long, pencil eraser-type nipples that I know a lot of guys love. She loves having sex with tons of men and her hubby Jim films all of the hardcore fun. The number of guys this chick claims to have fucked before and during the time she's had her site is close to 500 and they're mostly strangers. Strangers, as in, Baby Ruthie has just met them 5 minutes before she blows or fucks them and they nut in her mouth or pussy and half the time she doesn't even get the guy's name (or at least doesn't remember it afterward).

She's also the first (and only) amateur slut I've seen who gives members her personal phone number and encourages guys to call her so they can meet up with her and fuck her. Simply put, if you can't get laid with this babe, you're definitely doing something wrong. Baby Ruthie takes on all cummers...white, black, Indian, fat, thin, short, tall, young or old (she's met guys from age 20 to age 67!). She's also a bareback slut who prefers guys do not wear a condom and loves men to empty their balls inside her slutty cunt. If you're looking for an hot and horny, incredibly slutty MILF, look no further.

As expected, checking out Baby Ruthie's content I didn't find many softcore posing shoots LOL. The scenes here chronicle Baby Ruthie's adventures sucking and fucking as many strangers as she can find (or who happen to call her up haha). There are one-on-one shoots where Baby Ruthie meets up with random guys she's either met on the street (anywhere from the mall to an adult bookstore or who have called her up wanting to fuck her. They go to a motel room or sometimes Baby Ruthie's house and she gets naked almost immediately and starts sucking cock. From there, the dude fucks her bareback and either shoots in her mouth or jizzes deep in her pussy, or both. Sometimes Baby Ruthie is so popular that she gets a call from another guy while she's doing another guy LOL. As soon as the first finishes, the next guy arrives and Ruthie services him. Sometimes this happens a few times and Baby Ruthie ends up taking on like 4 or 5 strangers one right after the other.

There are also plenty of group shoots...Baby Ruthie not only loves doing multiple guys in succession she also loves banging them all at the same time. You'll see gangbangs of 5 or 6 guys, getting sucked by Baby Ruthie and fucking her bareback while she jerks and sucks the others. The guys cum in her pussy or shoot their jizz in her mouth so she can swallow it down. She also gets it on with strangers in various public places including an adult theater where she blows guys at a gloryhole and a shopping mall bathroom where she fucks a random guy on the toilet and bent over the sink while oblivious shoppers pass by outside. This chick is just plain crazy and has an insatiable appetite for cock!

Baby Ruthie's members area design is incredibly amateurish but also incredibly simple. At the top of the page you'll find a welcome message from Baby Ruthie and her personal phone number. There's also some information about how you can meet her. Below that is all of Baby Ruthie's content, basically divided up into episodes. There are currently around 140 of these and it looks like Baby Ruthie updates anywhere from 3-7 times a month. Each scene has a preview pic and generally comes with a photoset and a video (some only have photos or a video). The photosets usually contain around 75 pics and they're viewable in gallery format. The photos themselves are typically quite large, weighing in at anywhere from 1100 x 1500 to a huge 3000 x 2300. The photo quality is typically pretty decent but these are real amateur pics for sure so you can expect blurry pics and lighting issues throughout the archive.

Given the hardcore nature of Baby Ruthie's content, the videos are really the main focus here so let's check those out next. As far as I can see, everything's in WMV format and most vids are full-length only, although some of the longer scenes are split into a couple of parts. Baby Ruthie's vids come in at 640 x 480 at around 1000K. The video quality varies a bit depending on the scene but could probably be bumped up a bit all across the board. This is real amateur footage, often shot in a small hotel room so lighting is often not ideal and sometimes the footage is a bit grainy or just looks average. Some videos definitely look better than others but they all have that authentically homegrown amateur feel.

Bonus content comes in the form of access to the other 9 sites in the network. These look to mainly be sites of other slut wives and pornstars (Slutty Tobie, Hot Wife Molly Mormon, among others). In addition to these sites, there's also a hodge podge of random other bonus content...there are bonus professional galleries of various additional models, an archive of slut wife videos, and some preview content from various other websites along with ads to their sites.

Bottom Line
If you love real amateur MILFs who are unbelievably slutty, then Baby Ruthie is a must-see. This chick sucks and fucks as many strangers as she can find and even gives her members her personal phone number so they can set up a meet with her. If you're not quite that brave, you're sure to enjoy watching Ruthie as she blows tons of guys, meets random dudes in hotel rooms, gets gangbanged by an assortment of strangers, swallows thick wads of jizz, and takes cumshots deep in her MILF pussy. The pic and vid quality could use a quality bump in most cases but with real amateur content like this, most people are willing to be a bit more forgiving. I'd still like to see the quality improved a bit though. Check out our samples and Baby Ruthie's tour and see what you think...if you like slutty babes, you've definitely gotta check this chick out!
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